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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ramya Krishna Should Change That

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Ramya Krishna should change one thing that has been disgusting the TV viewers. She keeps on laughing in the show 'Jara Masti Jara Dhoom' that has been anchored by her. The show is very popular and Ramya Krishna's loud laugh for every small thing is disgusting people.

Indeed, the shows in Hindi channels will be bold but when it comes to Telugu channels, the conventionalism has been prevailing. The recent show of Ramya Krishna with Jaya Prada and Jaya Sudha proved to be vulgar in some aspects and Ramya Krishna's wild laughs for Jayaprada's double meaning talks and gestures added to that.

Is Ramya Krishna listening?

KS Rama Rao and Chalapathi Rao Are Also In List

The information from Chitrapuri Colony said that there are many big heads in the list who are booking flats those are intended only for poor artistes of film industry. We already reported that Paruchuri brothers are there in the list and now it is revealed that there are many rich people who are greedy for these flats. Out of them KS Rama Rao, Giribabu, Chalapathi Rao, Tamma Reddy Bharadwaja and Delhi Rajeshwari and many others are also there.

People know how rich the above personalities are. But still they want some piece in the area that was meant for giving away to poor artistes. The market prices of the flats are up to Rs 45 lakhs where they are coming for Rs 7 lakhs. That's the point of greed there.

Many poor artistes are talking less about them in public. While the generous people like Vijaya Chander are donating acres of land for poor people on one side, there are these greedy mobs on the other.

Reel Talk: 'Raghu With Love' To AR Rehman!


Raghu Kunche, the singer has released a music album 'Raghu With Love' freshly. Puri Jagannath talked about him in an interview saying, "Raghu and I are good friends from many years. I gave debut for him as singer in the film Baachi. Raghu is a good singer cum actor cum composer. He also worked for various films and also sang a few Tamil songs. It is good idea that he took all old melodies and remixed them as 'Raghu with Love'".

Raghu Kunche also approached AR Rehman to take his blessings. Raghu kneeled down in front of Rehman and touched his feet. Rehman is just 41 year old now. Raghu is also of same age approximately.

Will Rehman bless Raghu really by giving a chance to sing?

Gandhiji Worked In Favor Of Happy Days


It appears that Gandhiji worked for the success of 'Happy Days'. Indeed, 'Gandhi Jayanthi' holiday worked in favor of the film that released o same day in AP. The talk has come very well in Hyderabad and Vizag. The college students have patronized the film a lot and some family audiences have also made their way to theaters as it was a holiday. Sekhar Kammula is happy for this.

He shared his happiness saying, "The talk has come good everywhere. It's not only in Vizag and Hyderabad but also in the places like Guntur, Nellore , Vijayawada and Tirupathy. There is 100 days talk everywhere. The condition is Hyderabad is very positive that the student community I patronizing a lot. It's becoming hard to get tickets as well".

So it is confirmed that Sekhar Kammula did a hat-trick. While Anand was a success in both US and AP, Godavari did well only in US. Now 'Happy Days' made it big at both the places.

Telugu Film News October 03, 2007

Athidi and Tulasi clash?
With producers of both Athidi and Tulasi declaring the release dates to be in the middle of October, there is bit of concern among the buyers. The tentative dates of release for these two films are 12th and 18th. But our inside sources say that the producers are going to space out their movies in such a way that there is a safe distance of two weeks. In a couple of days, we will come to know about the exact date.

Manjula to produce a film with Vishnu
Vishnu who tasted the success with the surprise hit Dhee this year is currently acting in a film in the direction of P Vasu. Nagarjuna is doing a vital role in this film. Manjula (sister of Mahesh Babu) is going to produce Vishnu’s future project. Manjula produced films like Show and Nani was associated with the production of industry hit Pokiri.

Rajamouli’s mass flick with Charan
Rajamouli has watched the premiere of Ram Charan Teja’s Chirutha on the night of 27 September. He decided to prepare the story (genre) after watching Ram Charan Teja’s performance in Chirutha. Now he has decided to do an out and out mass flick with plenty of action. This film is likely to be launched in December of this year and released for the summer of 2008. Allu Arvind will produce this film on Geeta Arts banner.

