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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rumors: New Gossips About Chiranjeevi!

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Megastar Chiranjeevi who is currently mourning the demise of his father is slowly recovering back to normalcy. Not sure if this is true, but it is being talked in the film circuit that the Megastar is likely to make an announcement regarding his political entry after the festival of Sankranthi. There has been a lot of speculation about his debut in the political arena and the whole state of Andhra Pradesh has been chalking out various debates and issues which were a result of the mighty actor's feelers. So, the new gossips regarding Chiranjeevi's political entry are coming up again.

"Chiranjeevi has been facing disturbances in his home front ever since he is planning to announce his new party. That doesn't mean that he should keep quiet. He has many combinations of vipareetha raja yoga which will get activated after many hardships, pains and ordeals. He would certainly become an unbeatable king", says a city based astrologer.

But there are a few astrologers those are saying that time is not favorable for Chiranjeevi now and he has to start his party only in 2014. Let us see what happens.

Reel Talk: Simran Coming Up As Aids Patient

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Simran acted in the Malayalam movie 'Hearbeats' and recall she went into strife with the producer of that movie for showing her as HIV + patient which was against to the agreement. She claimed that she was shown as Aids patient in the movie without taking her permission. She also sued them to pay huge sum to compensate the loss of her public image. She said that the act was against to the feelings of her and her fans.

Now the same movie is getting dubbed into Telugu and coming up with same title. It is releasing on Ragini Creations in the production of P Sreenivasa Rao and G Satyanarayana. Vinu Anand directed the movie and it is the story that revolves around 4 medicos and a woman.

The dubbing activities are going on now. We have to see if Simran continues her protest even with this dubbed flick.

Screen Buzz: Is Shriya Appearing Topless?

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It is known that Shriya is acting in the movie 'The Other End of the Line' produced by Hollywood's MGM in association with Ashok Amritraj's Hyde Park Film. Hollywood actor Jesse Metcalfe is playing lead role in the film and he is known with popular TV serial 'Desperate Housewives'.

Shriya is playing the role of a call center executive in Delhi who flies to San Francisco and falls in love with a guy who happens to encounter her in a phone conversation. That's the main theme of the story and it is said that Shriya is supposed to appear in suggestive topless scene. As she negated, the scene is being carried with a dupe, say sources.

So, if we see any suggestive nude scene in this film we have to understand that it's dupe's body but not Shriya's!

Gossip: Heroine With 2-Piece Bikini Show!

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Sanjana is going to be the hot sensation in 2008 on Tollywood screen. She is acting with Prabhas in the film 'Bujjigadu Made in Chennai' in the direction of Puri Jagannath.

Sanjana is famous for her bold acts in Kannada film 'Gandi Hendathi' (released in Telugu as 'Mogudu Pellam oka Boy Friend') and Puri pulled her looking at that boldness and glamour.

Sources clearly say that Sanjana is appearing in a bold two piece bikini in the movie and that proves to be a very hot treat for audiences. Inside sources from the unit of 'Bujjigadu' say that Sanjana is going to be the hottest sensation on Telugu screen in 2008 beating Ileana and Anuskha. So, is she going to be a tough competition for those sexy dames!

Mister Medhavi MP3 Songs

Mister Medhavi

Cast: Raja, Genelia
Music : Chakri
Director : Neelakanta

1 Kala Kaaduga
2 Kallu Kallatho
3 Neeli Kanula Chinadana
4 Neeti Chinuku
5 Ningi Nela
6 O Maguva

Procedure for Downloading MP3 Songs
open in internet explorer and right click on ( MP3 logo) and click on Save Target As...
and select the path on local computer.

Screen Buzz: ATA invites Mahesh Babu, Sneha

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KHAMMAM: All arrangements are being made to organise the 10th American Telugu Association (ATA) conference on a grand scale, ATA cultural and language committee chairman Ravi Kondabolu has said.

Talking to mediapersons here on Wednesday, Ravi said the meet would be held on July 4, 5 and 6 at Prudential Centre, 20 km from New Jersey. Prudential Centre was selected as the venue because it was only 15 minutes’ drive from the Newark airport, and could accommodate 18,000 delegates and 4,000 cars, he said and added that 15,000 Telugus from across the globe were expected to attend the meeting.

The organisational activities of ATA meet, which is estimated to cost USD 2 million, have been entrusted to the youth this time.

