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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gifts For Mohan Babu, Rajamouli and NTR

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Rajamouli said that the film 'Yamadonga' gave three gifts for three people worked for it.

He said, "Mohan Babu garu has been the great comedian, villain and hero. He felt very happy playing Yama and also the audiences have got the chance to see him in that role. That's a gift for Mohan Babu garu and he himself claimed that. Then Tarak (NTR) reduced a lot for the film and he said that the film turned out to be a gift for him that way. And coming to me, the film is a gift because it boosted the confidence in me that I can make a mass appealing mythological movie".

Rajamouli also said that he is going to make a film with mythological story line and not yet decided what to make.

Reel Talk: Shriya's Up In TN and down in AP

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Shriya's career in Tamil is on the top but in Telugu that's not so impressive. She stopped at the point of item songs in Telugu.

It is also said that Shriya is demanding very big remuneration followed by her selection in Kandasamy (Mallanna in Telugu). Shankar wanted to re-shoot a few scenes for Hindi version of Shivaji. Although Rajni Kanth is fairly available, the dates of Shriya are not available. Actor Simbu is also planning to groove her as heroine in his film. Her remuneration is now Rs 75 lakh in Tamil. But still Shriya is not signing on new projects for the fear of dates' problems.

It is declared that Shriya is now giving tough fight for Trisha in Tamilnadu.

Reel Buzz: Ilayaraja Is Giving Worst Music!

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Ilayaraja has been the Tansen of Tollywood for many decades. His music brought big revolution in the industry. But what happened now for him?

Except the tunes given for 'Anumanaspadam', his mark has completely lost everywhere. He gave tunes for a small film 'Sunny'. The promos are hitting the small screen promoting it showing the title 'MUSIC BY MAESTRO ILAYARAJA' in big bold letters. But the tunes are too horrible to listen. Were they really tuned by Ilayaraja? That doubt comes for everyone.

Similarly Ilayaraja has given tunes for a film called 'Shambhu' a few years back in which Aryan Rajesh was the hero. Even that was turned down miserably and the audio proved to be a big flop.

Why Ilayaraja is showing these ups and downs? Is that due to lacking creativity!

Allu Arjun Boasts His Loyalty To Ram Charan

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Downing the curtains for the assumptions that a competition rift has started between Ram Charan and Allu Arjun, the latter came out with his statements freshly in an interview.

He said, "Vaadu (Ram Charan) chaala intelligent. He (Ram Charan) has great grasping that a dancing step that we learned after practicing for 15 days was done by him in two days. Then I understood the power of genes and blood".

Saying about Ram Charan's relation with him, "My father has been loyal to Chiranjeevi garu. But I will prove that I'm more loyal to Ram Charan. I'm here like this only because of Chiranjeevi garu. Without him I'm no where. Till now I have only one Chiranjeevi garu. But now I have two Chiranjeevis".

He also added saying, "I'm not surprised looking at Ram Charan's dance and fights. I know he will do that way. I also don't say thanks to fans sitting in the status of Chiranjeevi's family member. I'm also a fan here".

That's how Arjun came out with his feelings.

Telugu Film News October 06, 2007

Nagarjuna to watch Happy Days
Nagarjuna has shown keen interest in watching Sekhar Kammula’s Happy Days. A special preview is being arranged for Nagarjuna tonight at 7 pm at Prasad labs. Another special screening of Happy Days is going to be done for Dasari at 9:30 pm tonight. Happy Days is doing extremely well in AP as well as in USA. The number prints is increasing from 25 to 50 today in Andhra Pradesh.

Puri - Ravi Teja’s Neninthe
Puri Jagan who delivered three blockbusters Itlu Sravani Subramanyam, Idiot and Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammai with Ravi Teja as hero is all set to direct another film titled ‘Neninthe’. The shooting of this film starts once Puri Jagan completes his venture ‘Bujjigadu Made in Chennai’ with Prabhas as hero. Puri Jagan will also produce this on his Vaishno Academy banner.

Medikonda film with Uday Kiran
Medikonda Murali Krishna (Narasimha Naidu fame) is going to produce a film with Uday Kiran as hero. The muhurat of this film will be held on 21 October on the eve of Vijaya dasami. The regular shooting will start on 22nd October in Ooty. KRK is going to be introduced as director with this film. Rama Krishna of Rakhi fame pens dialogues.

Chiranjeevi gives breather for Cong, TD

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The "October 2 deadline" has passed and there's no news of film actor Chiranjeevi announcing a new political party in the near future. Though this is not something good news for lakhs of his followers and those belonging to his social group, the ruling Congress and the main Opposition Telugu Desam are a happy lot. The TRS too has taken a breather. But the baron of a media group, who has been thinking of a third alternative force in the State with the film actor in the lead, is also said to be unhappy over the "continued prolonged" delay by Chiranjeevi in announcing his own political party.

According to sources, the film actor is right now not keen on forming a new political party. He wants to study the political situation and then come out with his future plans. Moreover Chiranjeevi has still much of his film career left and if he jumps into politics, he has to leave the film industry once and for all. The film actor is weighing all the pros and cons before coming to a conclusion.

The Congress and the TD are happy over the delay. A delay of a few more months means that there will be no Chiranjeevi political party for the next Assembly polls. With hardly 18 months left for the next polls, the film actor has to announce the party now or wait for yet another poll due for 2014. But it will be too late. The new political party has to settle down and it needs at least one year. It took nine years for NTR to drive his nascent Telugu Desam to victory in 1982-83. If Chiranjeevi does not come out with the announcement before February 2008, it means that there will be a direct fight between the Congress and the Telugu Desam in May 2009 polls.

