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Monday, September 10, 2007

Reel Talk: Ravi Teja Is Warned For Monotony!

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Ravi Teja received a friendly warning from VV Vinayak while shooting for the fresh film on the outdoor set in Vijayawada. It seems that Vinayak asked Ravi Teja to take care to avoid monotony as that would disturb his success graph. Ravi Teja's recent films have noticed him in monotony of performance that brought boredom to audience. In both Khatarnak and Dubai Seenu he did monotonous performance.

It is said that Vinayak said to Ravi Teja, "The soul is not seen in both Khatarnak and Dubai Seenu. Act with a feel and do something different. Forget your stereotype style and bring out something new. That works out now".

Sources also ay that Ravi Teja took it in positive spirit and adapting to the advice of VV Vinayak. So we may see different Ravi Teja in this new flick. Well, the tentative title of the film is 'Bezawada Bujji'.

Screen Talk: Hero With 'Half-Dasavataram'!

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There is long time for us to watch Kamal Hasan's 'Dasavataram' on big screen. But before that freshly we can watch half-Dasavataram, the shooting of which is going on very fast.

Its Vikram's Tamil film 'Kandasamy' that is getting dubbed into Telugu as 'Mallanna'. Vikram will be playing 5 different roles in the film as per the theme. Make up artistes from Hollywood are working on Vikram for this film. It is hard to make out Vikram in some roles, say the makers of that film. The shooting will be completed in 3 months as per the talk but Dasavataram may take further time to complete shooting , PP, RR and release as per the grapevine.

Apart from this Bollywood actor Kay Kay Menon is acting in 14 roles in a Hindi film. So, it appears to be a trend to play multiple roles in single film.

Fly-over collapse: Rescue work on to clear debris

HYDERABAD: Rescue workers were engaged in removing the debris at an under-construction flyover in the busy Panjagutta area which collapsed on Sunday night killing two persons and injuring 10 others.

The mishap initially triggered fears that at least 15 persons could have lost their lives as the giant iron girders and concrete slabs caved in and flattened several vehicles.

However, after clearing most of the rubble on Monday morning, the police said two persons -- Ankit Arora from Haryana, an executive in Infosys and M B Kumar, a close aide of TRS leader S Santhosh Reddy were killed and condition of one of the injured was serious.

The vehicles parked under the flyover took the brunt of the crash as tonnes of steel and cement came down after the iron scaffolding, supporting the pre-fabricated cement segments, gave way.

"We hope to complete the debris clearance work in a couple of hours. A departmental inquiry has been ordered and action will be taken on the basis of its report," Hyderabad district collector Chandravadan said.

The 1.7 km long flyover, started in September 2005 at a cost of Rs 30 crores, is located at a stones throw from Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy's camp office.

The rescue workers toiled throughout the night and used gas cutters and heavy duty cranes to remove girders and cement blocks.

The Chairman of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation C V S K Sarma said a committee of senior technical experts had been constituted to look into the cause of the mishap and the guilty would be punished. (PTI)

Buzz: Actress Angry For Being Photographed

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The sexy belle apparently didn't like the presence of shutterbugs when she was shooting for a sizzling dance number.

We know that Amritha Rao is making her foray down south with Mahesh Babu's 'Athidi'.

Amritha Rao doesn't like the presence of media persons or photographers when she is shooting. So she made it clear to the producers of the film that she wouldn't shoot in front of paparazzi.

But when some portions of the song were shot on a road in Hyderabad a couple of days back, a number of photographers and local people were able to shoot Amritha Rao through their phone cameras.

The next day when Amritha Rao saw her pictures circulated in through mobiles, she was angry.

On the following day, there was no respite for Amritha Rao as a number of people gate crashed and entered the shooting location to photograph Amritha Rao.

This infuriated the actress and she refused to shoot until every single photographer was shown out of the place. It is reported the director and producer duo had a tough time to pacify the glam doll.

Screen Buzz: Genelia Refuses to Expose!

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Actress Genelia has turned down a Bollywood movie offer because she was required to expose more than she is comfortable with.

Genelia's acting career has been on the rise ever since her award winning (as best actress) performance in Dil Raju's movie 'Bommarillu'. Today she is having handful of offers from south. But the girl who did a couple of films in Hindi always wanted to make a mark in Bollywood too.

One of the Bollywood Filmmakers had recently approached Genelia for a role in his movie. The film has Tushar Kapoor in the lead role.

