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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good, Bad and Ugly in Tollywood-2007 Of US-Box Office

Tollywood-2007 has seen worst performers, worse ones and average ones at the American box office. Majority of exhibitors and distributors have bitten mud by investing big and recovering nothing. The only films those bagged better collections than remaining ones are:

Happy Days
Yama Donga
Adavari Matalaku Ardhaley Veruley and

Although the above films brought profitable returns for buyers they are not up to the mark. The above films bagged bigger profits as they are made with variety in subject and proved hits.

Apart from this, the films those were bought with big expectations have brought big loss for all exhibitors and distributors. The biggest mistake done by distributors is buying films for bigger amounts. The films those were bought with bigger price looking at the artificial hype created by producers had toppled miserably. The major loss makers for both distributors and exhibitors are:

Sankardada Zindabad
Dubai Seenu
Viyalavari Kayyalu
Allare Allari
Munna and

And there is another level of films those were bought but not released in USA. The best example in this category is 'Vijaya Dasami'. This film proved a big flop both in USA and at home. Assuming a financial risk, the film wasn't released in USA even though after buying. That way, the loss was minimized.

This is the plight of Tollywood in 2007 in USA. Distributors and Exhibitors are being requested by many experienced people to be sane in this business and not get carried away by the words of hype from producers. Let us wish lessons were learnt from 2007 and our overseas buyers play safe game in 2008.

Screen Talk: Nag & Lawrence return with Don

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After almost a year since his last release, Nagarjuna’s is all set to rock the industry with another Christmas release, according to the grapevine Nagarjuna plays a double role and in one of the roles he is portrayed as a modern “robin hood” it will be exciting to see if he plays the villain too, this movie is all about the eternal fight between good and bad and according to Lawrence the story has been told in a never before fashion involving special sequences, elaborate sets and expensive computer graphics. Well the movie is two days away and will be entertaining to see what it is all about.

Another interesting find for the industry is in the form of Lawrence directing the music though it is not the first time a director has composed music for a movie Lawrence has done a wonderful job of compiling the music, in his long list of talents he is also playing the role of Nagarjuna’s brother which is supposed to be a crucial support role. It will be interesting to see his performance.

Nagarjuna’s recent hits have all been Christmas releases and optimistically this will not be any different. Nagarjuna has been a true versatile actor of recent times it is amazing to see him in various roles right from acting as eccentric male chauvinist to portraying annamaya he has done it with aplomb. Let’s hope that Don brings out the best in him.

Vijayanand Movies bags 'Mantra' overseas rights

Vijayanand Movies has acquired the theatrical and dvd rights for worldwide.

Charmee acted mantra had got very good reviews worldwide and Charmee is back with another "anukokunda oka roju" proving her caliber better this time. The movie is based on suspense thriller which keeps everyone thinking about what will happen in the next scene in the movie plot. The music is already a big hit with couple of songs like "MAHA MAHA" is already a big chartbuster on all the radio channels.

The movie got very good reviews with all the websites read by the telugu people across worldwide.

These films, produced by Ravi Prakash & Kalyan Ram on the Gen Next Movies, are great youngsters who put their heart in producing a great movie in Tollywood history. The director OSHO Tulasi ram has proved his caliber by directing a movie which can be equaled to the likes of Ram Gopal Varma movies. Story deserves a special mention in this film. Story of the film is compact and the storyline is unpredictable laced with suspense.

Though it is a first venture for us, it promises to bring quality south Indian and Bollywood films into worldwide markets, going forward. Exhibitors may contact Madhu or Rupesh for more information regarding screening MANTRA in their respective cities or countries.

Our Special Thanks Ravi Prakash, Kalyan Ram, Tulasi ram

For Trade enquiries please Contact

Madhu Rayapati 270-779-1542
Rupesh Mamidi 602-373-4892

Photo Feature: Can You Guess This 'Beautiful Mom'?

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Can you identify the beautiful mother in this pic. We give you a clue. The child in the pic is the top gun in Bollywood who has been the darling of many hearts. Yes, that today's Bollywood diva has resemblances in features with this yesteryears' mother! Did you get?

This is the photograph of the daughter in law of Bollywood Big B and her mother taken about 32 years back.

Nallamalupu's 'Friendship' With Sexy Heroine

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Nallamalupu Bujji, the young producer holds good 'friendship' with yoga teacher Anushka. The friendship developed during the shooting of the film 'Lakshyam' and now he is again giving a chance for her in the film that is going to be made with Venkatesh in lead role.

The film is going to start in the month of February as per the sources. Nallamalupu Bujji has been successful with his films 'Lakshmi' and 'Lakshyam' and hence he wants to unite the hero and heroine of the two films respectively to make another hit. On parallel lines he is also making the film with Siddhartha in lead role. Further details of the project are yet to be known.

The titles of the both the films would obviously be given with the words starting with letter 'L'.

Reel Talk: Amitabh, Shah Rukh to clash as 'Don'

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Mumbai (IANS) It looks like the senior and junior Don, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, will battle it out at the box office.

