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Monday, October 8, 2007

Press Note: Chirutha Prabhanjanam in Virginia

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Kothacinema.com, a leading exhibitor in Virginia screened CHIRUTHA from 28th Sep 2007 including Premier show on 27th Sep 2007. Kothacinema is always care about viewer ship experience screened Chirutha in One of the best theaters in Virginia. We got tremendous response for first week with total turnout of about 1800 people.

Lot people called us and requested to screen again, so we did screened 2 shows on 5th, 6th Oct 2007. In spite of 'Happy Days' running in other theater, we got tremendous response and 2 shows got sold out. That proves the power of Mega Star and his son.

Thank you to our USA distributor and others who involved in making this success

Chiranjeevi Cannot Be Compared With NTR

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I Venkata Rao is the senior journalist who said that Chirajeevi should not be compared with NTR.

He said, "There should be a very perfect and clear motive for entering into politics. NTR had very perfect motive those days. He had very deep insight into various problems in society. Chiranjeevi cannot be compared with NTR now. People should know if he has proper insight on the aspects of burning issues like Telangana problem, Nuclear Deal and possibility of preparing an agenda that sounds better than that of TDP's and Congress'. Only then there will be any sense. Why Chiranjeevi is wishing to enter politics? Is that only because he has cine glamour? If he is planning to enter seeing that if the atmosphere is right to become CM, he will be a failure. If he has clear motive to serve people through politics irrespective of he becoming CM or not, only then the things will make sense".

So we have to see what Chiranjeevi will do and what his people make him do.

Suhasini: 'Chiranjeevi Was Egoistic'

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Suhasini says that Chiranjeevi was egoistic. Let us read in her own expression:

"We see many artistes those look humble, modest and patient when they enter the industry. But as they grow up they develop ego and pride. But Chiranjeevi is someone different. He used to have ego in his eyes and confidence in his moves when he entered films. I still remember that. But as he started growing he became humble day by day. He is cool and modest now. That's the specialty in him".

Well, Suhasini has also got a specialty in saying something new about new someone!!!

Who Is Real Medhavi In Mister Medhavi?

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Mister Medhavi is the film that is going to turn the heads of all in November. Neelakanta is the director of the film. After seeing ups and downs in career as a director, this time he has come up with a wonderful entertaining subject that goes with mind game. It's going to be a film that dealt with human emotions, say inside sources.

Genelia liked the story in the first narration itself and gave away her dates. Raja expects that he gets big break after 'Anand' with this film. Tanikella Bharani is the other character in the film. How the title Mister Medhavi is justified? Who will be that Medhavi at last? That becomes the crux of the film that goes with interesting narration under magical screenplay. Well, there is no murder mystery or investigation part in it. It is played on human emotions, to say again. Is that not pumping in interest?

The film is set to release in 2nd week of November and right now the Post Production activities are going on.

Buzz: Will Babu 'Use and Throw' Roja?

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This is the impression that people are holding now. Roja has got hot cine glamour and still she is in the cognitions of people as a beautiful actress. She was given Telugu Mahila President's chair and Roja is now on her job. She also started throwing cold water on Chiranjeevi indirectly saying that Cine glamour may not bring success in politics. But what is she doing???

"Are people and Chandrababu Naidu recognizing her political and service abilities? Even Chandrababu is very keen that his party needs some cine glamour. He used Jayaprada long back and thrown her out later. She went to Mulayam Singh Yadav and enjoyed respect in UP for sometime. Will Chandrababu do the same thing with Roja? If that happens, Roja has to go to Tamilnadu to find place for her. Right now it is said that Chandrababu is worried for the over-response that Roja is getting while going into public. Babu always fears if anybody grows beyond his expectations in his own party, said a TDP MLA off the record.

We have to see if Roja's plight goes like that of Jayaprada.

Shankar and Rehman Are Creatively 'Perverted'

Shankar as director is in the good books of every film lover till the release of Sivaji, says a senior Tamil director. He adds saying that Shankar lost every speck of grace in him with Sivaji, that was made in utter confusion. Although Shankar worked for about one and half year, the product he brought is worst and demeaning, he concluded.

Coming to AR Rehman, "He is genius and considered to be the best music director in contemporary cinema. No one knows how he got that fame. He is a normal music director with extra ordinary luck. The only reason is the scope of turning heads of all Indians scoring music for Hindi films and playing concerts in London. He proved to be a confused nut by scoring music for Sivaji. Should we consider that as gen-next music? Or should we understand that he got perverted", said Rajani T, a music teacher.

So, what does it mean? Have Shankar and Rehman turned creatively perverted? It happens at a point f culmination. Only psychologists can tell.

Reel Talk: 'Vajrotsavam' Still A Hot Cake!

The 75 years celebrations of Telugu film industry are still a hot cake. MAA TV takes the privilege of showing that as serial on every Sunday. The program became historic with the 'legendary' speeches of Mohan Babu and Chiranjeevi. Adding to that many cultural programs elevated the event to large extent.

No other event in recent past got that big craze. The audiences are also switching on the TV learning that Vajrotsavam highlights are being shown on MAA. The ERP ratings of the channel are going top when this event is aired. Repeated audiences are being attracted for this event.

