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Monday, October 1, 2007

Amrita rao Sexy picture gallery

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Bollywood Spicy Pics Gallery

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Are Madigas Behind Chiranjeevi?

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Are madigas behind Chiranjeevi? This impression is rising as Manda Krishna Madiga's cutout was placed along with Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan in Machilipatnam region. How Krishna Madiga is connected with Chiranjeevi and the film? There is nothing, but the impressions are making rounds that the community is behind Chiranjeevi. It is true that Chiranjeevi is being considered the man of all now. This certainly wouldn't continue if he starts a party for himself. Chiranjeevi is worried only in that aspect.

The first thing that happens to Chiranjeevi if he starts a new party is income tax ride by present government to threaten him. The next thing is lack of majority in elections as TDP would give tight competition. The next thing is chances for Congress to form government again as opposite votes would split into two between TDP and Chiranjeevi's party. The other thing is Chiranjeevi getting new set of enemies for the rest of his life. So, under these circumstances can Chiranjeevi dare to start a party?

October 2nd is falling tomorrow. There was gossip that Chiranjeevi will be announcing his new party on the occasion of this Gandhi Jayanthi. But will he do that? There are no signals till now.

Trade Talk: Happy Days Beats Chirutha In USA

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The film 'Happy Days' is on the top in USA and beats 'Chirutha' with tremendous collections. In Sanjose, New Jersey and Dallas watched 'Happy Days' more than Chirutha in numbers. In Dallas 2500 (It is all time record in USA) watched Happy Days which is more than Chirutha. And in all the centers where Happy Days and Chirutha released together, only the former took the major share.

For the fortune of 'Chirutha', the film 'Happy Days' couldn't release due to delay in the arrival of prints and hence it could enjoy monopoly there. The collections of Chirutha are good in Detroit and Chicago centers.

If the trend of following goes in similar way, 'Happy Days' in USA may beat the US records of Bommarillu and Pokiri as well. Let us wait and see how it creates waves in India with tomorrow's release.

Ramya Krishna Asks About Jayaprada to 'Open That'

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Ramya Krishna's TV show 'Jara Masti Jara Dhoom' was shined with the presence of Jayaprada and Jayasudha this time. In a talk, Jayaprada said that she used to shout with the deeds of NTR during the shooting of Yamagola.

After a brief talk of Jayaprada, Ramya Krishna insisted Jayaprada to open the secret behind those shouts. Jayaprada didn't reveal those but ended up with a big laugh saying, "They were just shouts".

So, we have to just imagine what NTR did to make Jayprada shout. It just depends on the imagination of the individual.

Telugu Film News Octomber 01, 2007

Yamadonga 50 days function on 14 October
SS Rajamouli is in Guntur today to seek the permission from Collector and SP for holding 50 days function of NTR-Rajamouli’s latest film Yamadonga in Guntur on 14 October. This function would be held at Brahmananda Reddy stadium. A movie function is being held in Brahmananda Reddy stadium after a long gap. The last one was that of Gharana Mogudu.

Allu award to Rajendra Prasad
Dr. Allu Ramalingaiah National Comedian Award - instituted in the memory of Allu Ramalingaiah by Saripally Kondala Rao - will be given to master Telugu comedian hero Dr. Rajendra Prasad at a function arranged in Harihara Kalabhavan in Hyderabad on the night of 1st October 2007. This award was instituted in 2004 and Padmasri Mano Rama, Brahmanandam and Johnny Lever received this award for the past three years. This function will be attended by Governor ND Tiwari and Chiranjeevi.

Asha Saini on name changing spree
Asha Saini who shot to fame with the ’Lux Papa’ song in the blockbuster Narasimha Naidu was active for a couple of years. After that she stopped getting any more chances. Then she changes her screen name to Flora Saini (her original name). Luck did not favor her as well. Now she rechristened herself as ‘Mayuri’ and acting an important role in Swagatam which also features Bhumika Chawla and Anushka as heroines. She slimmed down a lot and looking pretty attractive these days.

Amitabh: Even Abhishek Was Scary Like Ram Charan


Bollywood Big B Amitabh once lauded Chiranjeevi as king of Indian cinema. Now he passes on grand wishes for Ram Charan.

Amitabh Bachchan expressed, "My wishes to Ram Charan for his debut. It is on his shoulders to keep up the name of his father, Chiranjeevi who is a legend, a wonderful personality with the stardom beyond limits. That is scary at times for the young Ram Charan. Even Abhishek had the same scare when he did his debut a few years back. My family shares very good rapport with Chiranjeevi's family and it is like one of my family members debuting screen. I once again wish you Ram Charan".

