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Monday, December 17, 2007

Gallery: Spicy Curves and Buxom Babes

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Telugu Film News Dec 17, 2007

Raja in Pinisetty’s next
Hero Raja will be teaming up with actress Kajal to play the lead role in film maker Raviraja Pinisetty’s upcoming yet-to-be-title venture. The film, the details of which have not yet been disclosed, is expected to be launched in the New Year.

Pawan Kalyan to reapeat Kushi magic with Surya
Actor Pawan Kalyan is all set to team up with his Kushi director S.J.Surya for his next venture. Kushi is one of Pawan Kalyan’s biggest hits to date. Pawan Kalyan will begin work on S.J.,Surya’s film after Sankranthi, once he has completed his present assignment being directed by Trivikram Srinivas. The film, which is titled as Pulli, will go on floors from 16th Jan 2008. Singanamal Ramesh is producing the movie.

Ravi Teja-Anushka team up again
For the first time actor Ravi Teja is teaming up with an old co star of his. The actor, who has never repeated any of his heroines till now, is teaming up with Anushka, his Vikramarkudu co star, for director Uday Shankar’s Suresh Babu produced yet-to-be-titled Suresh Productions film. The film is being presented by D.Ramanaidu.

Tamil star in Vishnu’s next
Director Krishna Vamsi has reportedly signed on a well known Tamil star to act in his upcoming film starring Vishnu in the lead role and being produced by Dr. Mohan Babu for home production SLPP banner. The Tamil actor’s name is not yet being released nor has the heroine of the film been finalized. Vishnu is presently shooting for director P.Vasu’s Krishnarjun.

2007 Telugu film awards on New Year’s Eve
K.S.Rama Rao, president of Film Nagar Cultural Center, announced that the inaugural version of the Telugu Film awards will take place on the 31st of this month. Speaking at a press meet on 15th December K.S.Rama Rao said “The Telugu Film awards will be an annual event starting from this year. Films released between Dec 1st 2006 and Nov 30th 2007, will be considered for the 2007 awards. The jury will comprise of 14 members from the FNCC Management committee. The awards ceremony will take place on 31st December beginning from 8 pm onwards. The event will be organized by the Bangalore based event management company, Whiz Craft. We are planning to conduct this event on the lines of the Oscars”.

Rumors: Chiru's daughter working out launch plan?

Even as the talk of Megastar Chiranjeevi launching a new political party is going on unabatedly, mediapersons are also probing as to who are the brains behind his plan and who would execute the same.

Grapevine has it that Chiranjeevi's eldest daughter Susmita is actively involved in working out the blueprint for the proposed political party. The party philosophy, manifesto, name and symbol – everything is being taken care of by Susmita, in tune with the ideas of her father. She is also said to be seriously studying the political history of the State and how the caste polarisations decide the voting pattern during the elections.

It is learnt, Susmita, who got married to an engineer, deserted him, if not divorced him, as she was not happy with her married life. So, she returned to her parents a few months ago, before the Srija episode broke out. Though these episodes have disturbed Chiranjeevi, but now he has overcome all these. Susmita has convinced her father and offered to help him in his political plans, sources say.

Teja's Mass Compliment To A Beautiful Girl

Teja is now in the process of picking up right girls and guys for his about to be made film with all new faces. The film would start after the completion of Teja's project with MS Raju's son, Sumanth Ashwin. He is conducting a contest in association with Kingfisher and MAA Television. Babu Mohan is one of the jury members in the contest. Many girls and guys have enthusiastically come to participate in the contest. A beautiful girl who is looking fair in complexion and shown performance in perfection received praises from Teja.

He said, "Nuvvosthey Bombayiki Bandey" (If you come it will be like a band for Bombay girls). The compliment is mass oriented and that received huge applause from the audience sitting in the contest.

Teja is conducting this contest to unearth the right talent from Telugu speaking actors and actresses. He says that he is overwhelming to see more talent among the youngsters. He conducted similar contest while making 'Jai'. Only Navdeep could become notable from that film. Now we have to see who emerges from this flick.

Babu Mohan said that he is envious of the show as he couldn't participate in such shows while making entry into films.

Rumors: Chiranjeevi Behaves Like 'Aparichithudu'!

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This is the news from inside sources. It is said that Chiranjeevi has been highly confident on one side, partly confident for a few hours and getting afraid and talking like a timid for some time. That's an evidence of his disturbed mind now. Although he is not wholeheartedly willing, circumstances are pushing him to jump into politics. But Chiranjeevi is not man to go for 'trail and error' method. If he starts a party that should win and he should become CM. That is the requirement as of now. It's like hitting the goal in single shot on Foot Ball ground. It's like hitting an 'Ace' on Golf Course. So the aim should not be missed to safeguard Chiranjeevi and his image. That's really an uphill task when made calculations on normal grounds.

