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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cinema Stills 26th Dec 2007

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Behind The Scene: Chiru's party may get delayed!

Film star Chiranjeevi may not form the much-talked about political party even in 2008. The reason is quite simple. The bereavement in his family. Chiranjeevi has been attached to his father very much and he would not like to take any up anything auspicious in view of his father's death, at least for one year. This leaves no time for the film star to think of a new political party just before the May 2009 elections.

There has been a talk of Chiru floating the party around Telugu New Year Ugadi. But since he should not and would not take up auspicious works during the traditional bereavement period, there's no likelihood of the film star going in for the party.

Also there will be no pressure from the Chiru fans or Kapu leaders because the film star was observing mourning period. He received a blow after blow during 2007 and was hopeful of something good during 2008. While Chiru may have a good personal life in the new year, he will not give a thought to float the political party.

This simply means the May 2009 Assembly elections will be fought directly between the Congress and the Telugu Desam, though there may be the TRS and the BJP. The Lok Satta is just a paper tiger and its presence or absence will have no electoral consequences.


Telugu Film News 26th December 2007

Tarun’s Romeo Juliet
K Vijaya Bhaskar’s latest film is titled as ‘Romeo Juliet’. This film sports Tarun and Ileana in the lead roles. Jagapati Babu does a special character. This film was supposed to be made with Vishnu and Genelia in Vijaya Bhaskar direction under Mohan Babu’s production. But shifted into Bellamkonka Suresh’s hands in the last minute. Shooting of the film is nearing completion. More details later.

Charmme is mad about Dhoni
When asked about who she want to act with, Charmme gave an unexpected reply that she adulates cricket star Dhoni. She said that she admires him the most. And she also mentioned that she would be marrying a guy from Telugu film industry.

John Appa Rao 40+ on 31 January
Kuchipudi Venkat’s latest film John Appa Rao 40+ with Krishna Bhagawan playing the title role will be released on 31 of January. Simran is paired up with Krishna Bhagawan. Shooting of the film is almost complete. Krishna Bhagwan plays the fashion designer role and Simran is a business woman. Kiran Varanasi composes music.

Srija Is Understanding The 'Loss' Now

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Srija now understands what she has lost, say sources. She came to Chiranjeevi's house to watch the dead body of her grand father day before yesterday. But she was not cared by any. Sirish wasn't allowed inside the house and the fans of Chiranjeevi caught his neck and prevented from coming inside.

Only Srija could go inside the house. Knowing that Srija has come to that place, Chiranjeevi avoided to see her and went up stairs. A few ladies who were present in the hall didn't come to talk to Srija. Even Srija's mother avoided to see her. Inside sources said that Srija wept for a while sitting in a corner. She didn't get attention from anyone, and even though a few ladies tried to go to her, other family members shouted on them and kept away. That way Srija has become an untouchable for entire family of Chiranjeevi.

That's the reason, she responded to media in disgust when mikes were kept before her.

Charmy and Suhasini In Bheemavaram Lodge

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Charmy and Suhasini were noticed by a few movie lovers at a famous and expensive lodge in Bhimavaram, The Anand Inn. They were there in separate suites and were there on different jobs. Charmy was there for the inauguration of a shopping complex. She didn't give scope for anyone to talk with her. She ran out of lodge very quickly and got into the car that was closed with dark filmed glasses. Then again when she returned she ran inside the lodge in swift pace. She didn't give scope for anyone, including the hotel boys to come closer to her and talk.

It is common that for the craze, Charmy has, people would mob around her if she is exposed for longer time. So she maintained the quickness for not making people notice her all the while.

At night she boarded the Gowthami Express-First Class AC Compartment and dint get down. It was her attendants those looked after her needs. On the other hand people didn't recognize Suhasini as heroine at all. She was there in Bheemavaram for a shooting.

Is Vaibhav Becoming 2nd Ghajjini Of Tollywood?

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Kodanda Rami Reddy introduced his son Vaibhav with the film 'Godava' and that didn't do as expected at the box office. But the father-director has a big idea to make Vaibhav close to people.

He planned series of movies with his son and without looking into hits or flops, about 10-12 movies will be made and released. Is that not reminding us of Tarakarathna who started his career in similar way? He was also called Md Ghajjini of Tollywood for trying to conquer the screen for many times despite failures. Now Vaibhav becomes the successor of Tarakarathna by following the same formula. Well, if he strikes success, then he will be regarded. Otherwise he will be completely compared with Taraka Rathna.

Now Kodanada Rami Reddy is going to start his second film with Vaibhav in the month of February as per the sources.

Satyam Rama Linga Raju Watched 'Mantra'

Satyam Rama Linga Raju made it a point to watch the film 'Mantra' along with his family members. He went to Sudarshan theatre, Hyderabad for the second show and enjoyed the movie.