Although Genelia liked the movie's script, she was not comfortable about the fact that her role in the film required her to expose a great deal. Genelia says she doesn't mind exposing to a certain limit, but the exposure that her role in that movie demanded would certainly have made her "very uncomfortable".

In Genelia's words, if she were uncomfortable in playing her role then it would show in her acting performance in the film.

So the actress politely turned down the Bollywood offer. In coming days, Genelia will be seen in films like Mister Medhavi with Raja and one more untitled film with Ram.

Sailaja's Joke While People Were Killed

Singer Sailaja cracked a joke, probably not knowing the intensity of the Punjagutta flyover collapse last evening. A live event was organized in public by ZEE Telugu channel for the finals of 'Little Champs' program of Sarigamapa. Sailaja was asked to dance by Singer Janaki in the event reminding the audiences about her 'Sagarasangamam' role.

Negating the request, Sailaja in lighter note implied, "I stopped dancing 15 years ago. Just now I heard the flyover collapsed in Punjagutta. If I dance things of that sort may happen".

Whole lot of audiences along with Koti, Janaki and all laughed from the dais and off the dais. But the TV channels on other side were showing miserable plight of people killed in that mishap.

Gallery: Prakash Raj and Meera Chopra in Lee

Lee Album

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Telugu Film News September 10, 2007

Ram Charan Teja's Chiruta on Sep 28th
The much-awaited Megastar Chiranjeevi's son debut film "Chiruta" is all set to release on the film's director Puri Jagannadh's birthday, September 28 th. Sources say the shooting and major work of the film has finished. Producer Aswhinidutt is so happy with the final product of the film and glad to release it on September 28th. Charan Teja has Neha Sharma as heroine in the film. Music by Manisharma has already became a sensation. It tops the chartbusters.

Preeti Jhingiani and Isha Kopikkar as Ramachilakalu
Preeti Jhingiani is acting in a sexually themed film. She did an adult movie in Hindi titled "Haseena" along with Isha Koppikar. It is being dubbed into Telugu as "Ramachilakalu" by well-known distributor N. Ram. The film's dubbing has started on Friday at Supergood Recording theatre in Hyderabad. Vikki Rana has directed the film. Shashank Vennelakanti is writing the dialogues.

Dasari Arun Kumar as Aadivishnu
Union Minister and veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao's son Arun Kumar is acting as hero again. His new film is titled "Adivishnu". Dasari Narayana Rao himself is penning the story and dialogues. Jagadeesh Chandra Prasad and K Ramakrishna Prasad are the producers. It will put Arun Kumar in a different and powerful mould. New director Palli Venugopal handles the direction.

Kalyan Ram and Simran sing duet
Simran has distinction of acting almost all the top heroes in South India. Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Rajnikanth, Kamal Haasan, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, Mahesh Babu, all of them had paired with her in many films. Post marriage too Simran on a signing spree and doing varied roles in number of films. Recently she shot a song for Kalyan Ram's Vijayadasami. It is a special song by her in the film. Note that she had also acted with Kalyan Ram's father Harikrishna in Seetaiah.

Gopichand's Ontari shooting in Hyderabad
Prestigious banner Eetaram Films is making a film "Ontari" with hero Gopichand. The film has been progressing silently. Presently, it is being shot in Hyderabad. Malayalam actress Bhavana is making debut. Ramana is the director while Pokuri Baburao is the producer.

Nostalgia: Keeravani About NTR's Singing

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Keeravani shared his nostalgia saying that he was exposed to Jr.NTR's singing talent during the vijaya yatra of 'Student Number one'.

"NTR and I traveled together in a bus during the vijaya yatra of Student No 1. Then NTR started singing many songs. He sang complete songs from many films which made me confident that he is a good singer. I decided to make him sing in any film. Now the opportunity has come. I made him sing 'Olammee Tikkareginda' in Yama Donga. NTR has good memory. He will not forget when learns something", said Keeravani.

Well, it is not new for Keeravani making actors singing in films. He first made Sreedevi sing for 'Kshanam Kshanam'. He made Kannada hero Vishnu Vardhan sing for a film, 'Karnataka Suputra'. Tamil hero Arjun also sang for the film 'Sevagan' in Keeravani's direction. Srividya sang in Malayalam film 'Neelagiri' in Keeravani's direction. Nagarjuna sang a cigarette song in 'Seetarama Raju' and Brahmanandam sang the lines 'Kasturi Bhangu Bhangu..' in Simhadri under Keeravani's captaincy.

