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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Okka Magaadu - USA Release by Ntertainment Unlimited

Ntertainment Unlimited proudly announces the acquisition of theatrical exhibition rights of Okka Magaadu for USA. We thank YVS Chowdary for giving us the prestigious rights.

Okka Magaadu releasing for Sankranthi 2008 is the most anticipated movie & is the most craziest project in Tollywood in recent years as it has the combination of NBK & YVS. OM has lot of hype surrounded as it is directed by YVS, a die hard fan of Late Sri NTR & who has no flops till date. All his 6 films (Sri Seetha Ramula Kalyanam Choothamu Rarandi, Seetharama Raju, Yuvaraju, Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo, Seethayya & Devdas) were Winners at Box Office.

Tollywood expects OM to be a Block Buster for fans & audience all over the World who are curiously awaiting for the release.

OM has music from Mani Sharma which is a 1st for him with YVS & everyone expects the music to be a rage as all the previous films of YVS are musical hits. It has the Cast of glamorous Anushka, Priyanka Kothari(Nisha Kothari) & Simran.

OM promises to be a Sure Shot Entertainer with right mix of emotions for audiences of all class.

Ntertainment Unlimited will bring the film to all cities in USA.

Enthusiastic Exhibitors can contact Ntertainment Unlimited for information regarding screening of OM in their respective cities.

Ntertainment Unlimited
847-452-9654 (Phani)
224-622-6661 (Murthy)

Rumors: Chiranjeevi's New Film Title 'Mantri'?

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Right now, two things are awaiting the titles. One is Chiranjeevi's new party and the other is his new film.

This is the fresh grapevine that is making rounds in Film Nagar. Guna Sekhar is about to make a film with Chiranjeevi shortly and three titles are in discussion as of now. It is said that Guna Sekhar will be booking those titles in Film Chamber very soon. The titles are 'Chiranjeevi' and 'Mantri'. That sounds something interesting, right. 'Mantri' is something that is contemporary. Is the film going to be an image booster for Chiranjeevi's political entry? That is yet to be known. Guna Sekhar already registered 'Kaththi' and that would be with NTR as per the sources.

On the other hand there are gossips that Guna Sekhar is making the film 'Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy' a historical one with Chiranjeevi. Although it was assumed to be the Chiranjeevi's 150 th film in his own direction earlier, now the sources say that it is going to be the immediate flick only in the direction of Guna Sekhar. But that is yet to be confirmed officially. Probably Chiranjeevi would be busy with politics after this film.

Since the film is going to be the image booster, the budget that is going to be incurred on it will be whopping. But it is yet to be known when the film starts and when it completes.

Reel Talk: With Sexy Simran In Bangkok!

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Krishna Bhagawan danced with Simran in Bangkok and Phuket. The song was a fast beat folk song where Simran and Krishna Bhagawan danced to the maximum speed. Kuchipudi Venkat said that John Appa Rao excelled in the dance and there are going to be many surprise elements in the film. Sources also said that Krishna Bhagwan made many dance movements ok with single take to the surprise of all the unit members.

The audio of the film is going to be released in 1st week of January and the film is going to hit the theaters in the last week of January. Kuchipudi Venkat said that all the songs in the film are made on concept base but not in routine way.

Inside sources say that the film is being made with an investment of Rs 3.5 Cr.

Gossip: 'Jalsa' Budget Crossing Rs 25 Crore

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The budget of the film 'Jalsa' is crossing beyond limits as per grapevine.

It is said that the film is going to be the highest budget flick in the history of Geeta Arts Banner. Estimation said that the total budget of Rs 25 Cr is going to be incurred on it on rational grounds. A song was shot on Pawan and Parvathi Melton and the expenses for that was Rs 1.15 Cr. But is that a right figure with respect to the market potentiality of Tollywood? The only confidence of Allu Aravind is Trivikram Sreenivas. He has firm belief on him that he would make the film a success and run it for record-days setting up a new testimony all together.

It appears that Allu Aravind is competing with 'Pokiri' now. He wants to show that Pawan Kalyan's film is the highest budget film and the highest grosser as well. Let us see how the expectations meet the reality.

Photo Feature: Can You Identify This Cute Girl

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This cute dimpled girl is now a hearth throb of millions of Indian guys. She is now the new wave heroine in Bollywood. Can you identify who she is? Yes, it's DP-Deepika Padukone of Om Shanti On fame.

John unveiled Kingfisher Swimsuit Special 2008 Album

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Reel Buzz: Young Hero's Father Is Worried

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Young hero Vaibhav, the son of Kodanda Rami Reddy, has debuted with the film 'Godava' and procured below-average talk. The same son stroke that affected Raghavendra Rao and Dasari Narayana Rao repeated again for Kodanda Rami Reddy, the senior most successful director as well. He had made many hits with mega star and proved to be a successful mass-masala director. But still, things didn't prove favorable for him with his son. People have been saying that he is ok at expressions while dancing but needs to work a lot during dialogue delivery. His personality is not so impressive, say some.

In a live TV show that was intended to promote 'Godava', both Vaibhav and Shradhdha Arya have come. Kodanda Rami Reddy called Vaibhav on phone and said, "You have done very well Vaibhav. But need to do better in future". Vaibhav kept a white face listening to his father's voice. A dull worried voice was observed with Kodanda Rami Reddy as well. He expected something big with his son but things didn't move accordingly.

Industry sources say that it would be a wonder if Vaibhav acts in second film. Some others say that he would act but vanishes away like Dasari Arun Kumar. Only a few say that he would sustain in the industry if he does hard work with respect to performance and proves himself to be unique.


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