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Monday, September 24, 2007

Telugu Film News September 24, 2007

2.5 crore table profit to Sekhar Kammula
Sekhar Kammula who spent a whopping 7 and half crores on Godavari minimized his production cost for his next venture ‘Happy Days’ and made it in a reasonable budget of 3 crores. He sold the exhibition rights of entire AP to Dil Raju at a fancy amount. He also sold off USA rights to a nice price. He sold music rights to Big Music (from the stables of Ad Labs, Reliance) for 20+ lakhs. He is said to have made a solid table profit in excess of 2 and half crores. He still retains the satellite rights which are expected to fetch a minimum of 1 crore.

Uday Kiran’s Gunde Jhallumandi
Uday Kiran is all set to hog the limelight with nice projects this time. His latest film Viyyalavari Kayyalu is going to hit the marquee in the month of October. He signed another film to be directed by Madan (Pellaina Kothalo fame). Paruchuri Sivarama Prasad produces this film on United Movies banner. This film will go to the floors on Dasara.

Bhayya in October
Vishal’s next film Bhayya is going to hit the screens in the month of October. This film is a bilingual directed by Bhupati Pandyan. The Tamil version will release in Tamil Nadu on 27th of this month. Priyamani plays female lead. The first half of the film is expected to have comedy and section half is said to stuffed with action element. Vikram Krishna produces this film on GK banner.

Ram Gopal Varma Is Still A Great Director (!)

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Ram Gopal Varma made the film 'Aggi' that kept down many from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari. There is no film viewer who praised the film. Everybody blasted it and also called the 'worst movie; in the career of Ram Gopal Varma'. But Abhishek Bachchan in an interview given this morning says that Ram Gopal Varma is the most talented director.

Yes, his talent was seen earlier but not seen now, is the comment from audiences.

Well, there is a reason for this statement of Abhishek Bachchan. Ram Gopal Varma is now making Sarkar Raj with entire Bachchan family- Amitabh, Abhishek and Aishwarya- and hence the relation ship management is required. No one knows if Bachchan family works for another film after Sarkar Raj! Indeed, that all depends on the success of Sarkar Raj

Tempting Sex Appealing Poses Of Charmy

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Charmy will be seen in sensuous poses in the film 'Sundara Kanda' of Bapu. Bapu is known for showing heroines as embodiments of beauty in his films. He has shown Aamani, Sneha, Divya Vani and others so beautiful that they keep those films as top ones in their filmography. Now the turn has come for Charmy.

Bapu draws the sketch of the scene he visualizes and then shoots it with camera. It is said that he has drawn about 65 poses of Charmy that shows her sexier and sensuous. He is going to shoot all of them down the line in this film. So we may see the most beautiful Charmy in this film.

Indeed, Charmy is also given modern look in the film for many scenes. So, Bapu is coming out from the brand mark of showing his heroines in typical saris and half saris.

Director Says Autobiographies Are Silly

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Bollywood director Karan Johar says that writing autobiographies is only personal interest but not so useful to society.

He says, "Making a note about one's own self and putting it in the form of a book and selling is something silly. At the same time, in the fashion of telling all facts, some people are hurting people after many years. It proves to be an unnecessary curtain raiser for controversies. I don't like them personally".

He is underlining Vyjayanthi Mala and Dev Anand as known to all.

ANR: 'I Want To See That Cycle Before I Die'

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ANR says that he believes in the cycle of time and hence wishes to see golden ear of Telugu film industry again.

He says, "I Want to see new films those comprise with good language, good expression, good message, good poetic values and good films on whole those become super hits. I want to see that rotation of cycle before I die. I watched Bommarillu, Godavari and Sree Ramadasu. There is no vulgarity or unwanted aspects in those films. They have become hits. So I believe that if films are made with proper plan, things would work well. It is not true that only the films with vulgarity would become successful at box office".

Let us see how far ANR's dream will be fulfilled.

Ileana: 'Green For Bollywood But Not Red For Tollywood'

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Ileana is now a happy bird for getting a branch to porch on Bollywood tree. She is now debuting on Bollywood screen with a film to be directed by Inadrajit Lankesh. The finer part is that she is pairing up with the latest heart throb of gals, Shiney Ahuja.

Saying about the film, Ileana says that she never bothers about the industry but only focuses on the story line of the film. She recalls the stupendous success of Pokiri and humbly passes the credit to Mahesh Babu stating that it was his own film. She says that she is no way bidding bye for Tollywood as many are assuming, but only works for all the industries when the story sounds impressive (story or remuneration!!!!).

Ileana also recalled and revealed that at the age of 16 she got the offer to act in Dhairyam beside Nitin but due to other reasons she couldn't do that. Raima Sen did that role and Ileana had to wait till Devadasu for debut.

She says that she is happy for the film 'Rakhi' as per the content and her role in it. She shares her hobbies are watching films at home and reading books. Sidney Sheldon is her favorite writer. She says that to love and be loved are the happiest parts of life for everyone. She adds that her family has given that happiness for her.

Photo Feature: Cricket craze in India

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A cricket fanatic gets his hair designed in the shape of Indian and Pakistani flags and the Twenty20 World Cup at Dadar in Mumbai.

Mega Star Chiranjeevi turns 52

Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi, fondly called Chiru, turns 52 on Wednesday.

Chiranjeevi, who reigns over the Telugu film industry, holds the record for some of the biggest box office collections ever. Infact way back in 1992, his film Gharana Mogudu raked in over a crore at the box office, something unheard of then.

But there’s more to the superstar. He is one of the highest paid actors in India and has been felicitated with the Padmabhushan amongst other awards.

Fans of the versatile actor have given him the demi-God status.

“I like his acting and dance,” says one of his fans.