But Hyderabad traffic has no scruples. It puts even the great personalities like Rama Linga Raju in trouble. It took 20 minutes for the driver of Rama Linga Raju's car to park the vehicle. And at the same time, after the completion of the film, the driver took 25 minutes to bring the car out and reach the traffic filled road.

The theater was completely packed up with audience and the black tickets are being sold out at Rs 150 to Rs 200. Youth audience made their way to theaters initially, and now the masses and families are also coming in bigger number as the mouth publicity is good.

Rumors: Teja Gave Warning For MS Raju!

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Director Teja is now working on the debut of MS Raju's son Sumanth Aswin and that is known for all. The latest grapevine is that Teja has given a firm warning for MS Raju not to involve in direction department.

He said that he would leave the film if he keeps on interfering with his work. As the movie is a debut of his son, MS Raju is keeping quiet and maintaining his poise avoiding disturbances.

MS Raju is known for involving in direction department and people say that he hardly gives creative freedom for the director. Be it Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana or Pournami, MS Raju didn't give freedom for Prabhu Deva. Well, one was a smash hit and the other has bitten the mud. MS Raju is good at creativity but that doesn't go in tune with trend of box office pulse all the time.

Teja is a man with big ego and expects complete freedom while shooting a movie. So, the fight between MS Raju and Teja was expected long time back and now that turned a reality if gossip is to be believed.

Yamadonga Choreographer Turning Director

Prem Rakshit, the choreographer of the film 'Yamadonga', is now venturing to become a director. So, taking the path of Prabhudeva, Lawrence and Amma Rajasekhar he is also taking up the direction mantle. He prepared a few scripts of his own it seems. The details of the project will be announced soon and his debut as director will be with a young mass hero. Who would be he? Let us wait with fingers crossed.

On the other hand, the inside sources reveal that lyricist Chandrabose's wife and choreographer Suchitra is also planning to direct a film. So, another lady director in the path of Jaya!

We have to see when the things would work out to see these two choreographers becoming directors. But Chandrabose says that he continues to be a lyricist forever and will not sing although getting pressures from the industry. We have to see if he prevents his wife from becoming director asking her to be a choreographer for ever. Or he gives respect for her likes has to be seen.

Gossip: Raasi Fighting With Her Co-Producer!

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The film 'Maharajasri' has left many bitter memories not only to the makers but artistes too. Rasi's husband, Nivas directed and partly financed the film. His co-producer D.S.Rao went into financial distress, when the film turned a mishap. He couldn't make payment to many artistes including heroine Nikita. Expecting fat remuneration, she 'exposed' her figure beyond decency in the film. As she couldn't get a pie, she lodged a complaint with the Producers Council. D.S.Rao found no other way except to clear her debts. Rao is now blaming Rasi and her hubby for his distress.

Grapevine said that a tiff is going on between DS Rao and Raasi. The openings of the film are also very bad and the sustenance is weak. Now both Raasi and DS Rao are passing bucks on each other. Raasi alleged DS Rao that he raised the production cost unnecessarily.

DS Rao alleged Raasi that she kept on interfering in the creative part of the movie and also involved in story department killing the dish on a whole. Raasi also invested considerable amount in the film and she got nothing back. She is at a big loss now and decided not to present or produce any movie again. She is only worried for the career of her husband.

We have to see which way she chooses now to push the career of her hubby.

Rumors: Naresh Selects Girls Of His Choice!

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Allari Naresh is now handling his own affairs as hero. His father and Director, EVV has almost given him freedom. Now he is putting time to finalize his own stories. A little birdie says that he listens to not less than 9 stories in a month. He is the final judge in the selection of his heroine too. Earlier EVV would do two jobs on his behalf. Now Naresh is very busy and in the path of success. Many films are in store for him. Hence he is dealing his things on his own.

EVV is happy for that as his father. Naresh is now trying to groove in his GF Farzana in as many films as possible.

Chiranjeevi Was The Fan Of Sreedevi In 1978

Do you know this? Chiranjeevi was the fan of Sreedevi when her first film as heroine 'Padaharella Vayasu' was released. He made struggling attempt to watch the first day evening show of 'Padaharella Vayasu' along with his friend. He found the theatre was houseful and worried a lot as the show was starting in another few minutes. He tried a lot by requesting different people at the theater and finally found successful by requesting the person who brought boxes for the theater.

He requested that he came all the way from other town to watch the film being a fan of Raghavendra Rao and Sreedevi. He also gave his reference by saying that he acted in 'Pranam Khareedu'. His first film 'Pranam Khareedu' was released just a few days before in an adjacent theatre.

