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Friday, January 4, 2008

Krishna MP3 Songs


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Cast: Ravi Teja, Trisha
Music : Chakri
Director : VV Vinayak

1 Adaragottu Kottu Kottu
Artist(s): Vaasu, Sivani
Lyricist: Chandrabose

2 Dil Maange More
Artist(s): Kunal Ganjavala, Mahalakshmi
Lyricist: Chandrabose

3 Muripinche Maina
Artist(s): Farid, Kousalya
Lyricist: Chandrabose

4 Nee Soku Mada
Artist(s): Chakri
Lyricist: Chandrabose

5 Tarattha Yethuku Potha
Artist(s): Kunche Raghu, Kousalya
Lyricist: Chandrabose

6 Tu Mera Jil Jil
Artist(s): Udit Narayan, Sadhana Sargam
Lyricist: Chandrabose

1 Adaragottu Kottu Kottu
2 Dil Maange More
3 Muripinche Maina
4 Nee Soku Mada
5 Tarattha Yettuku Potha
6 Tu Mera Jil Jil

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and select the path on local computer.

Valentine MP3 Songs

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Cast: Sivaram, Suzanne
Music : Mohana Vamsi
Director : Sri Pada Viswakarma

1 Beauty Aunty
2 Devathalle Download
3 E Swathi Chinuko
4 Evarivanee
5 Love Theme
6 Preminche Manasute
7 Siri malle puvullu Serial Song

Procedure for Downloading MP3 Songs
open in internet explorer and right click on ( MP3 logo) and click on Save Target As...
and select the path on local computer.

Reel Buzz: Vulgar Abuses For Balakrishna!

Can Balakrishna be called 'Arey Saala'? Can he be called 'Sachchinoda and Tingaroda'? But the songs in Okka Magadu call him so. Leaving the situations of the song behind, the observation says that Balakrishna was abused with bad words. If that can be considered 'mass' and 'trendy' one can say nothing.

YVS Choudary is known for giving musical hits with his films. He has ample taste on music and lyrical values. Then why did he give vent for such abusing songs? Is that to attract the media attention?

One has to see how this film works out at the box office.

Chiranjeevi Wants To Confuse People and Win?

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Mega star Chiranjeevi has the ways and means of floating a political party and sustain it- Electoral victory or defeat notwithstanding. But the film actor, who is regarded as the Badshah of the Tollywood, has been dillydallying the issue and is in deep political dilemma on his future political plans.

Why? The answer is quite simple. Whether one likes it or not, the mega star is not mustering enough will-power and self-support to announce his political intentions. Or in other words, he is not politically strong enough to take a step this way or that way. The film star has set his eyes on the seat of the chief ministership and wants to grab it any way. But his dilemma is that he may have to bite the dust if he faces political and electoral defeat in the May 2009 elections. He wants a straight victory, which is very difficult to predict these days. The last celluloid person who could make political and electoral waves in the country was late NT Rama Rao. After him there's no charismatic leader enough to capture the hearts of voters.

The mega star knows this fully well. So he is releasing political trailers quite often dropping a hint or two about his political and electoral intentions. In the meantime, his brother Pawan Kalyan too had released a trailer about his plans to join the BSP.

This is all nothing but to confuse the voters. A confused voter cannot decide for whom he should vote. Chiru wants to win the polls through confused voters and not through enlightened electorate, as political analysts put out.

Hansika's Steroids Making Negative-Impact

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Can you recall Hansika Motwani of Desamuduru fame? This chubby girl from Mumbai, who shot into fame with this film, has no major offers from Tollywood later. In fact she is currently acting with NTR in the film 'Kantri'.

Heard that Hansika's body has gone out of proportion these days and she has lost her sex-appeal. Reason is simple: She was only a 14-year old when she got into films (she was only in ninth class, when she made the debut) but to look more attractive and sexy and improve her assets, she got administered steroids. That has helped her to get some initial offers, but now, the same steroids have spoilt her appearance.

