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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Telugu Film News Dec 23, 2007

Manisha item song in Nagaram
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After a long gap, Manisha Koirala is back in Telugu films. She is doing an item song for Srikanth’s latest film Nagaram which is being produced by Kishore and Sri Mitra Chowdary. She is charging a bomb for this. Jagapati Babu does a guest role. This film is a remake of a hit Tamil flick. Kaveri Jha is paired up with Srikanth.

Happy Days Nikhil with ‘Sye’ Giri
Giri who produced films like Andhrawala, Naa Alludu and Sye in the past is making his comeback with a film that features Nikhil (Happy Days fame) as hero. Parasuram (Bujji) who worked with many projects under Puri Jagan and Bhaskar (Bommarillu) is wielding megaphone for the first time. The regular shooting will start in November 2008. The casting process is going on now.

2nd HIFF from 3 January
Second Hyderabad International Film Festival is going to start on 3 January 2008 and continue till 10 January. The festival will be held in the five screens of Prasads multiplex and Amaravathi theater (Lakadi ka pool). The delegate passes for all the films would be obtained by paying Rs. 500/-. These passes can be obtained from the festival office in Saradhi Studios, Ameer pet. Dasari will act as festival chairman.

Yearender: Hero of the Year 2007

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There are no film hits, no great awards and rewards and no big encomiums this year. He has only mental trauma for the venom spilled on him by Mohan Babu indirectly in Platinum Jubilee function. He was pushed into depression by the daughter that married against to his wish and also made big uproar in national media harming his image. His younger brother Pawan Kalyan created a scene at Jubilee Hills Police station with a pistol, adding pain to his grief.

He also got pressures and compulsions from different politicians to come into their party. His own fans brought disgust for him asking him to start new party.

His film 'Sankaradad Zindabad' flopped miserably. With all this, he forced himself into oblivion and staying far away from media camera. The only notable thing happened in this year for him is the debut of his son Ram Charan with 'Chirutha'.

Although there is no good news for him, he has been the biggest news maker with many bad things.

Looking at the flip side, he bagged such a big reputation that Monika Satijn-Boricic, a Dutch filmmaker is working on a documentary on Chiranjeevi now after getting inspired from his influential aura and demigod status in AP.

Chiranjeevi has become 'the most wanted savior' for Communists and they are the first to approach Chiranjeevi and offer a welcome for him into their party. And Kapus on other hand compelling Chiranjeevi to make their community and alternate force gluing caste color.

On a whole while the year 2006 bestowed him with Padmabhsuhan, doctorate and laurels from Abdul Kalam, the President, for CCT activities, the year 2007 turned a bane with more pressures, tensions and dooms for the star.

Now the buzz is still on his political entry. News Papers, Magazines, Tabloids, Websites, TV channels, Astrologers and Numerologists are cashing the buzz by indoctrinating people with comprehensive analyses in all possible ways. The real hero of 2007 is hence Mega Star Padmabhushan Dr Chiranjeevi!!

Screen Talk: Charmy Says About Her 'Dreams'!

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Charmy says that she dreams and dreams and dreams. She speaks very good Telugu and shared her views on life and career this way.

"Nenu eppudoo kalalu kantoo untaanu", she started. Probably she might have inspired by Abdul Kalam's words 'Dream and Dream'. "I dream to touch the sky so that at least I reach the tree top. I always want to be jovial and happy in life. I take things very casual and enjoy the life. I always dream a lot. I wish to be on the top, earn big and achieve bigger success. And I don't get tensed to achieve all those dreams. I dream and take up whichever comes my way", said Charmy with charming face last evening.

Charmy is in happy mood for the success of the film 'Mantra' that is doing well at the box office. Apart from success, her crowd pulling power is known for film circles. She made the entire theatres houseful with her mere presence on posters.

Cinema Stills Dec 23, 2007


7Seas Entertainments bags Multistarer 'Krishnarjuna'

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7Seas Entertainments bags Multistarer “KRISHNARJUNA” movie USA theoretical and DVD rights.

The movie is produced by Padmashri Dr.M.Mohan Babu under prestigious banner Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures with presentation by 24 Frames Factory.

The movie starring Vishnu, Nagarjuna and Mamata Mohandas in the lead roles, story, screenplay, and direction by veteran director P.Vasu (Chandramuki Fame), music by M.M.Keeravani.

Here are some of the major plus points of the movie which we would like to highlight for all the exhibitors in USA to screen this clean family fun movie in your cities

1] “KRISHNARJUNA” movie is a modern fantasy film where Vishnu playing super hero role

2] Nagarjuna one of the top Star of Tollywood playing full length critical role along with hero

3] Collection King Dr.Mohan Babu acting in surprise divine cameo role after his superb performance as YAMA in YAMODONGA

4] First Indian movie where the title is picked up by 1, 80,000 people through SMS

5] A modern multistarer movie in Tolloywood after 3 decades

6] M.M.Keeravani scoring music for 8 songs after Yamadonga which is mega hit of 2007

7] After resounding success of DHEE movie, Vishnu and Brahmanandam comedy track which will tickle all ages

8] Chandramuki fame P.Vasu who has modern thinking provided story, screenplay and directed this fun filled multistarer movie

9] Comedy track in the movie has taken part by top comedians of Tollywood i.e. Brahmanandam, Ali, Sunil, and MS Narayana

10] Some of the critical characters played by topnotch veteran actors like Nazar, Ahuti Prasad and Tanikella Bharani

11] The computer Graphics in the movie is going to be on par with Hollywood movie never seen before in any Telugu movie

12] Nag, Vishnu, Australia models is creating a promotion song for the movie and will get aired on all music channels through out India first time in Tollywood history before release.

