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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chiranjeevi Announces Party Only After..!

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Pressure to announce party on one side and demand to act in a film on other side- Chiranjeevi is very hectic now. The only film personality who is in access with Chiranjeevi despite this turmoil is Guna Sekhar. The script discussions are going on amidst this turmoil.

Guna Sekhar is worried that if the film making gets delayed and if Chiranjeevi announces party shortly, he hardly finds time to act in the film as he needs to put more time on party agenda and campaigning. Fresh sources say that Chiranjeevi is going to announce his party only after his movie with Guna Sekhar. He is apparently going to discuss his agenda through that film as per sources. The film may hit the floors in February as per the sources. As the film finishes by May-June, he would announce the party, there by it will be useful for increasing mileage of the movie as well.

Let us see what happens.

Screen Talk: Prabhas With Gautam Menon?

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Gautham Menon the super director who has come out with some of the finest action flicks recently like 'Gharshana', 'Raghavan' etc is one man whom any actor would like to work with.

There is strong news making rounds that macho hero Prabhas who is currently with his 'Bujjigadu-made in Chennai' will soon be working with Gautam on a movie. Earlier, it was said that 'Prince' Mahesh Babu was the one who will be doing a film with Gautam but now the talk has turned towards Prabhas.

For now it is suspense whether Gautam will go ahead with Prabhas or Mahesh but if Prabhas is the one then this will be one of the roughest and masculine combinations that one has ever seen. Sources say that Mahesh's dates are not available for Goutham now. So chances are more for him to join with Prabhas.

Reel Talk: Teja – MS Raju's 'Nuvve Naa Hero'

At last, the title for the Teja- MS Raju movie has been finalized and is called 'Nuvve Naa Hero'. The film is a prestigious one for M S Raju as it will be the launch of his son Sumanth Ashwin in this and a crucial test for Teja as he has not been able to deliver a hit in the recent past.

Though the title sounds a bit obsolete, Teja justified it saying that the story is such that this title will be apt. A new girl has been chosen to play the heroine and the film is said to be a love story and will be presented under Sumanth Arts – M S Raju's banner. The first schedule will hit the floors on December 14 th.

Let us see if Teja gets back his glory and MS Raju's grandeur.

Snippet: Rambha To Walk In Simran's Track!

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Actress Rambha who once ruled the roost in Tollywood and has the credit of acting with some of the biggest heroes disappeared after a while until recently when she was sporting shaking a leg with NTR jr for the song 'Nacho re Nacho' in the movie 'Yamadonga'. Surprisingly, she was completely in sync with the quick NTR and looked fresh as ever. Earlier to that she danced with Allu Arjun in 'Desamuduru' in an item song.

Now she has decided to make a comeback in films but clarified that she would no longer be doing any B or C grade movies. She added that she will be very choosy when it comes to selection of roles and play meaningful characters in films. With the kind of glory that Rambha enjoyed at one point of time, this does not come as a surprise.

But are there any producers and directors those wish to take this 30 plus lady as heroine? May she must be walking in the track of Simran playing some decent roles.

Reel Buzz: Heroine Becomes a 3.5 cr Babe

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Actress Kareena Kapoor has now become the top most heroine of Bollywood and has touched the dream figure of Rs 3.5 crore per film, thanks to the recent success of her film 'Jab We Met'. Speaking about it, the bubbly girl was pretty stoic about it and said that she is not too keen on the spots but more keen on giving the best in her films through her hard work and commitment.

The next few films lined up for her include 'Tashan' with Akshay and Saif, ' Golmaal Returns' with Ajay Devgan, 'Kambakht Ishq' with Akshay and 'Agent Vinod' with Saif to name a few. She has brushed aside the thoughts of her marriage right now but maintained that her new love Saif has been very supportive about her career.

She is right now totally into her films and said that marriage can wait. Well, there is no professional growth for Shahid Kapoor at all. He is deprived of love and career as well.

Photo Feature: Heroine's Doll In International Malls

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This is the doll that is made with similar features of Priyanka Chopra. If you don't find those features, don't blame us!! It is being sold out in various kids' malls in India and abroad as well. It is named 'Priyanka'. This doll is being old out along with Barbie and other dolls like Spider Man and Super Man. The price of this doll is Rs. 400. So, Bollywood heroines are now seen as dolls in malls. We don't know if Priyanka Chopra gets any royalty for this!

'Happy Days' still sizzling on Telugu music charts

Hyderabad (IANS) Mickey Meyer's score for "Happy Days" continues to hold the interest of music lovers and the movie's title song is on top of the charts. The young music composer put his heart and soul into the album.