That's the wish of Big B to Ram Charan for his 'Chirutha'.

Talk: Sekhar Kammula Will Be Shyam Benegal Of Tollywood

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Sekhar Kammula gave shrewd answers for many of the questions asked by people on phone in a live show. He is very pragmatic, sane and shrewd in giving answers and talked like a creative thinker with self conviction. He made 'Happy Days' that's already doing very good in USA and releasing in India tomorrow.

For a question, he answered, "The Telugu audiences are transforming from relishing the mass masala formula films to multiplex films with more rational thought. The change has come in Hindi. It has also come in Tamil. And now it is going to come in Telugu. There will be more experiments down the line in Telugu".

For another query, he replied, "My audience is 15 lakhs. I know making films only for them. I never make films to target audience. If I feel that a story can be made a film, I do that. I get 10 thoughts in a day and discard 9 and think about only one. If I get conviction that can be made a film, I start writing. Once the script comes out, I make a film. My 15 lakh audience never gets disappointed with my product. And they are increasing in number as well. Right now, a big hero's film may have 60 lakh audiences".

"A journalist asked me how much I took from the 8 boys and girls acted in 'Happy Days' for giving them debut. There no such deal here. I only paid them all. I used them for my selfishness as I felt that they fit into my roles. When I use for my selfishness, I have to pay them. That's all", he shared.

Listening to all this, the people are passing on these comments on Sekhar Kammula:

"He is very balanced and clear in thought. He believes in what he is doing. Surprisingly he is coming out with success all the time. There is saying that nothing convinces others other than the conviction in oneself. He has that conviction in his film making", said Vasant Kumar, a software professional.

"He will be the Shyam Benegal of Tollywood, that too in commercial front. He is the director in this new era that made a unique mark for him. Even though a very big actor acts in his film, it will be called only 'Sekhar Kammula's film' but will not go with the name of the hero. That's his caliber", shared Anita, an MBA student.

The other viewer said, "He made Anand with to project emotions, he made Godavari to show the scenic beauty and he made Happy Days for nostalgia. He has a change of thought in his every attempt. He will be only successful only if he comes out with new genre every time. It will be good if he tries with suspense, horror, comedy and others within his own style".

The film 'Happy Days' has got hit talk in USA. We have to see how it runs in AP releasing tomorrow.

Star Talk: ANR's Sexy Talk About Jayaprada

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ANR talks in a sexy way about Jayaprada and in a subtle way about Jayasudha in a TV show.

He said, "Jayaprada is the most beautiful lady who can act simple, 'sexy' and superb. She has that beauty in her. I acted with her and hence I know everything about her. And coming to Jayasudha, she is a natural actress. She can involve in the character she plays and comes out with wonderful output. That natural adaptability into any character made her 'sahaja nati'. Both Jayaprada and Jayasudha are wonderful actresses".

Well people underlined that ANR had good fascination for Jayaprada for her beauty. Indeed, he felicitated Jayasudha 10 days back with ANR life time achievement award decorating her with a golden bracelet.

The greatest ever Bhatukamma played in America

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Telangana Cultural Association(www.telanganaculture.org) has successfully organized Mega Bhatukamma event in Bay Area, This is said to be biggest ever bhatukamma played overseas and TCA has pulled out all its strengths to make it a huge huge success. The event is attended by approximately between 650 to 750 people who enjoyed the festival with lot of cheer and festivity.Women dressed in Telngana tardition style while children have wore telangana parikineelu reminding warangal's Ramappa temple's famous Bhatukamma Festival.

Vijay Chavva, the chairman of TCA has inaugurated the festival at 12 noon with inaugration speech explaining TCA motives and responsibilities.He explained to the participants of the importance of preserving and promoting the telangana culture and passing on to the next generations across the globe.He strongly claimed culture has no bars like creed, caste, region and religion and has no boundaries.He said Telangana has very unique identity in its culture and appealed to every one to come and join them in propmoting this culture across the globe.He said Telanagana culture will be base for next generation's revolution.

Buchanna Gajula Prasident of TCA preceeded and co-ordinated Bathukamm & Pirla Panduga celebrations by welcoming all the participents and sponserers.

