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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Snippet: Tensions For Rajendra Prasad's Flick

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The release date of the film 'Mee Sreyobhilashi' is getting postponed from time to time. As the two films 'Don' and 'Anasuya' are releasing this week, it's pushed for next week as per the sources. The film has a message to convey in philosophical way. It took very long time for this small film to complete the shooting.

CC Reddy made this film on his Visu Banner in the direction of Eshwar Reddy. Mee sreyobhilashi is the film that s being acted by Rajendra Prasad with a motive to win award after 'Aa Naluguru'.

The film might be willing to release in a week where no other new film is going to hit the screen.

Reel Talk: Vishnu Entering Audio Market!

Manchu Vishnu is now entering into audio market on his own banner 24 Frames Factory. The name of this banner says that it can enter into any business related to the 24 frames of film making. Freshly Vishnu is releasing audio of 'Krishnarjuna' on his banner. With this Vishnu is debuting into audio market.

Initially it was said that Keeravani would be bagging the audio rights to release on his Vel Records. But as Mohan Babu is the producer of the film he pushed it on to his son's banner 24 Frames. Keeravani scored music for it and it is releasing on 26 th of this month.

It is said that the cassette will be priced only at Rs.25 and a premiere show of the film will be shown for 200 lucky winners picked up in draw those buy the cassettes.

Is That Old ANR's Perverted Behaviour?

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ANR is the man who has been attracting huge fan following and majority of his fans are from ladies. But the ladies themselves are opining less about that octogenarian Dada Saheb Phalke winner.

A few ladies complain saying, "ANR is speaking in nasty way that doesn't suit his age on the dais. His nasty talk about Anushka, assuming that to be romantic is being relayed on small screens very frequently. That is being used as a promo to promote the film 'Don'. He said that Anushka is so good looking and she has given all the kisses for my son only. He added saying that had she saved some kisses for me I would have asked Raghavendra Rao to make 'Musali Mogudu-Paduchu Pellam' to pair up with her".

It is all old news and there is nothing new in that. Is that a perversion of ANR? But a professional says that is not perversion but only an identity crisis.

A doctor of psychiatry say, "It is the crisis that a man or woman gets while growing old. They want to project to be young at heart by competing with youngsters. They feel that kind of behavior boosts up their aura. But the society wants to see a man according to his age. ANR is like any other old man who wants to seek attention towards his greatest asset, 'the health'. He walks very briskly on dais and while climbing the steps of dais. That is to project that he is young and energetic. He speaks with romantic fervor to prove that he is still libidinous. He has been the star with that image for many decades. So he doesn't want to lose that for ever. He is unaware that such type of talk puts his reverence down".

ANR has been quoting at least a single romantic or semi-erotic line while speaking on dais these days. He is really showing himself as 24 at 84.

Star Talk: 'I Learnt Less Yoga and More Love'

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Bhoomika talked to media last evening as a part of promotion for the film 'Anasuya'. After saying about the film and its thrilling aspects she answered a few questions posed by journalists. When asked to say if she practices yoga with her hubby Bharath Thakur she said, "I turned acquaint to him only in yoga classes. But I learnt less yoga and more love at him", Bhomika had broken into a laughter.

Saying about the difference between Bollywood and Tollywood she said, "I feel there are more disciplinary aspects in Tollywood than in Bollywood. Apart from that everything is same here and there. After all, film making is nothing but taking on emotions to celluloid irrespective of language. It is true that Bollywood caters for large set of audiences and Tollywood is confined to limited set of Telugu speaking people. Hence the budget matter varies to some extent between the two".

Saying about her future goals she said, "I want to play comedy shortly. I don't want to bring boredom for people by portraying same kind of roles all the time. I want to be versatile on screen".

In entire interview, Bhoomika projected herself as a sane and shrewd lady with balance in speech. Well, she said nothing new but uttered everything that can be easily expected.

Telugu Film News Dec 20, 2007

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After nearly a decade, Baba Sehgal, India’s original pop star, will have the Telugu audiences swinging to his tunes. Baba Sehgal, last heard doing a playback for Chiranjeevi in Rikshawodu, is now making a comeback of sorts with the title track of Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa. Baba Sehgal will be singing to Devi Sri Prasad’s tunes.

Sradha Arya in Satyanand’s debut film
The young and glamorous Sradha Arya (of Nishabd and Godava fame) has being signed on to play the leading lady in acting tutor-turned-director Satyanand’s debut film. The man, who has taught acting to the likes of Pawan Kalyan, is presently working on his debut film with one of his own students as the leading man. Post Godava, Sradha Arya has become the new glam doll of the industry with the many a filmmakers queuing up with offers. The sultry actress has even entered the Kannada film industry.

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Another actress making her presence felt in the Telugu film industry is the very sexy Nisha Kothari. A protégé of Ram Gopal Verma, this northern dame, presently working with Balakrishna in YVS’ Oka Magaadu, is becoming increasingly busy in the Telugu film industry. She has apparently agreed to act in a film titled Hari Om with debutante Sekhar as her leading man.