The top five Telugu songs are:

1. "Happy Days" - Film: "Happy Days". The title song has a nice symphonic feel. Mickey Meyer has scored a grand composition, which is popular with the younger generation.

2. "Satyam Emito" - Film: "Athidhi". The highlight of the song is the good picturisation. Shot near Hatta Dam in Dubai, the scene captures the rugged landscape well. No outdoor locale has looked so beautiful on the Telugu screen. The song is unconventional and emotionally charged sans dance steps.

3. "Vennelintha" - Film: "Thulasi". A slightly melodious track with a foot-tapping beat by Devisriprasad and sung by Venu and Sunitha is perhaps the only melodic number from the film.

4. "Layliley" - Film: "Nava Vasantham". S.A. Rajkumar has scored the music for the Telugu remake of the Tamil film "Punnagai Desam". Tippu has sung this song, which is basically a chorus composition that sounds pleasant to the ear.

5. "Ammi-Ammi" - Film: "Takkari". A foot-tapping song that makes the listener shake a leg. Music director Chakri and Sai Shivani have sung this number.

Chiranjeevi is welcome into politics

GUNTUR: Communist Party of India State Secretary K. Narayana said people were totally dissatisfied with the Congress and Telugu Desam Party and there was a search for an alternative by the people. In this situation, a new party proposed to be set up by film star Chiranjeevi was welcome, he said.

At a press conference here on Tuesday on the sidelines of second-day proceedings of the three-day District Convention of the party, he told reporters that he welcomed Chiranjeevi to start a new party and infuse new blood into politics that would address the real issues of people. “We will also think in terms of forming an alliance or working with them as a third alternative to the two failed parties was essential,” Mr. Narayana added.

The CPI’s association with the proposed party of Chiranjeevi would depend on the situation then and if their wavelength matched they might work together, he said and added that the party would not give up its `Bhooparatam’ at any cost.

“If landlords and the moneyed can be allotted assigned lands not bothering about the real poor, we will not keep quiet and our agitation will get intensified in the days to come. Our party State convention at Tirupathi from December 19 to 23 will mainly discuss the distribution of land to the poor,” he observed.

In case the Government failed to respond to the people’s demands and tried to evict the poor from the lands occupied by them with support of the CPI, its agitation would switch gears and go on a different plane, he said.

Exclusive Heroine Gajala Photo Gallery

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Audio Company Owner Becomes 'Silent Killer'

We have seen choreographers, lyricists, comedians and many more becoming directors. Now an audio company owner is becoming a director shortly as per the reliable sources. He is Sridhar Reddy, the owner of Madhura Entertainments. Sources say that he will be directing a film in 2008 on the banner of a renowned producer. Sridhar has been there in the industry as audio company owner from the last 3 years. In these 3 years he made great friends in the industry and developed good will.

This news has come from Film Nagar Club sources. A PRO said, "Sridhar is good at heart and street smart at brain. He takes the audio rights of 'to be flopped' and 'not worthy' films as well. We all assumed to be an ignorant. But interestingly with his business tactics he made good money and also made the producers of those films recover some good amount. Many producers those tied up with him listening to his audio marketing strategies know about his talent. Sridhar is a 'silent killer'. He won the acceptance of many big heads in the industry. He is a poet too. Somehow I got confidence on him".

The other person sitting with him said, "It is the acceptance of general public but not big heads in industry that is required to sustain as successful director".

That's true in fact. Let us see how he comes up.

'Happy Days' is still the Telugu viewer's favourite

Hyderabad (IANS) Even after crossing the 60-day mark, "Happy Days" continues to be the numero uno film at the Telugu box office, with the Venkatesh- Nayantara starrer "Thulasi" close on its heels.

The top five Telugu films are:

1. "Happy Days" - The movie is a hit in all the A, B and C centres in Andhra Pradesh as well as the US. It's Sekhar Kammula all the way when it comes to successful offbeat films. Both the young and old have appreciated this tale about the lives of eight engineering students.

2. "Thulasi" - Family audiences seem to prefer "Thulasi" as it has both sentiment and romance. Child star Atulith gives an endearing performance despite the large dose of violence. Venkatesh returns to action in this film filled with commercial elements like an item number by Shriya.

3. "Nava Vasantham" - Tarun comes back after a gap in this film directed by Shahjahan. A remake of the Tamil film "Punnagai Desam", the film is a youthful story about friendship. It is quite an entertainer and is doing average business.