Another fan adds, “He is a megastar. I like his acting and his dance.”

Chiranjeevi also moved beyond the realm of the silver screen and set up blood and eye donation banks which helped him build a mass appeal, so much so, that the latest demand is not just about delivering a new super hit, but to contest the 2009 Assembly elections.

Though the mega star has taken a non-committal stand on the political front, if the grapevine is to be believed, he might just follow actor-turned-politician NTR's footsteps.

Chiranjeevi’s fans don't need a special reason to celebrate. And an occasion like his birthday can't be passed without pomp and fare. So as the megastar turns 52, his fans have planned a huge ceremony at the Gachi Bowli stadium. And the fact that Chiranjeevi is on a vacation to the United States and won't be present for the festivities isn't a dampener.

Differences Between Chiru and Rajni

Gossip is that Shankaradada Zindabad will be dubbed into Tamil. But will that work as Sivaji worked in AP? Can Chiranjeevi's film make big collections in Tamilnadu? What is the difference between Rajni and Chiru in that matter? Here is a small table that's made based on a survey conducted on random sampling.



(on a scale of 1 to 10)

Rajni Kanth

(on a sale of 1 to 10)




Worldwide Fans Spread









Influence On Youth



Social Responsibility



Spiritual Outlook



On Screen Appearance



Worldwide Reputation



Scope To Enter Politics



Off Screen Appearance



Will Chiranjeevi Enter Communist Party

The banner of Eenadu today published a gossiping style of News (!) stating that Chiranjeevi sat with Communist party leaders at his home. It also mentioned that he invited them to his home and talked on various terms relating to politics. The item said that the communist leaders recalled the association of Allu Ramalingaih with Praja Natya Mandali, a close ally of Communists. That is the funniest part in the item.

There are many in Paraja Natya Mandali who are not communists at heart. Paraja Natya Mandali is only a cultural organization set up with a good motive of educating people and sensitizing them on various issues. But now there are many hardcore business men with caste feelings in Praja Natya Mandali. There are millionaires in that association. But they all play dramas and sensitize people to fight against irresponsible government. How far those rich people in Praja Natya Mandali are responsible for society? Allu Ramalingiah was also very rich. It doest mean that he was irresponsible to society. He had set up a Homeo Hosipital and before that he was a Freedom Fighter. His history is spotless.

But giving a call to Chiranjeevi saying about his father in law is a fun. Chiranjeevi's ideologies are never in tune with communism. He started charitable society and only God knows how far it is useful for poor and needy. There are many procedures to procure blood from CCT. They don't give blood just like that for any one when they come and cry for that. The long procedures may kill the patients as well. Such news hardly comes out. They don't show the interest in giving blood for patients than showing interest to squeeze blood from donors. Coming to taking the blood from donors, CCT team comes out only when there are some 200 donors at single place. Otherwise it says, 'It won't work out for us'. What is this word 'work out' means? It's a business term but not charity oriented. Apart from this, the CCT asks the donors in-charge to hire beds and equipment from a place in Jubilee Hills. That's again a business model between CCT and that bed-hiring shop in Jubilee Hills. There appears to have more business than charity in CCT. CCT spends nothing while going outdoors for taking blood from donors, except the fuel in their single vehicle. Water bottles or coconut water should be borne by donors themselves. So there is no big visible expenditure in this big 'business'. Well, the storage of blood may be expensive. But fans, out of their unconditional love for their star doesn't care all this.

There is no comparison between Allu Ramalingiah and Chiranjeevi. And Chiranjeevi never joins hands with Communists. If he joins, people also may not relish that.

Looking at flip side, Chandra Babu Naidu is doing another funny act with respect to eye donations and blood donations to divert people from Chiranjeevi to him.

What is this funny side of AP politics? It's ludicrous for all.

Chiranjeevi's son all set for debut

All eyes are on Ram Charan Teja, megastar Chiranjeevi's son, the new kid on the block who is making his debut with Chirutha.

Directed by Puri Jagannadh and produced by Ashwini Dutt under Vyjayanti Movies, the film is slated for release on September 28.

Perhaps after Nagarjuna (son of thespian Akkineni Nageswara Rao) made his debut two decades ago, this is another instance of a son following his famous father's footsteps. Ram Charan Teja surely has to cart a lot of baggage being Chiru's son and the late Allu Ramalingaiah's grandson.

Even though it's the megastar's son debut, there is not much of hype and hungama about the film. There is hardly any information about the storyline nor publicity about the film. One of film's posters features Ram Charan with his face covered by a hat. Looks like Dad dearest wants to keep the publicity and promotion at a low key perhaps for fear of over exposure.

Even the film's audio release (August 22, which also happens to be Chiranjeevi's birthday) was a quiet affair with the star himself away in London. Nevertheless, Mani Sarma's music seems to be rocking as Yamaho Yama (a bi-lingual song in Telugu and Hindi) is topping the charts.

Chirutha is said to be shot in and around Hyderabad and Bangkok. Neha Sharma is the lucky girl acting with Ram Charan. Going by the normal trend of Telugu movies, it seems Chirutha will have all the ingredients -- action, romance, etc -- to entertain.

Puri Jagannath is a master-crafter of screenplay even though he works on wafer-thin plots. He is certainly on a high after the stupendous hit of Pokiri and the successful Desamuduru (starring Allu Arjun -- Ramcharan's cousin). So, one expects Chirutha to be uber-stylish and slick too. Whether he will be able to complete a hattrick with Chirutha remains to be seen.

As for Ram Charan, he certainly has a huge task ahead. Living up to his father's super image as well as charting a path on his own is quite a tough act to follow.

Let us wait for September 28 to see if a new star is born.

Exclusive Spicy Vadostadu Movie Heroine Ameli Gallery

Ameli Gallery

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