Biksham Palabindela Secretary of TCA have made wonderfull arangements of different varieties of Telangana delicasies from local restaurents. The entire park was filled with the smell of Telangana food which was continuosly pouring in from different restaurents until 5.30 PM when Bhatukamma was culminated in lake. The food was specially ordered to made in telangana style with special pulihoras(Saddulu) in different tastes.Garelu and Bellam payasam were the highlights while Hyderabad ki Damki biriyani made every one to eat again and again.

The festival was attended by not only Telanganites but also other US and indian citizens including people from Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. Organizers have requested every one to speak in telangana language only, the 2 major local telugu cultural organizations Silliconandhra and BATA have solidly rallied behind the organizers and supported fully to make it a huge success shouldering complete arrangement for audio show and other arrangements. Silliconandhra's founder Vice president Dilip Kondiparthy played Telangana Ramayanam in native telangana accent attracting huge applause from crowd especailly from childrens corners.

Tirupataih Gande has explained the importance of bhatukamma festival and its background.

Arshad Hussain, Vice president of TCA has riased his tone to the highest to get tune from all the participants with his Jaya Jayahe Telangana Janani Jaya Telangana, there was enough strong chorus from the audience for Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana and the entire park echoed it.

The first Bhatukamma started at 1 PM with women splitting into different groups to take turns while some men were watching play and others were flying kites and some others were entertaining kids with Telangana games, the second play started after lunch and continued until 5 PM with culmination with Gauri Puja and immersion in lake. The elderly visiting indian women have taken the lead and given direction to younger geneartaions on playing bhatukamma.

The best bhatukamma made by Swapna has won Ipod award while lot other kids won individual prizes.

Viswanath a runner up Idol at Satyam Computers has enetertained audeince with his Telangana folk songs.

At the end Jt secy Srinivas Gajula has thanked each and every sponsorer by their name and welcomed their participation in the event whole heartedly.

Overall the Elizabeth Park is filled with Telangana Joy and taste on 29th Septemeber reminding 'Telangana samburalu' festival held in Hyderabad recently.

Vijay Chavva, Buchanna Gajula, Biksham palabindela, Arshad and Sriivas Gajula have coordinated this event since last 2 months.

Reel Talk: Kamalini's Open Back Blouse!

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Kamalini is going to become Madhuri Dixit of Tollywood. She is going to show her sensuous beauty wearing a sexy open-back blouse in the film 'Pellaindi Kaani'. She will be appearing in that blouse in a song 'Hai Rabba'. The blouse is literally a complete 'open-back' one that resembles Madhuri Dixit in 'Hum Apke Hai Koun'.

Indeed, that open back may become a fashion and it's no wonder if versions of blouses come into outlets as 'Kamalini Blouse' after the release of film.

Kamalini looks hot in that song.

Superstar, daughter to launch TV channel?

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The latest news doing the rounds in Chennai is that Rajnikanth is planning to launch a TV channel of his own which will be named Superstar TV. And if sources are to be believed, the concept is the brainchild of his younger daughter Soundarya, who runs an animation studio called Orchre. Sources say that Soundarya has been toying with the idea of a TV channel for quite some time now. Though her father was initially against the idea, he later agreed after hearing what she had in mind. Soundarya didn’t want a run of the mill channel, instead she plans to start a global channel on the lines of the National Geographic channel.

She is presently working hard to complete the 3D animated film Sultan – The Warrior, featuring Rajnikanth. When this newspaper contacted Soundarya’s office, she was not available for comment as she is out of country in connection with her animation film. South India is believed to have the maximum number of television channels, the most recent addition being Kalaignar TV, started by Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi.

Gallery: Chirutha and Happy Days Crowd in Fremont

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Ram Charan Is Very Balanced With Media

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Ram Charan seems to be very balanced with media while talking. Even that happens to be a part of training given to him. He is very humble and just giving answer to the point. Frequently he repeats the lines 'You have to encourage me. It's my first attempt".

He said the same thing again and again in a brief talk to a media channel. He is giving the signals of humble nature like his father. He is very much calculated as well. But at times, he is also showing a bit of carelessness like his uncle Pawan Kalyan. But that is very well within limits but not odd. Many say that he has resemblances with Pawan Kalyan in body language.

Keeping that aside, do you know one thing? Ram Charan's mother used to shout at his indiscipline saying, "You are becoming like your baabai. Correct yourself". So, it's not just on screen and before media, but Ram Charan has many resemblances with Pawan Kalyan.


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