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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Opinion: Hats-off to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs

Hats-off to Zee Telugu TV show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs

Congratulations to Maestro in Making… Master Harsha for winning Little Champs title on Sunday night. I usually do not watch any Telugu TV shows. I watch Telugu movies, news and sitcoms on ZEE CafĂ© and Star World. Whenever we visit our parents, occasionally we are forced to glance through Telugu TV shows on Gemini, ETV etc. I simply could not tolerate meanness in those shows. All of these shows offer low quality entertainment to portray grudge, adultery and sick family relationships. If any stranger watches these low quality stereo-type shows, they actually start misjudging our family values. I am not sure how these TV shows can offer any form of entertainment to audience.

I was browsing through channels couple of weeks ago and came to know about this show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs – I quickly became fan of this show. It is amazing to see such a great talent of young Telugu children performing with great confidence and stride. I watched semi-finals last week and finals on Sunday night. In my opinion, I think this program beat out American Idol show.

We moved back to India couple of years ago. I only stayed up until Midnight to watch Finale of Telugu Film Industry Vajrotsavam a few months back then I stayed up until midnight to watch this wonderful show: Grand Finale of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs. Harsha, Sarath and Bhuvana rocked audience with their excellent performance; they sang wide range of Telugu songs from Bhakti to Folk to Fast-Beat. They also showed some of highlights of rest of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs shows, not only these three children, it is incredible to know that they had so many gifted children participated in this show.

Devi Sri Prasad is a good musician; however he was just boring and inappropriate to watch him on the stage during Grand Finale of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs. His sour throat did not help; he sang totally outdated songs and audience very much were not in mood to hear his loud voice. Disco lights only made the whole thing unbearable. It was really nice to see legendary Janaki on the stage and she sang wonderfully mimicking two little babies (bava and maradalu). She was graceful with her blessings on Little Champs. Ramana Gogula, Shailaja and Koti were very supportive and impartial judges. They were giving tips to participants as well as continue to encourage them to pursue their passion of singing – after all, all of these participants are winners!!!

I was touched when Karunya, Sunita, Little Champs etc. made a tribute to folks who lost their lives during horrendous terrorist attacks on Aug 25 th in Hyderabad.

Aswini Dutt and his Vyjayanthi Movies are known for making monumentally successful Telugu movies. However, they did not have many success stories in the recent time. I can only guess it is because of Aswini Dutt's misventure into politics and other businesses he lost focus on his core competency. It is nice to see Vyjayanthi tele productions made this successful TV show on ZEE Telugu channel.

Overall, I sincerely hope that there will be more quality shows such as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs on Telugu TV channels and continue to encourage future bright stars of India. World knows India for our talent pool of engineers and doctors, I am confident that Indians will also be known for our creative talents in wide range of creative arts in future.

Hot, Comedy, Love, Family Treat On 14th

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September 14th is going to be a pleasant treat for Telugu audiences with Comedy, Love, Family and hot matters on silver screens.

Seema Sastry is the comedy entertainer that is releasing on that day. Allari Naresh and Farzana are playing lead roles in that. Nageshwar Reddy directed it.

'Hello Premistara' is another film that is made on love ground with Sai Ram Shakar as hero and Sheela as heroine.

'Julayi' of Ankitha and '10 lo Premalo Padithey' of Kiran Rathod are the films those are made to send hot waves among audiences that is releasing on same day, that is 14 th September. 10 Lo Premalo Padithey is the film that is dubbed from Tamil film 'Kadal Varum Prauvam'.

Why Sobhana Is Silent On Lesbian Allegations?

We have seen Khushboo who made it big hue and cry when a magazine dared to publish her morphed photos. Rakhi Sawanth also made such uproar for other issues. There were many who made issue like that.

But why Sobhana is silent despite the gossips of lesbianism on her. Is that silence an implied truth? Or is she maintaining her dignity by not opening mouth on such allegations?

Any way, she is silent in her style and carrying on her duty. She freshly acted in Hindi film 'Apna Asman' and shortly planning to give a mega dance show in national level at New Delhi. Well, silence is the answer for many doubts. Silence kills gossips as well. Good going Sobhana!

Gossip: Priyamani Rejects Emotional Role!

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With the success of 'Yamagola', the heroines' reputation too went up. Priyamani, one of the heroines, has received many accolades for her role. She was found very expressive and did her best in emotional scenes. Many in the industry say she has made them reminiscent of Jaysudha during her hey days. Priyamani however wants to shape up her career as a star and not as an actor. She made it clear to C.V.Reddy, a producer who offered an emotional role. She firmly believes Stars alone have glorious future.

Actress Arpita Das

Actress Arpita Das
(Photos by Manish Gupta (Faces), Artiste courtesy: The Lip Shandil - Chhayankan Features & Model Artists Promoters)

Height : 5' 7 1/2"
Vital Statistics : 34-27-34
Weight : 54 Kgs
Complexion : Sultry Wheatish
Color Of Eyes : Smouldering Coal Black
Color Of Hair : Raven Jet Black
Age : 22 Years

Previous Achievements:
1. Done Still shoot for Ridhi Sarees.
2. Covergirl on Info Baron-Fashion Magazine
3. Several Shoots for Export Houses Audio-Visual Commercial for Shakti T.V
4. Selected Model Of The Month in Fashion Bloom
5. Featured In North-East Sun
6. Participated in Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt in 2007
7. Have done Shoots with ace fashion photographers;Rahul Dutta & Manish Khanna
8. Have done promotional shoots for Chhayankan Features

Shilpa Shetty

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Shilpa Shetty attends the World Film Premiere of "Music and Lyrics" held at the Odeon Leicester Square on February 5, 2007 in London, England.

Shilpa Shetty walks the ramp to display the creation of designer Rocky S at a fashion show in Mumbai, India.

Shilpa Shetty arrives to attend the world premiere of the movie 'Life In A... METRO' held at the Empire Leicester Square in London on May 8, 2007Shilpa Shetty offers flowers to Hindu God Ganesh at a temple in Mumbai, India.

Hollywood actor Richard Gere, left, hugs and kisses Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty during an event for HIV-AIDS awareness in New Delhi, India, in this March 15, 2007 file photo.

Shilpa Shetty walks with children at risk of HIV from the Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT) in Bombay, India.

Shilpa Shetty leaves the Celebrity Big Brother House, having been announced as the winner of series five during the grand final at Elstree Studios on January 28, 2007 in London, England.

Shilpa Shetty looks on during a promotional event for the United Breweries group in Bombay, India.

Shilpa Shetty, left, and Shamita Shetty pose during promotion of their upcoming film "Fareb" in Bombay, India, Friday, July 1, 2005.

Shilpa Shetty smiles during an event in Mumbai, India.

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Shilpa Shetty presents a creation by Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani during the India Fashion Week in New Delhi, India.

Chairman of the United Breweries Group Vijay Mallya, left, presents a souvenir to Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty during a promotional event for the UB group in Bombay, India.

Shilpa Shetty Promotes Her Film 'Life in a METRO'.
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