Although a set of people got disturbed by the happenings in this event, the MAA TV is very happy.

City Buzz: 'Smell' From Multiplex Confused People

A bunch of friends, a leisurely Sunday afternoon, a multiplex, an uber-cool movie! It sounded like a good combo, especially since the Hindi movie promised to be a laugh riot. But those who went to the multiplex last Sunday were left confused as they wondered where they had landed. As they waited in the corridors with the movie being nearly 20 minutes behind schedule, the crowd got to inhale the aromas wafting out of the numerous corn counters, making the space smell like a restaurant. Finally when the doors to the theatre opened, a strong smell of disinfectant welcomed them. Worse, the air-conditioned hall retained that smell throughout the show, making people wonder if they were at a hotel, hospital, public toilet or a movie hall. Finally, while some made good use of their body sprays and jasmines in their hair, others preferred to walk out even before the interval. Now it would be nice of movie houses used more and better air fresheners.


Name: Archana

Pet Name: Acchu

Birth Date: October 8th

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 5 ft 4 inch

Hair: Dark Brown

Family: Mother, Father, Brother and my pet dog

Education: B.A

Hobbies: Reading (fiction), dancing and Yoga.

Favorite Films: Kshana Kshanam, Anthapuram, Padaharella Vayasu, Vasantha Kokila

Favorite Actors: Kamal Haasan, Nagarjuna, Mahesh Babu, Saif Ali Khan and Brad Pitt

Favorite Actresses: Sridevi, Tabu, Trisha and Salma Hayek

Favorite Book: The Alchemist, The Devil and Miss Prym

Favorite Food: My Mom's dishes and Fish items

Favorite Restaurant: Fusion 9 and Grill Room in Hyderabad

Favorite Holiday spot: Any place in Europe

Favorite Attire: Blue Jeans with T-short as top and Sarees

Favorite Color: Black and White

Accessories That You Must Carry With: My hand bag with a Comb, Kajal pencil, perfume and a book

First Crush: Classmate in 8th Grade.

Opinion on Love: The most beautiful & Precious creation of God for the people.

Telugu Film News

Yamadonga function postponed
The proposed 50 days function of Yamadonga film is indefinitely postponed. The official reason stated is the incessant rains. But unofficially, it might be due to the fact that the function should be held after completing 100 days in grand way. Earlier it was planned to have 50 days function on 14 of October in Kasu Brahmananda Reddy stadium. NTR is expected dance in this function. The dialogues cassette of Yamadonga film is also expected to release on the same day.

Tulasi censoring on 8 October
Venkatesh’s 12 October release Tulasi is going for censoring on 8 October. Since it is a mass flick with child sentiment, the producer Suresh Babu is planning for an extensive prints release. Nayana Tara is doing female lead. Shriya did an item song. Venkatesh had a slight injury during shooting of this film in January. With AMAV becoming a success, there are huge expectations on this film. Devi Sri Prasad composed music. Boyapati Srinu is the director.

Naga Babu - Kodi combination film
Naga Babu seems to be getting busy as hero these day. Right now he is acting in ‘Apada Mokkula Vadu’ in Posani Krishna Murali direction. His next solo film will be directed by Kodi Rama Krishna. It will be the story of a powerful cop. Sangeeta and Mayuri (Asha Saini) are the names under consideration for female lead. This film’s muhurat will be held on 20 October.

Snippet: Mahesh Babu Applauds Mani Sharma

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Mahesh Babu keeps silent in general with media. He hardly comes out for a talk regularly. But he applauds music director Mani Sharma for the wonderful music given for 'Athidhi'.

He said single line, "Mani never disappointed me. He gave the best music for me all the while".

Mahesh Babu said this when asked him why he preferred Mani Sharma for the music of 'Athdhi'. All the songs in the album have scored well where 3 of them were written by Seetarama Sastry, one by Chandrabose, and one by Vishwa and one by Bhaskara Bhatla.

The songs are standing on top in the chartbusters list of the week in all big music hubs. FM Channels are also playing the songs from the album in big way al the while.

Trisha Sounds Professional, Practical And Philosophical

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Trisha sounds to be professional with respect to films, practical with respect to her fan clubs and philosophical in the matter of gossips.

"I am very fortunate that Telugu and Tamil careers of mine are going well simultaneously. People look at the last hit always and rest of the matters doesn't matter. My last film in Telugu 'Adavarimatalaku Ardhaley Veruley' is a hit. Now, I'm doing two films-one with Ravi Teja and the other with Prabhas. My career is blossoming only with hits in both the languages. Varsham, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana and Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule boosted up my image in Telugu".

Trisha is practical in two aspects. One is the gushing new heroines and the other is her fans' club. She says, "New faces do come all the time. There will be lot of hype when they come. But only talent and hit-rate survive. When one is working with complete dedication and delivering what is asked, the inferiority complex need not be there. Coming to my fans' clubs, initially, I'm against for them. I assumed for quite long time that the hype is not true but only artificial. But when the fans turned dedicated and sat with me and explained about the social activities we can do, I turned on. Fame is a Bougainville if it is not useful for others. If it's useful, then it will be called a fragrant flower. I wanted to bring sense to the fame given by people to me. I want to pay them back".