While Farhan Akhtar prepares to plunge into a sequel to his 2006 hit "Don - The Chase Begins Again", with Shah Rukh in the lead, the family of Nariman Irani, who made the original "Don" in 1978 with Amitabh Bachchan, is all set to do their own take on the film with the Big B again.

Speaking on the subject for the first time, the Big B told IANS: "Yes, they (Nariman Irani's family) met me some time back. I'm yet to hear the script."

However, Farhan seems to be completely in the dark regarding this parallel project.

"I've no idea of this. We've very close relations with the Irani family. We've been very clear with each other. When they gave us the rights for remaking 'Don' they gave us the right to exploit the movie for the next three-four years. We had even told them we might be doing a sequel. And they were really cool about it.

"They didn't seem interested in going back and doing anything 'Don' related. From the outset they've been straight with us. I don't think they'd just go around announcing another movie."

But with the Iranis having approached Amitabh, a clash of creative interest between the two Dons featuring the Big B and Shah Rukh seems inevitable.

Cinema Stills Dec 20, 2007

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Telugu Film News Dec 19, 2007

Okka Magadu music on 21 December
Bala Krishna’s latest film Okka Magadu in the direction of YVS Chowdary will be launched at a public function held at Cyber Gardens (beside Shilpa Kala Vedika) on the night of 21 December. Shooting of the film is complete on 6 of December. Postproduction work is going on now. Mani Sharma composed seven songs. Anushka, Priyanka Kothari (Nisha Kothari) and Simran play female leads. Okka Magadu will release on 11 January 2008.

Swagatam shooting complete
Shooting of Jagapati Babu’s latest film Swagatam was completed yesterday. They shot a remix version of ‘Piya Tu Ab To Aaja’ on Jagapati Babu and Anushka at a set erected in the floor of Rama Krishna Horticulture studios. Dasarath (Santosham fame) directs this film. Anushka and Bhumika Chawla play female leads. RP Patnaik composes music and Aditya Ram produces this film.

Don and Anasuya this week

Nagarjuna’s much awaited film Don in the direction of Lawrence will be releasing on 20th of this month all over the world. Anushka plays female lead. Lawrence made his debut as music director with this film. Lawrence is also playing a vital role in this film. Ravi Babu’s suspense thriller ‘Anasuya’ will be releasing on 21 December. Bhumika Chawla plays female lead. Ankita and Nikhita play other important characters.

Mee Sreyobhilashi on 28 December
Mee Sreyobhilashi which is expected to release on 22 December is shifted to 28 December due to unavailability of theaters. CC Reddy is releasing the film throughout AP using Suresh Movie distributors. Rajendra Prasad plays the title role. Eeswar Reddy directed this film.

Hero Likes NTR and Krishna than His Father

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Many assume that Nagarjuna would say the name of his father when asked to name his favorite actor. But he said other way.

"Many assume that I like only my father's films. Than my father's films, I like NTR's and Krishna's films. I used to love the cowboy style films of Krishna when I was in teens", said Nagarjuna.

He also added saying, "Acting with my father in Sree Ramadasu is an overwhelming moment for me".

He shared his likes saying, "I love the song Telusa Manasa.. from 'Criminal' very much. Mahesh Bhatt asked me to look into the song aspect as he was completely ignorant about Telugu. I acted in that song with complete freedom. I also like the songs 'Om Namaha…' and 'Amani Padave..' from Geetanjali".

When asked how he feels when the artistes introduced by him grow well in the Industry, he said, "I feel very happy. That proves to be highly satisfied. Ram Gopal Varma is one example for that. And Sandeep Chowta is another. I have seen Sandeep Chowta in a Bangalore live concert and pulled him for 'Chandralekha'. Now I have given chance for Hemachander, the young singer after liking his voice".

Unlike before, Nagarjuna is appearing frequently in interviews after taking the ownership of MAA. Well, that's a part of publicity for his newly releasing film 'Don' as well.

Mahatma, Aishwarya top Google search lists

Social networking website Orkut is the most sought after site in India, Sania Mirza tops among sport stars, Mahatma Gandhi is the most searched political leader and Aishwarya Rai the most sought after actor, says an annual Google Zeitgeist report for India in the most popular queries of 2007.

The Google Zeitgeist, which means spirit of the times, is calculated by looking at the aggregation of the most popular and fast-rising search queries submitted to Google by Indian users.

The report also shows that among male actors, Salman Khan is the favourite, but is on number two position after Aishwarya. Shah Rukh Khan, who delivered the two biggest hits of the year - Chak De! India and Om Shanti Om - is on fifth position.

Actresses dominate the list of Bollywood celebrities and newcomer Deepika Padukone has earned a spot in the top 10.

"In compiling the 2007 year-end Google Zeitgeist(tm), we studied the aggregation of billions of search queries people from India conducted on Google. We should note that no individual searcher's information was part of this analysis," says the report.

This year, Hollywood film Spiderman was the most visited movie site.

According the report, the most searched tourist destination is Kerala followed by Singapore.


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