The three-day ATA meet would be conducted in such a way as to glorify the Telugu culture and tradition, Ravi said adding cine hero Mahesh Babu and heroine Sneha would participate in the conference.

Victory Starting Work From January 18th

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Actor Venkatesh more dearly known as 'Victory' Venkatesh is back from his vacation and is now gearing up for his next film 'Chintakayala Ravi' being directed by Nallamalapu Srinivas (Bujji).

The project will take off on January 18th as it is considered an auspicious day and the film also star Anushka and Priyamani as the heroines. With a very successful 2007 in his bag, Venky must be more than confident to get onto his next project and his fans are hoping he will come up with another hit year this 2008.

Let us wish that this flick with innovative title continues Venky's luck after 'Tulasi'.

Rumors: Charmy's PA Doing Business!

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It is said that the film 'Mantra' brought great cash inflow and taught lessons for the team. Had the film made by any senior producers or known director, things would have been different, say trade circles. No distributor is involved in the movie and that stood as a plus point for producers in getting the deserved profits. Otherwise they would have lost in big way. Now they went into the trap of Charmy's PA, as per reliable sources.

It was said that he demanded the producers to settle the account of Charmy by paying the balance Rs 5 lakh before the release of the movie. As there was no money in hand for producers at that time they said that they would settle after releasing the film. But the PA negated and asked the Malayalam rights of the film. As there was no other chance left for producers they have given away Malayalam rights for him against that Rs 5 lakh. Gossip says that the PA himself settled Rs 5 lakh for Charmy.

But after the release of the film, Malayalam producers approached 'Mantra' producers asking for rights with huge offers. Now, it's a big cake for Charmy's PA to simply dub at a cost of Rs 15 lakh and release 'Mantra' in Kerala. He would certainly end up with bigger profits. We don't know if he gives share for his boss, Charmy or not in this venture.

Mayawati sends feelers to actor Chiranjeevi

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NEW DELHI: Both Sonia Gandhi and Chandrababu Naidu have reason to worry. Mayawati has grand plans for Andhra Pradesh.

The BSP chief is exploring a Dalit-OBC-minority-Brahmin alliance in the state before the next Lok Sabha polls. She has sent feelers to Telugu actor Chiranjeevi and Telengana Rashtra Samiti chief Chandrashekhar Rao for an electoral alliance. TRS is currently aligned with the UPA.

If the BSP-TRS-Chiranjeevi alliance fructify it would become a formidable force in the state upsetting traditional players — the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). Mayawati is holding a rally in Hyderabad on January 6, while Chiranjeevi’s supporters are organising a “backward caste garjana” rally in Warangal on January 19 to lure backward castes from TDP and Congress.

Chiranjeevi, who has mass appeal across the state — akin to late NTR, is planning to launch a political outfit and an announcement to this effect may be made in February or March.

The actor belongs to the Kappu community, which is considered backward in some districts, forward in some and “other caste” in others. The Kappus constitute over 10% of the state population. The Dalits also has an equal representation. Overall, the BCs constitute over 50 per cent of the population. The proposed alliance would trigger realignment of social forces weakening the forward castes.

Varma's Teenage Fantasy Was Jayasudha

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Ram Gopal Varma in an interview expressed his unfiltered thoughts regarding his tastes and heroines. He admitted that he was in love with Sridevi for some years but her life time fantasy was Jayasudha. He got attracted to Sridevi a lot while he was shooting the movie 'Kshanam Kshanam', he said.

But he said that he used to ride his cycle in his teenage and stop in front of a poster if there was Jayasudha on that. He said that he liked her in the film 'Jyothi' and watched that several times.

"My life time ambition in those days was to see Jayasudha in reality at least once", said Ram Gopal Varma.

Well, in later years he produced the movie 'Money Money' with Jayasudha. His fantasy might have come true.

Snippet: Young Hero Is Confused and Tensed

MS Narayana's son is confused and tensed. He is confused because he is not being able to know how to project himself to grab the attention of audiences. He is tensed because; people are not at all recognizing him despite showing lot of talent (!).

Hence he is pushing the buck of luck on his name. He feels that there is some problem with his name and hence changed to Savyasachi from Vikram for the film 'Bhajantreelu' (he appeared with his original name Vikram for 'Koduku'). As the film flopped miserably now he changed his name again. He calls himself MS Vikram reminding that he is the son of MS Narayana.