13] First Telugu movie where 200 lucky persons will be invited for the dinner and premier show of the movie along with Stars

Romantic natasamrat Nagarjuna well know for acting in Class movies. This movie going to be one of his best class performance ever seen before promising to be richest experience on Silverscreen.

The audio of the movie is schedule to be released in grand scale in Annapurna studios on December 26th through 24 Frames Factory.

Film Nagar rumor is that this movie is going to be trend setter in Tollywood, and Mega Hit of 2008. Compared to all other movies, Its not old love story theme, faction theme, sentiment theme. This movie has good story, rich production values and rich computer graphics which will cater to all audiences.

The movie will be released in Jan last week or Feb first week of 2008.

Our sincere thanks to Padmashri Dr.MohanBabu, Vishnu, Executive Producer Ashok Kumar, Praveen Kolla for providing this wonderful opportunity.

Interested individuals to screen this fun filled modern fantasy can contact: Marreddy @ 408-382-1298 or send email to krishnarjuna08@gmail.com

Gallery: Exclusive Ravi Teja and Trisha in Krishna

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Reel Talk: Bad Reports For Nagarjuna's TV Serial

'Yuva' is the TV serial that was started by Nagarjuna in big way with big hype. The young actors acted in 'Happy Days' are seen in this serial on MAA TV. The response to this serial is pretty bad and the youngsters are also not inclining towards it.

"The serial has no sense and the episodes go on with no spirit. The comedy in the serial is also very weak and it is better to stop the serial or should come up with proper line taking some break", says Lavanya, a plus-2 student.

"We don't understand why Nag produces this serial. It is suffering from poor viewer-ship. Nag should rethink and should change the 'behind the screen team' if possible", says Madhusudan, an MBA student.

"I thought that the serial would open new vista for amusement. But it didn't. Rather it is bringing in boredom", said Kaveri, an engineering student.

While everyone is saying this way, Ravi, another engineering student leaves a ray of hope saying, "There must be something interesting ahead. Otherwise Nag wouldn't encourage this serial. I' m awaiting something interesting after a couple of episodes".

What can we say? Nag should give a look here.

Gallery: Bhoomika at Annasuya Success Meet

http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_00021198361121.JPGhttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_00781198361255.JPGhttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_00541198361252.JPGThe image “http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_00851198361344.JPG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.http://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_00191198361124.JPGhttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_00661198361253.JPGhttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_00531198361252.JPGhttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_01271198361346.JPGhttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_01351198361396.JPGhttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_00101198361123.JPGhttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_00241198361200.JPGhttp://www.greatandhra.com/gallery/upload/634/images/DSC_00451198361202.JPG

City Buzz: Now, Sania’s doctors threatened

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Hyderabad: Ever since she shot into limelight, Sania Mirza has faced one peculiar problem. A section of her own community treated her as the villain of her religion. From issuing fatwas on her sporting gear to the recent allegation that she has hurt the sentiments of the community by trespassing into the historic Mecca Masjid in the old city, they have been troubling Sania Mirza no end.

Now her detractors seem to be spreading their net wider, training their focus even on those who are associated with the player. The doctors who have been treating Sania Mirza for her injuries from time to time over the last few years have been the targets of hate mail.

Dr K J Reddy of the Apollo Hospital here, who was responsible for the player’s rehabilitation on several occasions in the past and had helped her recover from career-threatening injuries, has been warned by a few individuals and groups from India and Pakistan.

The senior orthopedic surgeon has received four letters all of which warned him of dire consequences if he continued to treat Sania Mirza as she was bringing bad name to their religion.

While two letters were received from Pakistan, one was from Bangalore and the other from Kannouj in Uttar Pradesh.

The message is simple in all these four letters: “Dont treat Sania. She is getting injured because God does not want her to play as she was bringing bad name to the religion. Please don’t treat her or else you will face serious consequences. We will not hesitate to harm you.”

In an envelope that the doctor received immediately after he treated Sania Mirza last March, a letter was even addressed to Sania.

“I have informed Sania’s father about this but kept it from the girl because I thought these things will affect her game as also the treatment,” said Dr Reddy.

What was his first reaction? “I felt disturbed for a few days. I will not say I was frightened but we cannot ignore these things. One thing that disturbed me most was that they are targeting the doctor. I don’t understand why they are upset with Sania. She is the pride of the nation and everybody should be proud of her achievements,” Reddy said.

The letter from Uttar Pradesh was addressed to Dr Reddy and the CEO of Apollo Hospital Dr Hariprasad. Signed by one Noor, the letter is written in Hindi with a footnote in English which warned the doctor to get the letter translated into English in case he didn’t know Hindi, for it was important for him as well as Sania Mirza to know its contents.

It ends with a stern warning: “Please pay attention to the letters otherwise it should be very harmful for you.”


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