Vishnu’s Krishnarjuna music on Dec 26th
Music Company 24 Frames Factory will be launching the music of actor Vishnu’s upcoming film Krishnarjuna, on 26th December. The audio cassettes of this film that stars Mohan Babu and Nagarjuna in guest roles will be priced at Rs.25 only. M.M.Keeravani’s tunes of this film will be marketed by audio company Bliss.

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The latest piece of hot news doing the rounds, both in the Hindi as well as the Telugu film industry is that, that actor Siddarth has got engaged to Nawab of Pataudi’s daughter, actress Soha Ali Khan. The two met during the making of last year’s cult hit Rang De Basanti. Though the rumors began then itself, both of them maintained the “we are just good friends” quote. But according to a latest ondit in a popular Mumbai newspaper, Siddarth, who recently went through a divorce from wife Meghna, met with Soha’s parents in Mumbai and took their blessings. Only time can judge the truth in this news.

Releasing Today: Nagarjuna's Hot Hot 'Don'

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The Andhra Pradesh box-office, like it’s counterpart in Tamil Nadu, is superstar driven. Nagarjuna’s biggie “Don” opens today. It is the lone Telugu Christmas release and is directed by choreographer, actor-turned-director Law rence, who last gave Nag the big hit “Mass”. For Lawrence, it is a crucial film – first, because it is first attempt at music direction and, second, he has to deliver a hit what with his last two directorial ventures “Style” and “Muni” sank without a trace. Yoga teacher-turned-starlet Anushka is the heroine in “Don”.

The invested incurred on this film is very big and the reliable sources say that it went up to Rs 24 Cr which proves to be the highest budget in Nagarjuna's career. The shooting of the film ran for months together and Lawrence carried the responsibilities of direction, music composition, choreography and playing a role in it. The film has many expectations and Lawrence once said that Hindi producers would make lines to buy remake rights for this film.

Nagarjuna is also confident on the same. Let us see how the film works out at box office. Audio has got average response. Anushka, the heroine in the film has been highly inviting from the posters wearing torn jeans and revealing outfits.

Wait for the result!!

Exclusive Savval Audio Function

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Buzz: Tear Jerking Faces Of 'Mantra' Team

Mantra' director Tulasi Ram and the producers Kalyan Ram and Ravi Prakash are seen with tears in eyes. Well, they are the tears of overwhelming happiness. They have made the film 'Mantra' by taking many pains. They invested and struggled big to bring it to theatres. Distributors didn't come forward and hence they have released it on their own holding some doubt. But the result is tremendously good with whopping collections. The openings are big and the sustenance is also impressive.

They have no money in hand to roll on trailers for three days before the release of the film. They released it just like that on Friday. But now they started showing trailers on small screen only from last evening as they got confident on their film.

Now the team is going to enjoy 100% returns on the film as there are no distributors amidst. Thanks to Charmy for pulling crowds.

Press Note: DON Prints Status & first report

Don prints will be arriving here on-time and we will have premier shows tomorrow as per schedule for more info/buy tickets online visit http://www.secondshows.com.

State City Location Name

California San Jose Indian Movie Center (IMC6)
California Los Angeles Laemmle Fallbrook 7
California Los Angeles Laguna Hills Mall Cinemas
California Los Angeles Naz 8 Cinema (Artesia)
Georgia Atlanta Peachtree Cinemas
Illinois Chicago Bloomingdale Court Theater
Indiana Indianapolis Georgetown 14 Cinemas
Maryland Virginia FunAsia P&G Wheaton Plaza 11
Michigan Detroit Novi Town Center 8
Minnesota Minneapolis Brookdale 8 Cinemas
North Carolina Cary Galaxy Cinema
New Jersey New Jersey Movie City Edison

DON's First Screening at Prasad Labs is carrying Extraordinary Report. It was screened yesterday to the Hero Nagarjuna, Producer, Director and their close associates.

'Tollywood Don' Akkineni Nagarjuna's first reaction was " This was the what I felt when I watched SHIVA first copy"

People, who watched the movie along with the Unit members rated it as as Top class Action flick on Indian screen.

Even the people, who worked for the finishing touches (a day before) felt awestruck by seeing at some exhilarating scenes. They felt like watching Hollywood movie.

This talk spread like a wildfire allover the state. All the theaters screening DON weared new look by dawn.

Abhishek praised in Aamir Khan’s Movie

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There is a sequence in Aamir Khan’s upcoming Taare Zameen Par in which Abhishek Bachchan is praised as one of the hottest stars of the country.

The reference is made in terms of him being one of the most successful stars and how he has created Dhoom, overcoming the reading difficulties that he had during childhood (dyslexia). “Aamir Khan, who plays an art teacher in the film, points to a photograph of Abhishek Bachchan and tells a kid, Aap toh inko jaante hain, inhe bhi padhne mein problem hota tha, lekin dekho aaj duniya mein Dhoom machaye hue hain. The entire class starts singing the song Dhoom Macha le after that,” says a source.