Previously, we came across such incidents. For instance, Deepa, who had a beautiful smile, also took steroids to artificially grow her assets, but subsequently, she could not maintain the figure and lost the chances. So was the case with Tulasi of Shankarabharanam fame. She too disappeared from the silver screen only because of steroids to become heroine overnight. Now, she is playing mother roles in television serials!! Same was the case with Raasi as well.

Pawan Kalyan Didn't Tonsure Due To Shooting

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Chiranjeevi was seen without moustache for the first time in public. That was in respect of his father and that is known for all. Even Nagababu appeared with tonsured head for the same reason.

The only left out was Pawan Kalyan who didn't tonsure or shave. The reason was that he is still busy with the shooting of 'Jalsa' and if he goes with tradition and shaves his head, the shooting would postpone for two more months as the natural look would affect with artificial hair and wigs.

Inside sources say this and Pawan Kalyan participated very actively in the 'peda karma' of his father with devotion in his activities.

Reel Talk: D Rama Naidu enters Guinness book

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Mumbai (IANS) Hyderabad-based filmmaker D. Rama Naidu has made it to the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records for having produced movies in nine languages.

Besides Telugu, his mother tongue, Naidu has made films in all other south Indian languages - Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada - plus in Hindi, English, Bengali, Oriya and Assamese, all under his banner Suresh Productions.

Naidu prefers to make his movies with artistes and technicians from different parts of India, rather than 'dubbing' in different languages.

He is not familiar with most of the languages in which he makes his movies. He believes that the language of the movie is universal.

Now Naidu has made a foray into the Marathi film industry with a new production, "Majhi Aai."

It is being directed by veteran Marathi filmmaker Kanchan Nayak, who last made a movie in Bhojpuri, "Pinjre Ki Maina".

In the 1990s, Naidu produced Hindi films on a regular basis. Of late, however, he is not as prolific in Bollywood. His last Hindi release was "Kuch Tum Kaho, Kuch Hum Kahein" in 2002.

Besides making movies, the veteran producer is also an active politician affiliated to the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). He represented the TDP in the Lok Sabha between 1999 and 2004.

Reel Buzz: AVS To Join With Chiranjeevi!

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This is the fresh grapevine in Film Nagar. Sources say that AVS is planning to jump along with Chiranjeevi once he announces his party. So far, AVS was with TDP and worked a lot during 2004 elections. As the party lost he was kept away from them and branded him as iron-leg as well. Although AVS was no way connected for TDP's loss, the gossips have made rounds disturbing the peace of the screen-comedian and director.

AVS has been silent from quite a long time and associated with CC Reddy, who was in the same position of him with respect to Congress and made a film 'Room Mates'. But now, grapevine says that AVS is inclined towards Chiranjeevi and looking out for a chance to work for him if he gives a call.

Let us see the developments in coming 2-3 months.

Usha: 'What Chiranjeevi Can Do To AP?'

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3 letters have started a new epoch in AP politics in 1983. It is needless to say that those letters are N T R. People praised to the skies that the era is going to be Rama Rajyam. Entire state was in mass hysteria. The screen god became the Chief Minister as a cake walk. But was there Rama Rajyam? If giving rice for Rs 2 a kilo can be termed as Rama Rajyam, yes that was Rama Rajyam. If giving a yellow shirt and green knickers for Rickshaw pullers were Rama Rajyam, yes, NTR's era was a Rama Rajyam. If announcing prohibition initially but later setting up Government Liquor Hubs with a great nomenclature 'Varuna Vahini' can be termed Rama Rajyam, yes that was Rama Rajyam. On a whole, it's the faith, following and mania those decide the righteousness of a person of leaders. N T R brought identity for Telugu and 'Telugu vari atmagouravam' in international scenario. That is true and holds no dispute. N T R brought that identity and confidence for 6 Cr-population. As a successor Chandrababu also brought identity for Andhra Pradesh as a hub for world standard software technology. One cannot raise finger in that aspect.