4. "Chandamama" - It is cruising towards the 100-day mark. It's quite amazing how a simple, routine story against a village backdrop directed by Krishna Vamsi seems to have worked with the audience.

5. "Seema Sastri" - Although this film has the title "Seema Sastri", it is more a comedy than a typical film set against the Rayalaseema backdrop. Allari Naresh does a fairly good job in this movie directed by G. Nageswara Reddy. Its performance at the box office is average.

Nikitha Album

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Cool Cover Girls (ooo Lalalla)

Recently, Bipasha, Priyanka, Preity & Deepika Padukone made it to the cover of Vogue magazine. Also Kangana Ranaut suddenly caught a lot of attention when her picture appeared on the cover of a film magazine in a transparent body suit.
Our Indian actresses, we learn, make for impressive Cover Girls. So we list the actresses who make it to the Top Cover Girls list.
Their physical beauty matched with their intelligence and success degrees make them 'Most Wanted'!

Kangana Ranaut
What makes her a Cover Girl?
Kangana Ranaut is the new happening girl in Bollywood. She has managed to capture the attention of audiences with her unconventional looks and striking performance in Gangster.
The actress, known for her reclusiveness and who-cares attitude, has recently posed for a magazine where she dressed in a body suit that gives the impression of nudity.
From the start of her Bollywood career, Kangana has shown no discomfort in wearing revealing clothes, always selling point for Cover Girls !.

Aishwarya Rai
What makes her a Cover Girl?
Aishwarya has not only launched a thousand products but has also helped sell many mags! The damsel is known to be the most beautiful girl in the world. With a face worth a million bucks, and an equally beautiful body, Ash is one stylish Cover Girl.
And the most popular within our Bollywood circle. With a penchant for style, and well-spoken demeanor, she's more than just a visual treat.

Malaika Arora Khan
What makes her a Cover Girl?
She may not be a full-fledged actress, but model-actress Mallaika Arora Khan has a certain sex appeal that remains unparalleled.
In spite of being a mom, the sensuous damsel makes it to the covers of mags more often than not and is more popular and preferred by the males than most other actresses.
With a perfect ten bod, she is one helluva Cover Girl!

Kareena Kapoor
What makes her a Cover Girl?
Actress Kareena Kapoor shoots straight from the lip. And besides her gutsy nature, and tremendous ability of calling a spade a spade, Bebo enjoys one of the freshest and most beautiful faces that oozes tremendous amounts of sex appeal.
She may not have the perfect figure, but the way she carries herself is almost perfect and makes for a close to perfect Cover Girl.

Deepika Padukone
What makes her a Cover Girl?
Her first film has just hit the screens, but supermodel Deepika Padukone's face has hit the cover of a couple of magazines already. Hailing as a combination of the beautiful Aishwarya Rai and the sexy Priyanka Chopra, Deepika is one to watch out !
She has an attractive face and a perfect 10 body, which makes her a visual treat. And with a launch pad in the form of Om Shanti Om, success doesn't seem too far away either for this new Cover Girl.

Preity Zinta
What makes her a Cover Girl?
She is the most vivacious girl around, the girl with the best dimples and an extremely innocent face. It's often you'll see her stare at you from magazine covers constantly opining and sharing her intelligent point of view.
Not known so much for her body as her peaceful demeanour, Preity is a symbol of calm.
And makes for a pleasant and classy Cover Girl.

Bipasha Basu
What makes her a Cover Girl?
She has the spunk and the oomph! And several success stories tucked under her belt. Bipasha Basu is another who is applauded for her honesty and at the same time makes a pretty picture atop magazine covers.
Known for stable relationships, Bips has proved that she is serious when it comes to her men, and though having fun is what she enjoys, sensibilities is not what she is fond of having fun with.
Quite sporty in nature, that athletic and great figure has everyone saying Ooh la la!

Priyanka Chopra
What makes her a Cover Girl?
The girl's performance curve along with her poise and composed stature puts her in an enviable position. Actress Priyanka Chopra has met with much success, and yet remains a down-to-Earth, approachable actress, with no high qualms and claims.
A good looker coupled by a sexy body, and her much humane quality, makes her more than just an attractive Cover Girl.

Sushmita Sen
What makes her a Cover Girl?
She always had the oomph and sex appeal. Not only in the way she looked and carried herself but also when she spoke. The 'seductress' is an epitome of confidence and a great personality and makes for one great Cover Girl.
She isn't as successful an actress as she is a human being.
Quite the perfect lady any man would like to court, Sush remains real and makes for a complete Cover Girl.

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