He feels uneasy with his name 'Vikram' as there is another popular Tamil hero with that name. Now he is appearing as MS Vikram in the film 'KPHB Colony' that is going to come up as suspense thriller. Let us see if this suspense factor pulls crowds towards him.

Tollywood Makes Festival In January-2008

January-2008 seems to be a festive season for Tollywood as many big and promising films are releasing through out the month.

The year is starting with the film 'Apadamokkulavaadu' that was made by Posani Krishna Murali after 'Operation Duryodhana'. Nagababu played lead role in the film. It is releasing on 5 th January.

On 10th of this month, the film 'Krishna' starring Ravi Teja and Trisha is hitting the screen. VV Vinayak directed the movie and it proves to be promising among the mass flicks of the season.

The magnum Opus 'Okka Magadu' of Bala Krishna is releasing on 11th of this month. YVS Choudary directed the film where Anushka, Nisha Kothari (now changed as Priyanka Kothari) and Simran paired up with Balakrishna. The film has many expectations and appears to be promising.

MS Raju's directorial debut 'Vaana', a remake of Kannada hit 'Mungaru Mele' is hitting the screens on 14th of this month. The music of the film proved to be super hit and the expectations are high on this flick as well. Vinay and Meera Chopra paired up in this film.

Nagarjuna and Vishnu starrer 'Krishnarjuna' is hitting the screens on 20th of January and it is said to be an inspiration from 'Bruce Almighty'. The film is made on Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures.

Comedy flick with variety title 'John Appa Rao 40 plus' is also releasing this month and the tentative date is 30th. Simran, Krishna Bhagawan and Ruthika played main roles in the flick.

And Neelakanta's promising film 'Mister Medhavi' is also getting ready to release this month. Genelia and Raja played lead roles in it. The release date is tentatively fixed to be January 24 th.

Cinema Stills 03 Jan 2008

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Photo Feature: Naughty Looks Of Ram Charan-NTR

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Look at this interesting observation of NTR and Ram Charan. While NTR is talking to someone, Ram Charan leaves an eye on him. He just observes what he is talking to her.

And when Ram Charan is talking to someone, NTR observes him.

That is the spirit of competition that leaves no stone unturned. Both NTR and Ram Charan want to know 'something more' about each other.

In this rare get together, both the young stars spent their time observing each other.

One film at a time is the new policy - Sumanth

Chit Chat With Sumanth

A rich pedigree was not what got him the fame that he has today. Disappointments and a lot of hard work later actor Sumanth finally emerged the hero; his last few films got him the much needed box office success and critical acclaim for his acting skills. Now with his latest film Pourudu a home production (S.S.Creations), Sumanth is testing waters with an action flick.

Regular masala films don’t suit me

Pourudu is an action movie. It tells the story of a Civil services topper who rises when the system that he believes in collapses. It has shades of Sarkar but quite different from its storyline. This film focuses on the father-son relation ship and also includes the romance between Kajal and me. After two romantic dramas I wanted to try my hand at action. But Pourudu is not a regular masala film. I don’t suit those kind of roles even if want to do such films.

I wanted to work for my own banner

After almost fifteen years my father’s S.S.Creations banner is returning to film production. My sister Supriya has been actively involved as executive producer for the films from Annapurna Studios banner. So when Pourudu was proposed we thought that she should come forth as the film’s producer. I did this film because I wanted to work for my own banner.

Raj is a much focused director

Raj Aditya had assisted director Priyadarshan for a long time. The script that he had proposed for Pourudu was very good. Raj is very much focused and has an amazing music sense.

Mani scores best for action movies

Manisharma had earlier scored music for my films Yuvakudu and Madhumasam. But I think he gives very good music for action films. I promised him that I would come to him once with an action movie. And the music that he has scored for Pourudu is excellent. This is his best so far for my films.

Kajal’s role is similar to that of her off screen persona

We had signed Kajal for this film much before she had signed on for Chandamama. We are glad that the film was a hit and now Kajal is a known and popular face. The character that she portrays in this film is very similar to how she is in real life. She is a very bubbly person and her role in Pourudu is quite similar to her real life persona.

One film at a time is the new policy

I have stopped accepting many films. I don’t want to work on two three films at the same time. Right now the policy is of one film at a time. But I would consider if the film I am being offered is planned so well that all I have to do is just act in it. Then I may rethink my policy.

Not acting with Nagarjuna in the near future

Nagarjuna and I have no plans of acting together. Not in the near future. But I will do films by Annapurna Studios.

