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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pro Telugu Org. Chiru's SPARC ignites Europe

Pro Telugu Org. Chiru's SPARC ignites Europe.

With its first ever session in England, Bristol, UK Pro Telugu Org. Chiru's "SPARC" sessions lands in Europe with a bang. NRIs from London, Scotland and Ireland have attended the session. Those attended include Computer professionals, doctors, woman, students and other intellectuals.

Addressed the gathering on a live teleconference from Hyderabad, Dr. K. Nageswar, Political Analyst, MLC spoke on present Political, economical and social problems in AP and possible solutions to overcome them. In an interactive Question and Answer session Dr. Nageswar answered several questions posed by the attendees on education, healthcare, socio and woman's issues. The session concluded with a 45 minute brainstorming discussions on various contemporary issues of the state.

In yet another major SPARC event held in Atlanta, US Chiru's SPARC session NRIs from within the state and from neighbouring states attended the program on a hot sunny day where mercury levels are at record high 102F. Starting with Sankarambadi's "maa telugu thalli ki malle poodanda" song, the session continued with the Chief Guest Dr. K. Raghunath MD Cardiologist, speech on healthcare issues in Andhra Pradesh. Pro Telugu Org. Coordinator Madhu Tata spoke on the importance of Chiranjeevi entering into politics. Pro Telugu Org. Founder Joint Secretary Ram Tatineni spoke on NRI Maha Yatra and the highlights. TAMA President Sridevi Dadithota, Vice-President Satyanarayana Reddy and others spoke on the occasion. Pre-recorded video speeches by Dr. Mithra, Nagendra Babu, Dr. K. Nageswar are screened for the attendees along with several other videos showing the socio-economic conditions in Andhra Pradesh. Quiz contest on Chiranjeevi films and Chiranjeevi charitable trust, eye bank by Kiran Manchikanti and the Musical orchestra of Chiranjeevi's old and new songs by Ram Dhoorvasula are the other highlights in the session.

Following the Bristol, UK SPARC session. Pro Telugu Org. received several phone calls and emails from the Chiranjeevi well Wishers, fans and other NRIs in UK, requesting for a similar session in London. In a press statement released, Pro Telugu Org. Media Secretary Rao Siddam told that all arrangements are being made to organize a session in London, UK during the third week of June.

Rao Siddam

Media Secretary

Pro Telugu Org.






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