"I read many gossips about me. They hurt me in fact. But I ignored them in recent times. I developed a philosophy-to work hard and go ahead with positive feel. Just ignore the rest".

Reel Talk: Puri's 'Nenanthe' With Ravi Teja

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Right now Puri Jagannath is in the happiness of 'Chirutha' and also about to announce his next film. It was said earlier that Puri is going to do a film with Pawan Kalyan with the title 'Nenanthe'.

But now the Film Nagar sources say that Puri is going to make the film with Ravi Teja with the same title. The title got registered long back. The reasons are not known why Puri changed the hero at last.

But Ravi Teja on the other hand is about to 'Bezawada Bujji' with Vinayak. Puri also announced that he is doing 'Bujjigadu made in Chennai' with Prabhas. So, when this Puri-Ravi Teja combination sees light? Will that be immediate or takes time? That has to be seen. Already Puri gave big hits to Ravi Teja with the films 'Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam', 'Idiot' and 'Amma Nanna Oka Tamil Ammaayi'.

Opinion: Happy Days - Tollywood Neads Many More!

It is refreshing to see once in a while a telugu movie,

  • Which does not show people killing each other
  • Which does not have any of the standard comedians yet generate lot's of laughs
  • Which does not have songs pictured in foreign locations or huge sets
  • Which does not have atleast one known star in the lead cast
  • Which does not have an "Item Song"
  • Which does not have hot shot Technicians
  • Which does not cause embarrassment to watch with entire family

Over the years tollywood has adopted some or all of the above ingredients in making any kind of film.

Kudos to Sekhar Kammula who has refused to adopt the routine formula of film making in tollywood and has shown that you can still make a successful movie without the "standard" stuff.

Shekar has chosen a genre of film which was not popularly attempted but has stuck to classic style of screenplay while narrating the story. The scenes involving misunderstanding between lead characters, college picnic, ragging are shown in many films, but it's the dialogues, actors and locales that brought lot freshness to the film.

The director has kept the characterization simple and did not go overboard with mannerisms and emotions. Music is good and technical values are up to the mark. Though the cast is new, Sekhar was able to extract decent output. I felt like few characters have strong resemblance to "Saved by Bell" a popular teen shows on NBC aired some time in late 80's and early 90's. (Sorry Sekhar, if that's not the case).

Overall the movie is thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended for everybody... Unfortunately you won't get many movies like this... so when you get one of those, go watch and enjoy it...

Finally , Tollywood , needs more Sekhar's to get itself out of the trap that contains Star Images, Huge spending, Violence, Vulgarity and can bring many more Happy Days.

Gallery: Spicy Curves and Buxom Babes

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Gossip: Krishna Vamshi Praising Sindhu Menon!

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Director Krishna Vamshi has all praise for heroine Sindhu Menon nowadays. Grapevine says he is in deep love with her. After she made her entry into Telugu films through the film, 'Bhadrachalam,' she couldn't make her mark. It was Krishna Vamshi, who gave her a new lease of career in his film by exploiting her beauty in, 'Chandamama'. Recently, when Krishnavamshi was talking about Sindhu in a TV show, his wife Ramya Krishna came on line to pose an irksome question. But Krishna Vamshi didn't entertain her question.

Gossip: Mahesh Babu Learns Smoking From A Gal!

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Can a gal teach hero Mahesh Babu how to smoke a cigarette? Heroine Amritha Rao made such an attempt. When they were together in a shot, Mahesh Babu pretended his ignorance in smoking. Though director took all pains to explain him, he behaved like a novice. Amritha Rao took away cigarette from Mahesh Babu and took deep puffs to make Mahesh Babu understand. Mahesh Babu still wore a blank look and Amritha Rao smoke the entire cigarette. Mahesh Babu later started kidding Amirtha Rao by smoking another cigarette with amazing ease as chain smoker.

Why Ramoji Rao is after Chiranjeevi?

There are media reports that media baron Ch Ramoji Rao is trying his utmost best to bring film actor Chiranjeevi to politics. Though the media baron had not said anything in public, rumours are rife that he is for the entry of the film star to fill up the political vacuum in the State. There are also reports that he is fed up with former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu. After propping up former IAS officer and Lok Satta leader Jayaprakash Narayan without any much success, he is said to be keen on the entry of Chiranjeevi.

The film star and the media baron hail from two different social groups and yet the latter is said to be in favour of Chiranjeevi.This raises the basic question, why he is in favour of the film star? It has become clear that Chandrababu Naidu has lost his political teeth and there's remote possibility of the TD returning to power in May 2009 (as things stand now). If the Congress retains power, it simply means in other words that yet another five years of trouble and politcal harassment for the media baron. It is better to prop up the film actor to defeat the Congress so that there will be a political breather and a sort of support from the new political party.

The major hurdle in realising the dream is the film star himself. So far he has not made his mind open. No one knows what Chiranjeevi is thinking about jumping into political arena. Unless and untill the film star opens his mouth, rumours continue to fly, giving political entertainment to voters.


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