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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Screen Talk: Nagarjuna Using MAA Completely

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Nagarjuna is using his channel MAA to complete extent for the promotion of his film 'Don' as well as the serial 'Yuva'. The trailers of Don are hitting the channel very frequently. Nag's interview is also relayed as 'Sunday Evening Special'

Nagarjuna says that he is very uncomfortable facing interviews and going into public and prefers a semi-solitude life. He said that he used the films Annamayya and Sree Ramadasu to be peaceful from everyone. He said, "During the shooting of those films I acted as if I were with devotional fervor and involved in the role, and hence not willing to speak with anyone. It's only an excuse but not completely true".

But he is comfortably giving long interviews now. But there is an exception. He is open only for his own channel, MAA.

He said that he has one unfulfilled wish and that is acting in folklore. "With the present technology and opportunities we have, we can make a very wonderful folklore".

Apart from sharing all these personal things, a week is going to be celebrated as 'Nagarjuna Week' on MAA TV. The films like Sankeertana, Ninne Pelladatha, Sisindree, Ajay, Seetha Rama Raju etc are going to be played on MAA for a week.

And above all, the trailers of his TV serial 'Yuva' are rolling for every 15 minutes on screen.

Nagarjuna learnt the necessity of media and he is exploiting his MAA completely.

Star Talk: Nagarjuna Revealed 'Don' Story

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It has been assumed by many that the Nagarjuna's 'Don' holds the same story of SRK's Don. But Lawrence condemned it and said, "It's the inspiration of no Bollywood flick. I feel Bollywood producers would come to take the rights of this Telugu Don once released".

Lawerence, the director cum choreographer cum music director cum actor of this film has been highly confident on its success. Out of curiosity when Nagarjuna was asked to say about the film 'Don', he revealed the line in it.

Nagarjuna revealed the line of the film 'Don' saying, "The story part is very simple if I narrate. It can be ended up in single line. It's a story between a Hyderabad Don and Mumbai Don. It's a power stunt. It's made in the standards of a Hollywood flick by composing every frame in an interesting way".

He also said, "My brother Lawrence asks me when I get marry. I quote a few features and say that I will get married when I find such girl. Then the song starts with the introduction of Anushka". That's about heroine introduction in the flick.

Well, we have to see how that power shift will be. Will that be like 'Basha' of Rajni Kanth?!

Heroine Declared Chiranjeevi Is 'Legend'

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There was a big chaos in Tollywood's Platinum Jubilee function regarding the words 'celebrity' and 'legend'. It needn't be elucidated more on that. Freshly the new heroine Shradhdha Arya declared Chiranjeevi as legend and expressed her wish to act with him!

She is very direct in her expressions and her goals. She says, "I want to be in the good books of everyone. I want to get the image of a 'glamorous actress but not only a performer' and a 'good performer but not only a glamorous girl'. I like to pair up with Allu Arjun and Prabhas. I love being an actress for ever. And Chiranjeevi is a legend whom I like more. If I were fortunate enough I would appear at least in a single frame with him".

That's the mega dream of this new wave of glamour. Can she get fulfilled?!

Nagarjuna: 'I Regret Doing the Film 'Antham''

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Nagarjuna says that he regrets for doing the film 'Antham'. He said, "I never like portraying dark roles. And Antham is one such film that I shouldn't have done. But some times mistakes bound to happen. I was disappointed by that afterwards".

And said "Annamayya is the film that uplifted my thought process. I didn't known who Annamayya was until then. A few songs used to reach my ears when I went to places like Tirupathi and that's it. I known nothing about him till JK Bharavi narrated a fabulous story. All the songs of Annamayya were used accordingly by Bharavi and Raghavendra Rao while making 'Annamayya'. The songs are grooved in such a way that they were placed according to the stages of Annamayya's age".

He also added, "I acted in Sree Ramadasu with the confidence I picked up from Annamayya. I understood the spirit of bhakti by then".

Exclusive Kajal and Sindhu Photo Gallery

http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_221197933416.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1181197933419.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1001197933418.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1621197933491.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1511197933420.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1691197933492.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1741197933492.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1781197933493.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1791197933493.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_2401197933564.jpgThe image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_2481197933564.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_2971197933565.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_3111197933566.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_3141197933566.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_3151197933566.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_3161197933567.jpgThe image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_441197933654.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_461197933655.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_471197933656.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_461197933655.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_521197933656.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_571197933725.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_621197933726.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_661197933727.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_681197933728.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_741197933790.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_791197933791.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1221197934241.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_461197933655.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1281197934242.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/620/images/002_1341197934244.jpg

Reel Talk: Brahmanandam Fulfilling 'Dream Role'

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Brahmanandam is now in the stage of self actualization. He could see himself in Guinness Book of World Records by acting in 754 films in such short span of time.

Now he wants to fulfill his life time dreams those are linked up to his profession. He says that he is wishing to act in a film by playing the roles of son, father and grand father. He says that he wants to do that serious film but not a comedy one. He wants to take that film for film festivals it seems and he is ready with the script. He is awaiting a producer for the same.

He shared that he is too serious in real life although comical on screen. Brahmanadam is very good at playing sentimental and pathos roles and his mono-action as a son who lost his mother proved wonderfully good and touching (he did that 20 years ago and used to be relayed on Doordarshan). He also acted in 'Babai Hotel' which was made with pathos. Brahmanadam wants to project himself as complete actor now by portraying varied roles.

Tidbit: Dasari Can Do But Media Cannot!

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Dasari Narayana Rao said that people are getting misguided by reading the news that every film is running with super hit collections. He advised film journalists to be sane while writing the news.

"Then, why Dasari encouraged the success meet of Maisamma IPS? Is that film a real hit? Didn't he mislead the people and press with that. Although it wasn't he who conducted the success meet, it wouldn't have been held without his notice. Dasari is known for dual tongue in his speech and that is proved once again.

There will be no right match between his talks and actions", said a film maker.

He misguides people with his actions but asks the media not to mislead people with wrong numbers.

Snippet: Pawan Kalyan 'Force' With Blankets

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Pawan Kalyan's fans have distributed blankets and rugs for the poor people living on foot paths on behalf of 'Common Man Protection Force'. The fans said that they are distributing these blankets in their Karimnagar zone after noticing the miserable plight if shivering poor people. A couple of TV channels covered this news last night. Manoj kumar new film teleedu

"Taking the inspiration from our hero Pawan Kalyan's motive to help the common man, we have come forward by distributing blankets and rugs for these footpath people. We are coming up with many such social activities those are within our reach voluntarily", said the fans.

That proves to be a good start. The CMPF is getting better media mileage to inspire the people towards social service activities.

Photo Feature: Nude Kangana Ranaut With Soapy Foam

This is Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut's latest cover page appearance on Star Dust Film Magazine. She posed before camera in nude covering herself with only soapy foam. That's a thought provoking still for camera, indeed.

Exclusive Spicy Udrekam Movie Gallery

http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5441197958277.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5711197958432.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5501197958279.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5551197958372.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5561197958372.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5571197958372.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5451197958277.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5511197958280.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5521197958280.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5491197958279.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5581197958373.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5461197958278.jpgThe image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5621197958374.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5631197958375.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5641197958429.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5651197958430.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5661197958430.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5671197958431.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5681197958431.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5481197958278.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5611197958374.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5691197958431.jpghttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/622/images/002_5701197958432.jpg

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