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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Will Chiranjeevi Enter Communist Party

The banner of Eenadu today published a gossiping style of News (!) stating that Chiranjeevi sat with Communist party leaders at his home. It also mentioned that he invited them to his home and talked on various terms relating to politics. The item said that the communist leaders recalled the association of Allu Ramalingaih with Praja Natya Mandali, a close ally of Communists. That is the funniest part in the item.

There are many in Paraja Natya Mandali who are not communists at heart. Paraja Natya Mandali is only a cultural organization set up with a good motive of educating people and sensitizing them on various issues. But now there are many hardcore business men with caste feelings in Praja Natya Mandali. There are millionaires in that association. But they all play dramas and sensitize people to fight against irresponsible government. How far those rich people in Praja Natya Mandali are responsible for society? Allu Ramalingiah was also very rich. It doest mean that he was irresponsible to society. He had set up a Homeo Hosipital and before that he was a Freedom Fighter. His history is spotless.

But giving a call to Chiranjeevi saying about his father in law is a fun. Chiranjeevi's ideologies are never in tune with communism. He started charitable society and only God knows how far it is useful for poor and needy. There are many procedures to procure blood from CCT. They don't give blood just like that for any one when they come and cry for that. The long procedures may kill the patients as well. Such news hardly comes out. They don't show the interest in giving blood for patients than showing interest to squeeze blood from donors. Coming to taking the blood from donors, CCT team comes out only when there are some 200 donors at single place. Otherwise it says, 'It won't work out for us'. What is this word 'work out' means? It's a business term but not charity oriented. Apart from this, the CCT asks the donors in-charge to hire beds and equipment from a place in Jubilee Hills. That's again a business model between CCT and that bed-hiring shop in Jubilee Hills. There appears to have more business than charity in CCT. CCT spends nothing while going outdoors for taking blood from donors, except the fuel in their single vehicle. Water bottles or coconut water should be borne by donors themselves. So there is no big visible expenditure in this big 'business'. Well, the storage of blood may be expensive. But fans, out of their unconditional love for their star doesn't care all this.

There is no comparison between Allu Ramalingiah and Chiranjeevi. And Chiranjeevi never joins hands with Communists. If he joins, people also may not relish that.

Looking at flip side, Chandra Babu Naidu is doing another funny act with respect to eye donations and blood donations to divert people from Chiranjeevi to him.

What is this funny side of AP politics? It's ludicrous for all.

Priyamani: A Simple Girl or a Sexy Siren!

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We have seen her playing a simple, homely girl in her early films. But then, we have also seen her in sexually provocative roles. So what really is Priyamani up to?

Priyamani's active acting career in Tollywood began with Jagapathi Babu's 'Pellinakothalo' and soon she acquired the onscreen image of a homely girl. And she did simple, low-key role in "Toss".

But to grab more opportunities in the tinsel town Priyamani started thinking seriously about the way her acting career should be. And so we saw shedding her homely image and swap those suits and saris for skimpy dresses and low-necks.

What is the point of shuttling between the two different images?

Priyamani acknowledges that she underplayed in 'Yamadonga' due to her scope with character. She doesn't rule out the possibility of doing bold roles.

"I had never made any conscious effort to do only conservative roles. I think one must play different roles," Priyamani quoted.

By the way, Priyamani 's next movie will be a Tamil remake with Tarun, titled 'Nava Vasantham' in Telugu, which is a family drama. Hope this time she gets lucky.

Reel Buzz: Hero Enjoyed With 'Wet Heroine'

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There are talks that actress Sheela has shot for one of the longest running love scenes for her movie "Hello Premistara".

The lucky girl, in spite of her first film (Raju Bhai) debacle is having good films in her kitty.

According to the people connected with 'Hello Premistara', Sheela shot for a bold scene with co-star Sai Ram Shankar for 4 days in the rain. Another two days were added later on for the scenes, which required some changes.

Hello Premistara film's director, says that the scene is the demand of the script of the film.

He insists that the scene is the turning point in his film and that is why he took 6 days to shoot this hot sequence in a very stylish manner.

The film will also have a song in the rain.

Forget about the director's happiness but the hero surely enjoyed the whole episode a lot, says one of the production team members.

Ileana Is Really A 'Beauty With Brain'

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While the news of Ileana's item song in Mahesh's 'Athidi' is making rounds in Tollywood we catch-up the girl for clarification. Instead of giving a clear answer the beauty made some remarks on item songs that are quite interesting.

Ileana has no qualms about doing item numbers in films and she has a very valid reason for that.

According to Ileana, item numbers means good money. "They mean good money. If the number I do becomes a huge hit, then that number is practically included in all the stage shows that happen abroad and I am guaranteed to be booked for the whole year to perform that number," she told.

Sure the sexy girl is really a beauty with brain. The item girls like Abhinayasree and Mumaith bagged big fame and money with their dances or 'Aa Ante Amalapuram..' and 'Ippatikinkaa…' respectively.

Screen Talk: Vedha Slaps A Misbehaving Guy

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Vedha sure does know how to 'straighten' the guy who acts 'differently' with her.

At one of the parties thrown by her present heartthrob in a nightclub, a guy swooped down from the dance podium onto Vedha, shocking her and spilling her drink. Vedha's response was spontaneous – a full-blown slap on his face.

The incident reportedly happened at one of the popular hangout place of Tollywood people, on last Saturday, well past the midnight when the party was in full gear. The music was loud and the drinks were floating freely.

One guy, presumably drunk, was particularly trying to catch everyone's attention by doing funny dance steps on the floor. Some of his gyrations were quite sleazy. In one such step, he jumped from the podium and landed just a few inches from Vedha and spilled her drink.

With equal swiftness, Vedha delivered a slap on his face. Then she took a drink from her friend and splashed it on the guy's face.

The man vanished after the incident, but the hero who is present with her is well shocked and speech less. The hero seemed be a zero for that moment. Yes, Your guess is right. The hero is Raja as per the eye witnesses.

Well, this is the woman of today for you.

Tamil writers scripting Chiranjeevi's film

Grapevine has it that three top Tamil writers are working on our Megastar Chiranjeevi's film. According to sources, the three writers - Bhupathi, Vallasurai and Krishnaswamy - are preparing a script for Chiranjeevi's 150th film. It will also be directed by none other than Chiranjeevi and his wife Sureka acts as producer for this film.

More details are awaited but the work for this special film of Chiranjeevi is going on at brisk progress.

Spicy Stills 09-05-07 Album

Spicy Stills 09-05-07 Album

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Heroine Wallpapers With Calender

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