Chiranjeevi shows these split personality traits at home due to overlapping of several thoughts and assumptions. Chiranjeevi is only an actor by conviction and training. He is an actor by profession. But now he is a politician by assumption. Chiranjeevi has no training in politics, no professional outlook in politics but has only vacillating conviction. He assumes that he can win looking the fans organizations and media support. At the same time he goes bewildered looking at the strong leaders like Chandrababu and YSR. Chiranjeevi knows that he is not a spontaneous orator. He knows that he is not a balanced guy as per emotional quotient. He knows that he breaks down to tears if something happens to his image. Just by an indirect hit by Mohanbabu in Platinum Jubilee, people have seen how Chiranjeevi reacted to that. He is too sensitive at heart.

As per Moslow's theory, Chiranjeevi is above the level of 'self actualization'. He made his mark in history already. He need not do something different to be in history. His image is on top, his earnings are on top and his fans are also good in number. Everything is prone to damage once he gets into politics. That would hurt his self actualization and self esteem as aspects as well.

So, as these aspects are overlapping in his head, he is disturbed. But the people those are observing him are saying, 'Chiranjeevi is behaving like Aparichithudu'.

Press Release: Business Status of 'DON'

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EDISON, New Jersey – Dec 17th 2007: Within one day after opening the business of DON, majority of the US centers have been closed. Just yesterday, it was announced that KAD iDream Entertainment has acquired the USA theatrical and DVD rights for Nagarjuna’s DON and that the business is now open.

And as of now, business has been closed in the following centers:

New Jersey
San Jose, CA
Houston, TX
Los Angeles (3 Locations)
Cary, NC
Charlotte, NC
Columbia, SC
San Diego
Columbus, OH
Cleveland, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Dayton, OH
De Moines

And the business is still open in the following locations:

Kansas City
St. Louis
San Antonio

…and other small centers.

For trade opportunities and to screen the film in the above listed locations, please contact Vasu @ 917-449-1823. DON film will be releasing on Dec 20th 2007 with ten prints in the states.

Photo Feature: Complan Kids Turned Hero and Heroine

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That's the old Complan Ad that used to appear on TV screens about 15 years ago. Now those kids have turned a hero and heroine. Yes, they are Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia! Is that not interesting!

Married Malavika Spreads Yellow Fever

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Malavika appeared on Teja TV all of a sudden last night wearing a transparent yellow sari. She didn't lose her oomph factor despite her marriage and she vibrated the couch potatoes sitting in front of TV sets with her glamour and liveliness. She was the guest for a dance show 'Close Up-Super Dancer'. She danced for a while on stage after the completion of the program.

Just a few days back talking to a Tamil media she said that she has no reservations with respect to glamour show as she is in glamour industry. As skin show or glamour show is a part of profession of any heroine, I accustomed to it long back and it is accepted in our family as per professional need. What else an actress wants other than acceptance from her family? She said that she is very fortunate for having a husband like hers.

That is true indeed. Malavika is so young an energetic that many assumed that some directors would rope her into their new films had they watched her in that dance-program.

Katrina Kaif: 'I enjoy doing South films'

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Katrina is the new flavour of the season. “Finally the appreciation is pouring in,” she smiles. But there’s something more she wants to do. Ask her about it, and Kat says, “I enjoy doing South films. You know why? Because they give dance steps which are liberated and filmi and I can dance freely to those numbers. But somehow, I’m getting the same old numbers in B-town. I’m dying to do real jataks and mataks.” That’s the dancing queen for you!

Photo Feature: Bhoomika In Romantic Pose With Hubby

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This is the pic from the personal album of Bhoomika. It's taken after her marriage and reception with yoga guru Bharat Thakur. In fact, Bharat also looks handsome here. He got the real handsome look only after pairing up with Bhoomika as life partner, say many.

Photo Feature: Bhoomika In Romantic Pose With Hubby

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This is the pic from the personal album of Bhoomika. It's taken after her marriage and reception with yoga guru Bharat Thakur. In fact, Bharat also looks handsome here. He got the real handsome look only after pairing up with Bhoomika as life partner, say many.

Rumors: Nayantara Exposed And Bagged Rs 70 Lakh

The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/newsimages/nayanatara1197878180.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Keeping everything aside now, Nayantara got her focus pinned on career and being on top in industry. She exposed hot for the film 'Billa' and now her price was hiked up as per Kollywood sources. It is said that she is taking a sum of Rs 70 lakh for the film in which she is doing with Vijay shortly. That's really whopping and close to Trisha.

Talking about other aspect of Nayan, the actress may have become the queen of hearts for many people in Andhra Pradesh but sadly for her, her heart is still empty.

Speaking about love and its effects, Nayan mentioned that her first love has given her such a blow that she has decided to keep her heart under full control and discipline, not because she hates love but then the fear of love hurting her like it did now still runs in her mind. So she doesn't want to think about any such thing now and is focusing on her two upcoming projects. Well Nayan, love may not be for the unfortunate but it sure finds its way to your heart when it wants to, it is just a matter of time and the right choice.


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