But no body is immune to vote bank politics. Be it NTR, Chandrababu, YSR -everybody is bending for vote bank politics. Indian political scenario is in such a miserable position that Rs 2 kilo rice is still a vote pulling mantra. Politicians are becoming millionaires, multi millionaires and reaching unbelievable height sin acquiring properties. But still they are pulling common man votes by throwing Rs 2 kilo rice. Which politician could become a statesman and change this scenario? People know only one thing. Chandrababu earned Rs 10,000 Cr in his political career. YSR earned a few thousand crores in his era. Jayalalitha is worth Rs 5000 Cr in Tamilnadu. Chidambaram is also worth Rs 2000 Cr as per grapevine. The funniest part is that many of Chowdharys are patting themselves saying Babu has Rs 10,000 Cr property and Reddy's are putting glowing faces saying YSR has Rs 20,000 Cr. What about the common man? He is still running for Rs 2 kilo rice. Where is development? Where is welfare? Elections have become a child's play in India.

Will Chiranjeevi change this scenario? Can he start a new epoch that stands impressive and inspiring? Can he become a real life Muta Mestri and Tagore for AP? Then his entry into politics would certainly make great sense.

Priyamani Fantasizes 'Bollywood-Calling'

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Priyamani says that she is ready for 'Bollywood calling'. She appeared on the dais of Goa Film Festivals and chatted a while with Sharukh Khan. When she was asked by a few journalists to express her idea of acting in Bollywood films, she said, "If Bollywood calls, well, let us see if that materializes. I am open for that".

If Priyamani believes that chatting with SRK is equal to 'Bollywood Calling' and starts fantasizing, we cannot say anything. But Priyamani was on cloud 9 for that. She also said that she likes Shah Rukh Khan a lot and wishes to dance with him on screen if given a chance.

So, this hot south Indian actress is now aiming her senses at SRK and Bollywood. Let us see if 2008 brings her some luck in this angle.

Gossip: Manisha's item number for 15 lacks!

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The last time this girl was down south, she delivered hits like Bombay, Criminal and Indian, but Manisha Koirala now seems to be far from hot property. This Nepali beauty is now doing an item number in a Telugu film for just Rs 15 lakhs.

The actress will be seen in a song in forthcoming Telugu film Nagaram, which will have Jagapathi Babu, Srikanth and debutant model Kaveri Jha.

“Manisha is going to be paid 15 lakh and she accepted the offer without much hesitation. She was, in fact, the first choice for the song,” says a source from Hyderabad.

While Manisha doing an item number might not be a bad idea, the fact is people from the north have always charged astronomical amounts when they come down south.

When Rakhi Sawant came down to sing Nanna Style Bere Ne in Geleya, she was paid over Rs 30 lakh. Mallika Sherawat got paid the highest amount at that time for an item number in India, which was Rs 50 lakh. Mumait Khan, the Dekh Le girl from Munnabhai MBBS, has done a lot of numbers down south, and recently even did a raunchy shoot for the scribes in Hyderabad.

The trend of getting big names from up north to do item numbers for southern films can be attributed to Manirathnam. If you can recall, we had Sonu Walia dancing with Rajnikanth in Rakamma Kaiyye Thattu in Dalapathi. Anu Agarwal and Sonali Bendre were then seen in films like Thiruda Thiruda and Bombay.

Coming back to the main subject of concern, Manisha Koirala seriously seems to be having a rotten deal, when all her contemporaries like Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Kajol are busy doing plum projects and planning their second innings in Bollywood. Let’s hope she finds her groove down south, at least!

Photo Feature: This Is Not Indira Gandhi-Then Who?

The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/newsimages/juhichawla_photo1199415068.JPG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
This is not Indira Gandhi- but bearing some similarities. This is the renowned Bollywood actress of 90s and is now being seen in a few commercial Ads. She is Juhi Chawla, the heart throb of a section of audience. This photograph was taken when she was in High School.

Haniska and Bhoomika at JC Brothers


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