Then the person got impressed with that and took it a privilege to help a film actor. He arranged two extra chairs in the theater (taking double the amount of ticket price) and thus Chiranjeevi watched 'Padaharella Vayasu' happily. Well, he doesn't know that he would act with Sreedevi in 'Jagadeka Veeru Athiloka Sundari' and 'SP Parasuram' in his future.

Mickey Meyer's song rules the chart

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Hyderabad (IANS) Mickey Meyer's musical score for "Happy Days" still rules the Telugu music market. The title song is on top of the charts like the movie. Songs from "Mantra" and "Vaana" enter the list of popular songs.

The top five Telugu songs are:

1. "Happy Days" - Film: "Happy Days" - The title song has a nice symphonic feel. Mickey Meyer has scored a grand composition. Given Mickey's solid foundation in Western classical music, it is natural that this tune has this quality and is well blended with classical Indian notes. The tune is almost a signature one, and reappears in the movie several times.

2. "Maha maha" - Film: "Mantra" - A typical Western techno number with an interesting beat, the song is sung by Madhumita and Noelsen.

3. "Yeduta Nilichindi Choodu" - Film: "Vaana". Karthik sings this soft, rather melodious number composed by Kamlakar. The lilting music lingers on even after the song ends, particularly the first line. M.S. Raju, who produces and directs the movie, generally enjoys if there is good music in his films.

4. "Nee Kallathoti" - Film: "Thulasi" - It returns to the chartbuster list. Sagar and Chitra croon the rather melodious number. Set to tune by Devisri Prasad's song, it has a slow tempo and a slightly classical feel.

5. "Ammi-Ammi - Film: "Takkari" - Music director Chakri and Sai Shivani sing this foot tapping number. Hero Nitin does some good steps while dancing to this tune.

Photo Feature: Oldest Photograph of 1840

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In 1814, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce created the first photographic image with a camera obscura, however, the image required eight hours of light exposure and later faded. Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre is considered the inventor of the first practical process of photography in 1837. That's what the history of still photography says.

The above photograph was taken somewhere in 1840 and it is archived in the oldest photographs documents now. So, this can be called the photograph that was taken in first phase in India. The ladies in this photograph were temple dancers (devadasis) as mentioned in a brief description along with this photograph.

'Happy Days' unstoppable at Telugu box office

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Hyderabad (IANS) "Happy Days" continues to be the numero uno film even after completing 80 days - an incredible feat. This fortnight there are three new entrants in the list - "Mantra", "Anasuya" and "Don".

The top five Telugu films are:

1. "Happy Days" - The film is cruising merrily at the box office. It has garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. The film has done exceedingly well in Andhra Pradesh as well as the US. It's Sekhar Kammula all the way when it comes to successful offbeat films. His different sensibilities as a director enable him to make simple, heart-warming stories with strong characterisation. Both, young and old, have appreciated this tale of eight students set in an engineering college tracing their lives in the four years.

3. "Mantra" - This whodunit, starring Charmee and Sivaji, is faring well as far as the revenues go. Suspense thrillers and murder mysteries are not common in Telugu film industry. However, Mantra and Anasuya have shown that this genre goes down well with the audience if made well.

3. "Anasuya" - Bhumika Chawla steals the show as Anasuya in the movie. Playing a TV journo, the actress displays good acting skills. Ravi Babu is good as the villain. This 'edge-of-the-seat' thriller directed by Ravi Babu has got critical acclaim (it's technically slick albeit a bit dark in terms of lighting) and seems to be faring well even though it just released three days ago.

4. "Don" - Nagarjuna's only release this year has been at the receiving end in terms of reviews. Reports on the film's performance are not too favourable. Raghava Lawrence wears many hats - director, actor, choreographer and music director - in the film. Perhaps this was a bit too much on the plate to do full justice. Generally, most star-studded films run for the first few weeks and perhaps the initial curiosity to see it will attract crowds.

5. "Thulasi" - It continues to be in the reckoning. Family audiences seem to prefer "Thulasi". Child star Atulith gives an endearing performance despite the large dose of violence. Venkatesh returns to action in this film filled with commercial elements.

Rumors: Hero's Wife Attempted Suicide?

An erstwhile heroine and wife of a hero, is now found with her hubby in every function. It had been usual for the star couple to come into sight together, till recent past. Now the hero was generous enough to bring her to grace every event.

It is fact that she made an abortive attempt to commit suicide of late. The reason was simple. She doubted her hubby was having affairs with gals, more so with Mummaith Khan. This led to cold war between the couple. The hero too shot her back with similar charges.

People in the industry say that she had wayward approach in affairs, before she got married. Not to make things worse, the hero thought it would better for two, if they move together.

Gallery: Spicy Curves, Sexy Looks and Buxom Babes

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