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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Telugu Film News October 06, 2007

Happy Days satellite rights sold for 1.15 crores
Its raining money for Sekhar Kammula. After successfully selling Happy Days film for huge margins before the release, Sekhar Kammula made sure that it lives up to the expectations of the movie lovers. It is reliably learnt that the satellite rights of Happy Days film are sold to MAA TV for 1.15 crores.

Maisamma with 150 prints
The lady superstar position in Telugu film industry has been vacant since Vijaya Shanti left for politics. It seems to Mumaith Khan is all set to fill that shoes. With her appealing portrait of Maisamma role in ‘Evadaithe Nakenti’, Mumaith Khan attracted the attention of both the film industry and moviegoers. Now Bharat Parepally is directing a film titled ‘Maisamma IPS’ in which she plays the powerful role of an IPS officer. From vamp role to heroine-oriented projects, Mumaith Khan has surely made a huge progress. Director Bharat says that he will be releasing Maisamma film with over 150 prints in the month of November.

Pellaindi Kaani on 12 October
Allari Naresh’s latest film Pellaindi Kaani is all set to release on 12 October. Bhagyaraja gave story for this film. Allari Naresh does the role of a mentally underdeveloped man. The censoring of the film will be done on Monday. A few songs of the film were shot in Kashmir. Kamalinee Mukherjee does the female lead. Harish (Prema Khaidi fame) did an important role. EVV directed this flick.

Will charan dance to the tunes of Keeravani?

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Rajamouli-Ramcharan combination has created lot of curiosity around who would be the music director?.

Rajamouli is for known for having mass numbers in his films and that has worked with only M.M.Keeravani who happens to be his uncle. Whereas after S.P. Parusuram (1994) , Chiru has not worked with Keeravani . Though their combination has produced musical blockbusters like Gharana Mogudu , Apadbhandavdu etc.

For some reason, Chiru has not preferred Keeravani for his films. Chiru is known to be personally presiding over all the minor details of his son's Movies. It would be interesting to see if he okays with Keeravani or forces Rajamouli to work with another music director. Either ways it's going to be sensational combination.

Reel Talk: Priyamani With Kalyan Ram!

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Priyamani is going to pair up with Kalyan Ram now. She has got recognition with the film 'Pellaina Koththalo' and then got commercial hit with the film 'Yama Donga'. She proved to be a good dancer with the compliment given by NTR publicly. Now she is acting with Kalyan Ram in the forthcoming film. The film is going to be made on NTR Arts. Harshavardhan will be directing the film while Kalyan Ram will be playing lead role cum producer.

Priyamani is now acting in Telugu and Tamil films at a time. She is happy for the success that is being obtained here and there at the same time simultaneously. Her 'Paruthi Veeran' in Tamil was a big hit. Fresh film 'Malaikottai' is doing average show there.

Priyamani will appear in 'Don' shortly down the line.

Screen Talk: Ileana Sits On The Top!

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Ileana is being asked to pair up with Tarun shortly for a film that is to be made in the direction of K Vijaya Bhasker. Tarun is playing lead role in it and when Ileana was approached she was sitting on the top in the matter of remuneration, although said the story is wonderful and she is willing to do.

As per grapevine, she is demanding for Rs 75 lakh remuneration and the producers are in the process of bargaining saying that they are not giving that amount for the hero as well. Ileana is now living much in Mumbai to fulfill the desire of acting in Bollywood films.

We have to see if Ileana agrees for this film.


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