Chiru's fans now want him to work for unity

After pressing him for long to join politics, the fans club of mega star Chiranjeevi now demand that he work for the unity of the Telugu-speaking people not only in Andhra Pradesh but also all over the world. They equate him with former chief minister and Telugu Desam founder NT Rama Rao. The fans club feels that Rama Rao had brought unity among the Telugus by launching Telugu Desam. They want Chiranjeevi to work for the unity. However, the fans club this time did not specifically demand that Chiranjeevi join politics and thereby work for the unity of the Telugus.

Since Chiranjeevi himself did not announce his political intentions, the fans club too does not want to be dragged into the controversy. So in a subtle way it has come out with the demand and the need for unity among Telugus. The club is of the view that only Chiranjeevi will be able to bring about the much-needed unity among Telugus at this crucial juncture. The fans are hopeful that the film star will some day or the other, but before the next Assembly elections, announce his intentions to join politics or launch his own political organisation.

Exclusive Savval Movie Posters

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Venkatesh's 'Chintakayala Ravi' Opens New Trend


Title trends go on in different styles in Tollywood. Many assume that there are no new titles to give nomenclature for new films. At the same time some innovative heads are bringing out something new all the time. The fresh title that is bringing laughs for everyone is 'Chintakayala Ravi' that is going to be the nomenclature for Venlatesh's new film in the production of Nallamalupu Bujji. Initially it was gossiped that Bujji is going to give the title for this film starting with letter 'L' (like Lakshmi and Lakshyam). But now that is ruled out. Bujji is not serious on that 'L concept and came out with this new funny title 'Chintakayla Ravi'.

Now the point is the new trend would start this way basing on the 'sur names'. Telugu surnames sound funny for Telugu people itself. The titles with cast elements like 'Reddy', 'Chowdhary', 'Sastry' and 'Nayudu' have already seen light and proved to be on beaten track. Now the titles will be with surnames if this Chintakayala Ravi proves successful. Irrespective of that a new trend seems to have opened to title the films with surnames in them.

We may see the titles like 'Chinta Gantayya', 'Ganta Guruvayya', 'Gurava Obulesu', 'Obula Venkanna', 'Venka Timmanna…' etc down the line!! Yes, just kidding the phenomenon!

Chiru talk delays Jagan's daily plan!!

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Heard that the proposed Telugu daily "Saakshi" to be launched by Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, son of Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, is likely to be delayed further.

Initially, it was proposed to launch the daily on Sankranti; later it was rescheduled to February 21. Now, reports from inside indicate that it might get postponed further up to Ugadi. Everything in the management planning is being kept as a closely guarded secret and even the journalists taken on rolls have no clue as to why things are getting delayed. The daily was supposed to sponsor the international film festival in Hyderabad, but Jagan backed out on the ground that he doesnot want to get the title exposed to the public till the last moment.

According to sources, Jagan has developed second thoughts of launching the daily, after his advisors confirming the news about the proposed plans of Megastar Chiranjeevi to launch a new political party. It would bring major changes in the political strategies of the Chief Minister and so do the media plans of Jagan. He has to take a conscious political stand, in the event of Chiru's plans to entry. So, he asked Saakshi editors to wait for some more time, till a concrete picture emerges on Chiru's political plans. If everything works out well for Jagan, he might release full page advertisements in all the major dailies some time in the month of January declaring the launch date, sources say.

Reel Buzz: Secret Business Model Of Moser Baer

Moser Baer is now conquering the VCD and DVD market slowly. The company emerged as a big tool to fight piracy. The USP of this brand is that it sells DVDs at Rs 34 and VCDs at Rs 28. But there is a business reason for Moser Baer for starting this phenomenon.

Moser Baer is basically a CD manufacturing company that is running on more expensive machinery. As the formats are changing with advancing technology, Moser Baer is eager to do break-even on the machinery. Hence instead of selling the empty CDs to video companies, it has ventured itself into the business by taking the rights of films and pushing them into market on their CDs. As the manufacturing of CDs is in its hands, that costs very minimal.

But majority of hit film rights are in the hands of doyens in this business like Volga and Shalimar. But the end consumers are happy with the prices of Moser Baer and are purchasing many VCDs and DVDs although some films are not hits or never heard of by them. Some fast moving VCDs and DVDs on Moser Baer are 'Padamati Sandhya Ragam' (high quality DVD just at Rs 34/-), 'Seeta Kokachiluka' (VCD at Rs 28) and Kamal Hasan's silent movie, 'Pushpak' (DVD at Rs 34/-).

Screen Buzz: Anushka Offering 'Honey'!

Apart from Yoga, Ansushka is after another health secret. She has not only practiced Yoga, she campaigned and taught it. She has become a much sought-after coach on Yoga for most of the heroes. Now she has another 'sweet' thing to share with them. That's nothing but 'honey'. She is taking Bread with honey. But Anushka is not the first heroine to campaign for this diet. It was Ileana, who would lace honey on thin slices and ask heroes to have them on sets very often. Anushka simply aped this habit to woo young heroes, people in the industry say.

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