Pourudu on 12th January

Pourudu will be releasing on 12th January with over 120 prints. My next film I will announce after Pourudu has released. I have finalized one project only, as of now.

Kalamandir Calendar With Sexy 'Back Beauties'

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We know about 'King Fisher Calendar'. Then what is Kalamandir Calendar? The sari show room 'Kalamandir' turned eminent with its promotion campaign. While many showrooms were paying huge pay checks for top heroines and making them their brand ambassadors, Kalamandir has gone ahead with unknown models but captured market. The idea is not to use the faces of the models but only to show them sexier from back. The campaign clicked well and now the new campaign was started with new model. There was a reference of this ad-campaign in the film 'Viyyalavari Kayyalu' as well.

Adding to this, Kalamandir in collaboration with film magazine 'Cine Star' is going to come up with a 12 page calendar where all the models will show their voluptuous backs wearing designer blouses and saris. The shooting for this calendar took place for more than 10 days in Bangalore on about 30 models. Only the best 12 will be picked up for the calendar. Kalamandir is opening its showroom in Bangalore on large scale. An Ad-jingle was also made by Kalamandir in Malaysia.

It is true that Kingfisher calendar cannot be placed on the walls of traditional Andhra families. But Kalamandir calendar can be!

An old Telugu verse says, "One gets punya by plunging into River Ganges from any side. Similarly eyes gets pleased, hearts jump in dalliance and senses run into romance by enjoying the beauty of woman from any side".

That's perfectly applicable here!

Screen Buzz: Historical postponed!

Ashutosh Gowarikar’s much-awaited film “Jodhaa Akbar” continues to make news. It is the untold love story of the Mughal Emperor Akbar (played by Hrithik Roshan) and a fiery, young Rajput princess, Jodhaa (Aishwarya Rai), with some great music by A.R. Rahman. The film, produced by UTV, is to be dubbed into Tamil and Telugu. It was originally scheduled for release during Diwali but, later, postponed to January 25. Last week, it was again postponed to Valentine’s Day weekend on February 15. Now it is learnt that one of the five songs, a ‘qawwali’, is to be deleted due to the film’s long duration — 3 hours and 50 minutes!

Audio Review: 'Mister Medhavi'- Haunting Tunes!

The image “http://www.greatandhra.com/newsimages/medhavi1199326349.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The audio album of Mister Medhavi comprises 6 songs where 4 of them prove to be instant winners and the other 2 start dinning in heads only after listening thrice. Chakri has given a better music this time and Kandi Konda was given lion share to pen the lyrics where Bhuvana Chandra was given only one. On a whole the audio bags a rating of 3.5/5.

Kallu Kallutho…
Sung By: Chitra
Lyrics: Kandikonda

This song stood at instant winner in the audio. This solo number defines and describes 'love' in a different manner. The line 'Chupu Chupu tho chiru dhee kodithey-prema' sounds to be an interesting expression and also recalls Genelia's (heroine in Mister Medhavi) previous hit movie 'Dhee'.

Neeli Kanula Chinadana…
Sung By: SP Charan, Kousalya
Lyrics: Kandikonda

This is the melodious beat in the album that rings in the ears even after listening to the entire album. Kandikonda has penned the song with simple and soft words. Although there are no great expressions in the lyrics, it stands out to be a pleasant number for ears.

Kala Kaaduga…
Sung By: Chakri
Lyrics: Kandikonda

This song sung by Chakri scores less in the album but still deserves an ear. The situational fervor in the song can be enjoyed only with visuals. Hence it is the song to be listened and watched on screen.

Neeti Chinuku…
Sung By: Harish Raghevendra, Sumangali
Lyrics: Kandi Konda

This is another instant winner in the album with romanticism in lyrics. The starting line, 'Neeti Chinuku mabbullona evaru daachaaro' elevates the song and makes it stand unique. The song stands to be a perfect match of lyrics and music.

O Maguva…
Sung By: Naveen, Suchitra
Lyrics: Bhuvana Chandra

This is another average number in the album and holds run of the mill standard. This is the only number written by Bhuvana Chandra in the album. Naveen and Suchitra have given their voices well but it would have been scored with better BGMs by Chakri.

Ningi Nela…
Sung By: Chakri
Lyrics: Kandi Konda

This is another wonderful number that haunts for quite long time. Chakri rendered the song with right feel and Kandi Konda penned it with required depth. Although it is a situational song, the ears hold the affinity for this. It is certainly the instant winner in the album.


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