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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photo Feature: Ram Charan and Allu Arjun cheers...

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Chirutha son of Megastar was found cheering the cheer girls! As the dancing girls were rocking the floor and entertaining crowd Tollywood stars Charan and Arjun were found dancing with the girls to catch the attraction of the crowd and media. They came to watch the Twenty-20 match between Deccan chargers and Delhi dare devil on Tuesday night here at Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium.

Other stars watched the match were Nagarjana, Tarun, Srikanath and many other personalities.

'Kantri' Review: An Action-Revenge Entertainer

Film: Kantri
Banner: Vyjayanthi Movies
Cast: NTR, Hansika Motwani, Tanisha, Prakash Raj, Subba Raju, Raghu Babu, Kota, Ashish Vidyarthi, Apoorva etc
Music: Mani Sharma
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Stunts: Stun Shiva
Cinematography: Sameer Reddy
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction: Meher Ramesh
Producer: C Ashwini Dutt
Released on: 9th May 2008

This is the first Telugu film for director Meher Ramesh. He had struggled really hard holding four portfolios as director, story writer, screenplay and dialogue writer. He also penned a song in the film and thus played the fifth role as lyricist as well. And for NTR this film is second one after his changed physique. After the socio-fantasy 'Yamadonga' he came up with this action packed revenge formula. After making dud like 'Sainikudu' and average runner like 'Chirutha' Ashwini Dutt came up with this flick. How far all of these marveled with this film? Let us peep into the story.

An interestingly woven plot, the movie begins with the story of how Pothuraju (Prakash Raj) becomes P R, the international don and is known for his nefarious connections and illegal dealings. He is supported at every step by Seshu (Ashish Vidyarthi) and both of them become kings in their field. On the other hand, there is Kranti (NTR) an orphan who is the life of his orphanage and takes care of all their needs. A deal of PR's gang requires few young men and coincidentally Kantri gets into the loop, he wins the confidence of PR with his fast thinking and becomes a 'Kantri' for the wrong people.

He sees Varalakshmi (Hansika) during one of his activities and falls for her at the first sight. Love happens between them and things life looks much better for Kranthi, but then a small issue becomes big and Kranthi separates from PR's gang and takes money from Das (Sayaji Shinde) to kill PR. Before he gets to kill PR, he is told that PR is actually his father. The hatred becomes attachment and in this process Priya (Tanishaa) daughter of Seshu who comes from New York sees Kranthi and falls in love with him. However, some incidents happen and differences rise between PR and Seshu also.

How Kranthi puts an end to all this and clears the confusion forms the rest of the story.

Jr NTR's performance is marvelous in the film. His voice appeared to have gained base better than before. His diction is also maintained in moderate way without big shouts and yells. Thus he was stylized with this film. And the aspect that deserves high encomiums is his dance. Many steps are far better than that of 'nachore' song from Yamadonga.

Hansika is soft and supple for eyes while Tanisha is for glamour quotient on screen. The role of Tanisha is very short and she couldn't make bigger appeal anyway. Hansika has some role to play but majority of her role goes with bubbly acts but no big histrionics.

Prakash Raj, Ashish Vidyarthi and Murali Sharma have added glory for film with their villainy roles. Subba Raju has got some sensible lengthy character in the film. He seems to be a competition for other upcoming and struggling villain Ajay now.

Comedy by Sunil and Brahmanandam is very inferior and artificial. Krishna Bhagawan and Ali could spill laughs in better way.

Music by Mani Sharma is an average show; There are no haunting tunes to take home. The Kantri title song sung by NTR is dominated by sound and music.

Cinematography, choreography and editing are up to perfection and Meher Ramesh's hard work is impressive. He would have worked more on spreading comedy in the film in better way.

There are a few notable things to mention in the film:

  • Ali's Chinese comedy
  • Krishna Bhagawan's Singapore comedy
  • NTR's dialogue on cycle
  • NTR's dances for two songs and the one with classical touch
  • Prakash Raj's villainy
  • And last but not least, dedicating the film to Sobhan Babu.

The film starts with flashback montages along with titles simultaneously. The high-pace action scenes mixed up with a sentiment in disguise makes the film a pleasant entertainer. Had the comedy been added more, the film would have been the best entertainer. Meher Ramesh, the captain of the film struggled really hard and that is seen in many ways.

Climax appeared to have dragged a lot. But there is no way left for the director as he wanted to establish several things and conclude only in the climax. Entire film has maintained enough of interest quotient and necessary twists and turns are incorporated. Climax twist is something interesting and experimenting.

First half of the film is with comedy while the second half is with sentiment and action dose. Although the film appears to be an adoption from other old sentimental-formula films, finally it concludes as revenge plot.

The film is for mass cum class audiences. Technically the film stands on the summit. Leaving the length part and less-comedy part aside, the film is a well-made one.

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