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Friday, September 7, 2007

Chiranjeevi Needs Lots and Lots of Navratan oil

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Remember Chiranjeevi's ad for a hair oil company – Navratan Kesh Tel to be precise. In the ad, Chiranjeevi says that whenever he is suffering from headache, tension, body pain and sleeplessness, he uses Navratan oil – Challa Challani Cool Cool.

Well, he is in the US now, and one doesn't know if he has enough stock of Navratan oil. He has a lot of headache on 4 counts.

First, his SDZ bombed and there is a lot of confusion as well as pressure on him about his 149th film. Many directors and writers are after him to give them a chance to do his next film. The second is Ram Charan Tej's debut film – Chirutha. The film is giving him sleepless nights. He is worried about the fate of the film and how people will receive his son. The film's release has been postponed several times on account of this.

And the third problem is one that is giving him the biggest headache. The problem has been plaguing him for a long, long time. It is about his entry into politics. He is under pressure from many quarters and he is unable to come out with a clear stand on it. So Chiranjeevi needs lots and lots of Navratan oil to keep him cool cool.

Finally, the 4th one is Pawan Kalyan's issue. It is churning in court of law now and Chiranjeevi is worried if it affects his public image.

Nudity Of Indian Heroines On Silver Screen

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Celina Jaitley freshly gave a statement that she would act nude on screen if she gets a Hollywood chance. In fact there has been an opinion that Indian actresses don't show interest in acting nude on screen.

Celina may break that assumption soon, opine many.

Let us recall a few Indian actresses who have shown nude on silver screen. It was Anu Agarwal who acted in an English flick showing her naked bust. It was then Deepthi Bhatnagar who has shown every inch of her nude body but with wet element wearing a very transparent white cloth on body. Indira Varma is another actress who acted complete nude in Meera Nair's Kama Sutra and she got a few Hollywood films too after that. Radhika Choudary is another nude actress in the same film that got no big chances after that.

Deepa Sahi, the wife of Bollywood director Ketan Mehta also acted complete nude in Maya Memsaab. Dimple Kapadia also acted topless in Sagar and Jaanbaaz. Simi Agarwal also did the same in Mera Naam Joker.

Coming to South Indian actresses, the list goes big with the advent of Malayalam films. Kimi Katkar, Jayamala, Suganthi and many have shown themselves nude and semi nude on screen.

So, it's not new if Celina shows now. She will join in this band wagon.


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