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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Charmy's Invitation For General Public

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An invitation was printed on large scale to distribute among all the citizens of Hyderabad , living around Dilsukh Nagar area. That's really a Herculean task, right! But the invitation is printed in rich way where Charmy appears on the front. It is for the inauguration of new showroom of RS Brothers at Dilsukhnagar.

Mahesh Babu is inaugurating the mall on 28th September at 10:30 AM . The showroom comprises saris, ready-mades, jewelry, cosmetics, mobile phones, toys, gift articles and crockery. Charmy is inaugurating the jewelry section in the mall. This entire event is going and publicized in such away that the invitations are being distributed for everyone living around Dilsukh Nagar.

Bunch of invitations are being distributed as pamphlets all the way. That's the richness of sari mandirs, anyway.

12 Exclusive Hot 'N' Spicy Shriya Gallery

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She Says ANR Is Real Bharatha Rathna

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Bharatha Rathna is not given for ANR. But actress Kanchana called him so on the dais. She said he is real Bharatha Rathna in her heart. "I have to go into my past to say about ANR. He is real Bharatha Rathna for me", she said in single sentence. She recalled the shooting news of 'Bhakta Tukaram' where ANR taught him how to deliver dialogue properly.

As a part of ANR's birthday week celebrations, the program was conducted by Raaga Saptaswaram Cultural Organization and also conducted the golden bracelet ceremony.

Kanchana, singer Sobha Raj and Murali Mohan got the golden bracelets on this occasion. Dr C Narayana Reddy said that ANR has reached the stage that his life story should be made a part of school syllabus.

Gossip: Sneha Cracking Dirty Jokes!

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Heroine Sneha, of late, has earned reputation for cracking dirty jokes. She steals the show in any cocktail party. She makes fun of Sardarjis in most of her jokes.

Some young heroes can never afford to miss her company in these parties. Those include Tarun, Allari Naresh and the two sons of Mohan Babu. Along with them a young Sardarji is always present. She cracks these jokes with due apologies to him.

Her sense of humor deepens with every peg of drink she consumes. If she continues this performance, many more heroes may join.

Kota: 'We Have To Remember That'

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Kota Sreenivasa Rao is the epitome of villainy and comedy on silver screen. He also played many character roles on Telugu screen. Starting his career with 'Pranam Khareedu', he acted in 750 films so far. After saying about his films and all, he said two things to underline. Here are they:

Kota Sreenivasa Rao said, "We have to recall why we had shifted from Chennai to Hyderabad . Entire Telugu industry was shifted as a mass exodus. The only reason is to declare our own identity. But we are forgetting that now. The films are lacking in right Telugu flavor and culture. As artistes and producers, one has to show the Teluguism on screen. I want to see the films of that category. If they come, the days will be brighter for Telugu film industry".

He also added, "It is true that the Telugu film artistes and technicians are getting the support of government as they are being able to make at least a own house for themselves with the help of MAA. But still there is big scope to encourage local talent".

Are the above two are really the points to underline for our Tollywood producers?

Shriya Is Happy For Her Sex Appeal

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Actress Shriya is happy for her sex appeal now looking the pictures of 'Mallanna' (Kanthasamy in Tamil). She said that she watched the pics and trailers of the film and is very happy for her sex appeal in that.

She said that entire credit goes to Susi Ganesan for showing her so appealing. She added that he is really great in extracting what he wants from an actress. With a tone of overwhelming joy she said that she couldn't believe her eyes looking at her beauty. She also said that there are many more pics in the album which will be shown to public soon.

Shriya is really hot in the stills and she exposed to high degree testing the testosterone of men!

Chirutha premiers in USA from September 27, 2007

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Great India Films, the leaders in overseas distributors have done the trick again. CHIRUTHA will have premier shows in the following cities on September'27th. Please check the timings and make sure you call local exhibitor for updated information. 15 prints including one Canada print are on their way in Lufthansa flight from Hyderabad to JFK/Chicago, and they will be routed to the respective cities by the first available flight.

Ram Charan Tej’s maiden venture CHIRUTHA has created lot of hype in the entire world and the talk that is spreading rapidly about the movie is "Picture Perfect" and "Gigantic Entry of Ram Charan Tej. Puri handled the story very well and the songs along with six fight sequences are sure going to rock the box office. The production values of Vyjayanthi Movies headed by Aswani Dutt are an additional asset for the film.

Please visit www.telugutickets.com for updated schedules and buy the tickets for preview shows.

Come, let's show our glory to the entire world that Tollywood movies are not behind any other Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Murali Mohan Purchasing Lands There

Murali Mohan is now again keen into his Real Estate business and purchasing the lands beyond outer ring road. Right now the lands there are very cheaper and are available at just Rs 100 to Rs 250 per sq yard. That falls about 60 kms away from the city but still, real estate bothers least about the distance as everything is bound to develop in future. Murali Mohan is negotiating to buy hundreds of acres in those areas as per fresh information.

So, we may see the next phase of Real Estate development beyond the ring road area. The 20 kms away from Shamshabad airport towards the opposite direction of Hyderabad city is also rated lucrative in years down the line.

The main city appears to have got saturated with whopping rates. Even the places like Maheshwaram and Shamshabad are dull with no sales. As the lands are very cheap outside the ring road area, as a sane businessman Murali Mohan is buying a few.

Allu and co wishing Ram Charan all the best

Everyone’s eagerly awaiting the debut of Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan Tej. The film titled Chirutha, has been directed by Puri Jagannath and produced by Ashwinidutt. The movie which releases on Sept 28, has raised huge expectations among the mega star’s fans. Several vinyls have already been pasted in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, with the wishes of relatives Allu Venkatesh, Allu Arjun and Allu Sirish wishing Ram Charan Tej all the best. Chiranjeevi fans associations have been performing poojas for the success of the film for the past nine days.

Photo Feature: Lip Kiss With Meera Jasmine

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It's a scene from Tamil film 'Nepali', that is in making. Meera Jasmine is giving a sensuous lip kiss to Bharat! So, Meera also appears to be walking in the track of Nayantara by making herself liberal while acting before camera.

Press Note: Happy Days prints shipped

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Happy Days prints have already been shipped and will arrive at the respective locations tomorrow. Shows will be screened as planned.

First time ever, a movie is being screened in USA 4 days ahead of India release. This shows the confidence of makers and distributors.

Happy Days is releasing on sep 28th in the following locations.

New Jersey,
Baton Rouge.

Tickets for most centres are available at www.sulekha.com. Please purchase the tickets online and avoid last minute rush.

Tollywood Heroine With 'Padded Brasseries'

There are many heroines who put on padded brasseries to give a voluptuous appeal to their look. That's part of daily costume for them. But aptness falls in wearing those brasseries in right manner that shows the beauty as 'true assets'. But a Tollywood heroine is failing every time in wearing them, comments a unit member (in costumes department) working in the film in which she is playing one of the heroines.

He says, "She fails to select a proper padded one. She always picks up something that will not suit her. When we suggest, she says 'no'. She is highly individualistic in that aspect. At times, she simply shuns that padded one and dresses up 'without anything'. That really appears there is 'nothing in her'. As Rakhi Sawanth rightly said in one of the interviews, every heroine needs to have proper assets or else at least she could be able to bluff that she has blossoms, to have a bright career in industry".

She is North Indian and is known for playing lady-oriented films, enacting title roles.


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