Star Talk: 'NTR Gave This Status To Me'

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Kaikala Satyanaranaya recalled his relationship with NTR and said that he is in this position only because of him. He said that he has given many villain roles in his films and only by playing opposite to NTR, he was grown in his life.

He said, "NTR has given me Duryodhana's role in Krishnavataram as SV Ranga Rao was busy. He has also given me a role in Ummadi Kutumbam and I portrayed a sympathetic role in that. He used to treat me more than a younger brother. People weren't allowed near NTR when he was residing in guest house during out door shooting. But there were no such restrictions for me. He called me while establishing party and said to me to be with him for entire life. In 1996 I became MP from Machilipatnam. But I shunned politics after my term knowing that the field is not for fair people".

Saying about his acting career he said, "I played Yama's role in Yamagola Mallee Modalayyindi'. I'm very selective in acting now due to my health reasons".

Screen Talk: Wedding bells for Sriya!

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The dusky beauty Sriya Reddy, who shot to fame with her debut film Thimuru, and the daughter of former cricketer Bharath Reddy, will soon tie the knot with actor-turned-producer Vikram Krishna. Vikram, whose real name was Ajay, is the son of renowned producer G. K. Reddy and the elder brother of actor Vishal.

He played the lead in a few films like Poo Parikka Varugirom and after that, when he moved from acting to film production, he changed his name to Vikram. Apparently, Vikram and Sriya fell in love while shooting for Thimuru, which was being produced by Vikram himself. According to sources, the engagement ceremony was held recently at the Sriya’s residence and the wedding is scheduled for March 9 next year.

Sriya was critically acclaimed for her cameo in the recently released Pallikoodam. And Vikram is currently busy with a film titled Sathyam which stars Vishal.

Photo Feature: Shahrukh Khan goes topless

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Shahrukh Khan goes topless for the first time in Om Shanti Om and it's hard to miss his bare-chested glory, six-pack abs and a lean, mean and toned body. Shahrukh Khan took tips from Salman Khan but will this ever turn into competition? SRK in now in league with sexy actors like John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan. Feast your eyes on this 'hot & sexy' SRK.

Gossip: Namita's Romance With Old Man!

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Glamorous and tantalizing Namita is going to pair an old man on screen. The 'Nishabad' phenomenon of young gal falling in love with old man is gaining ground in Tollywood too. Namitha accepted a film of this kind. An old married professor with two children develops an affair with Namita. How could she accept the role? Most of her admirers are quizzical about her decision to play the role. She says she has much to perform, as the script encompasses many emotional scenes. The makers of the film might have thought otherwise. Namita has much to expose to cast her spell on an old man.

Gossip: Abhinayasri's Mom Cursing Mummaith!

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Anuradha, mother of Abhinayasri, an item gal, is found cursing Mummaith Khan day in an day out. Anuradha herself was an item gal in prime of her youth. She says' Mummaith has nothing to expose, while her daughter has lot to do. To scuttle her daughter down, a few directors conspired and hatched a plan to make Mummaith heroine, she alleges. There is convincing reason for her contempt. While Abhinayasri is taking only Rs. 3 lakhs per a film, Mummaith is charging 27 lakhs.

Writer-Director About His Missed Nandi Award

'Chinuku Chinuku Andelatho..' (Yamaleela)
O Vaalujada.. (Radhagopalam)
Jintatha Jitha Jitha (Vikramarkudu)..

Do you know who penned these famous hits? It was Jonnaviththula Ramalingeshwara Rao, the scholar in Telugu and Sanskrit. He said that he got grip in writing and eventually in direction for associating and working with creative people in industry.

He directed the film 'Pellam Pichchodu' in 2005 and shared a happening this way:

"Pellam Pichchodu was a family story film but that was a flop. Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana was a youthful entertainer and a big hit. While announcing Nandi Awards for 2005 it was mentioned that Pellam Pichchodu won the award for 'Best Entertainer'. And 'NVNV' was given 'Best Family Story Film' award. Both were wrong due to clerical mistake. If they were given in right form by interchanging, I would have taken Nandi Award to my home. Nandi award will be given for the director of 'Best Family Story Film'. But when it comes to 'Best Entertainer', the award will be bagged only by producer. That way I missed Nandi award despite deserving".

So, such clerical mistakes also bound to happen in Nandi Awards announcement.

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