Rajamouli and NTR live on www.rsn1049.com

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Fans can listen to Raja Mouli and NTR on “ Yama Donga 50 Days Special” program on Radio Salaam Namaste 104.9 FM (Dallas) on Saturday Oct 6th at 11:30 noon Central time. Non Dallas listeners can tune in live on web at www.rsn1049.com.

A special “ Yama Donga “ show is scheduled for NTR fans at 9:30 pm on Saturday October 6th. The festivities will start at 8:30 pm in Touring Talkies (Hollywood theaters), Dallas. This is the first 50 days continuous run for NTR overseas. On All NTR fans will get buy 1 and get 1 free ticket option for this special show.

Gallery: Exclusive Venkatesh's Thulasi Wall Papers

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'Ananda Lahari 2007' Starts off in a Grand Style

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Entertainment for Andhraites in America has been limited to Telugu movies and the Bi-annual celebrations at TANA and ATA. This is all set to change with “ANANDA LAHARI 2007” put together by KAD Entertainment. The show is an entertaining mixture of stand up comedy and music by the duo of FUN Star Shiva Reddy and Nightingale Vijayalakshmi.

ANANDA LAHARI 2007 started off in a grand style to rapturous applause and standing ovation from the packed auditorium in Memphis, TN on 30th Sept. Their next stop is the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, Lemont, this Friday, Oct 5th 2007 AT 7PM presented by Sankara Eye Foundation with all proceeds of the event going to Sankara Eye Foundation.


Vijayalakshmi has earned the title Nightingale with her nonstop 24hr rendition in Hyderabad, her performances on stage are riveting and her ability to connect with the audience make her stand out from the run of the mill performers. Actor, Comedian, mimicry artist and dancer are some of the traits that make up fun star Shiva Reddy, his unbelievable energy on stage leaves the audience awestruck. The best part of this duo is the fact that they gel together to put up a seamless show.


With a mission statement to realize the goal of 20/20 vision for the people of India by the year 2020. Shankara eye foundation initiates and drives community eye care activities in India by working with eye care organizations such as Sankara Eye Society, which runs the Sankara Eye Hospital in India.
Through these fundraising efforts, SEF, USA has played a significant role in increasing the number of free surgeries eight fold to its current projected annual rate of about 70,000. So this event not only brings the much needed live entertainment to Andhraites in Chicago, it also supports a Nobel cause.

Tickets for today’s event in Chicago can be purchased at www.sulekha.com and www.secondshows.com


The following are the confirmed locations for the event “ANANDA LAHARI 2007”. More locations will be added as and when auditoriums and dates are finalized. For latest additions to this list, visit SecondShows.com. And to host the show in your city contact Shankar@507 358 1319, Vasu@917 449 1823

30th Sept 2007 Sunday Memphis, TN
5th Oct 2007 Friday Chicago, IL
13th Oct 2007 Saturday Los Angeles, CA
19th Oct 2007 Friday San Jose, CA
20th Oct 2007 Saturday New Jersey
26th Oct 2007 Friday Toronto, Canada
27th Oct 2007 Saturday Detroit, MI
28th Oct 2007 Sunday Connecticut
3rd Nov 2007 Saturday Virginia
4th Nov 2007 Sunday Pittsburgh, PA
10th Nov 2007 Saturday Denver, CO


Vasudeva Realtors Pvt. Ltd, is a company floated by a new breed of entrepreneurs, the NRIs with different ideas and innovative plans. Vasudeva Realtors is committed to building superior quality homes, and their attention to detail extends beyond the surface. With a past experience of over 15 years and around 20 projects to their credit, “Vasudeva Realtors” is synonymous with unmatched quality, impeccable reputation of dependability and trust.

Each project undertaken is a landmark in its own right sought after for its exceptionally high standards, which are an outcome of strict attention to quality, principles and workmanship. At Vasudeva Realtors, special emphasis is placed on understanding the needs of the buyer. Equal importance is given to bridge the gap between the cost-effectiveness and world-class quality. Thus the resulting structure is an exquisite masterpiece laced with modern amenities, excellent aesthetic value and adorned with a natural beauty. In short, Vasudeva Realtors builds to give the resident everlasting pride of having acquired the best possible in life.

You can visit them at http://www.vasudevarealtors.com

Gossip: Nayantara Offered Everything Except That!

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Nayantara, after getting enough of mileage in both positive and negative forms by Simbhu in Tamilnadu, she shifted her abode to Hyderabad. She is moving close with Telugu actors and producers. Gossip zones didn't leave her but not harming her image in big way. There are some gossips that Nagarjuna is her guardian now.

Keeping that aside, freshly a Nayantara's dialogue with a young handsome producer was underlined by many in Film circles.

She was asked to act in a film that is produced by Lagadapati Sridhar. Nayantara denied that due to dates' problem saying, "Sridhar! You ask me 'anything' else except that".

Nayantara! Can you explain what that 'anything' means? Gossip zones are dishing out several versions of meaning for it.

City Buzz: Funny SMS Making Rounds

Usage of SMS has become a daily activity of many people in the country. Number of contests is being played through SMSes and some TV channels and FM Channels have made it a business share with mobile companies for encouraging SMS culture among people. It's made with an inspiration after watching various advertisements relating to SMS contests.

A funny SMS is making rounds this way:

"I LOVE YOU- send this SMS to 10 girls and win a free trip to your nearest police station. Food, Body massage and Accommodation guaranteed".

Is that not innovative and rib tickling?


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