Jagapathi Babu's - Swagatham movie details

Jagapathi Babu's 75th movie as a hero started recently. Jagapathi is much happy about his success with his recent movies,Starting from Samanyudu....Pellina kotthalo,Lakshyam..he is in cloud9.
Let's hope his new movie 'Swagatham' also reach the same league.

Casting : Jagapathi Babu,Anushka,Bhumika
Director : Dasarath
Producer : Aditya Ram
Music : R.P. Patnaik

Prince - The King of Telugu Cinema!


'Prince - The King of Telugu Cinema' is the book name recently released by J. Srinivas,Mahesh fan at Padmalaya Studios.This book provides the details about Mahesh personal life and his film career.Mahesh and other well wishers have attended this function and Prince Mahesh was extremely happy about his fan's Wonderful work in this book.

Puri Jaganadh: 'I Fulfilled Chiranjeevi's Desire'

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Charan is good but the story is bad. Charan's voice is good but the screenplay is not good. Charan's dance is good but Puri's narration is bad…'

These are the comments those have been making rounds after the release of Chirutha. When the same thing was asked to Puri, he said, "I did what Chiranjeevi garu asked me to do. He asked me to project his son well. That was fulfilled. Chiranjeevi garu hugged me after watching the first positive of the film. That's enough for me. When the purpose of showing Ram Charan in right degree is served, I don't feel anything if people say that my story is not up to the mark".

So Puri is happy even though the negative feedback on his story is heard. He also said that he never takes life serious and hence his stories also will be week and there will be no heaviness in that.

10 Exclusive Kamal's Dasavataram Movie Gallery

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Reel Buzz: What's Wrong If I'm Lesbian!

There are rumors that a Bollywood heroine is a lesbian. Freshly it is also said that she is spending longer time with females.

Can female fans feel free to move with her? They must be careful in this aspect. Gossips also say that she is getting disgust talking to men. It seems that she is keeping away from her boy friend as well these days.

But when asked about her behavior, as per unconfirmed news, she asked what is wrong in being a lesbian? Oh! She must be bringing a new revolution in this aspect. Is she going to be first Indian celebrity to claim her sexual right publicly?

She is the daughter of a yester years' hot heroine who hails from Bengal . Her nude clip shot by her boy friend also made rounds in internet.

Screen Talk: NTR's Liking For Priya Mani

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NTR says that he likes Priya Mani. The reason is also said. He said that she is the right dancer who can match his pace. Both NTR and Priyamani acted in the film 'Yama Donga' and the songs 'Noonugu Meesalodu' and 'Rabbaru Gaajulu' in that were hits where both are duets between NTR and Priya Mani.

In earlier days, the tinsel town used to say that Radha was the right dancer to match with the pace of Chiranjeevi in dance. Now Priyamani is being certified as right dancer beside NTR.

It will certainly be a good compliment for Priyamani.

TOP 5 Songs: 'Chirutha' song tops Telugu charts

Hyderabad, Oct 3 (IANS) The song "Yamaho Yama" from Ramcharan Tej's debut film "Chirutha", continues to be at the forefront of Telugu film chartbusters this fortnight. Here are the top five:

1) "Yamaho Yama" ("Chiruta") - This song, sung by Tipu, continues to top the charts. A bi-lingual number, it has a lively, loud, youthful feel.

2) "Rubbaru Gajjulu" ("Yamadonga") - A new entrant on the chartbuster list. Music composer M.M. Keeravani gets bhangra king Daler Mehndi to croon this number - perhaps his first song in a south Indian language. Keeravani scores the music in sync with Daler's singing - a folksy, lively and lilting rhythm.

3) "Buggare Bangaarama" ("Chandamama") - This K.M. Radhakrishnan composition is a blend of classical and folk strains. It is a melodious song rendered by Rajesh.

4) "Aakelesthe" ('Shankar Dada Zindabad") - This continues to be on the chartbuster list despite being pushed down. Devisri Prasad's music and Mamta Mohandas and Naveen's energetic voices continue to mesmerise listeners.

5) "Telusu Cheli" ("Viyyala Vaari Kayyalu") - This song has a slightly modern, foot-tapping music with a touch of melody. The slightly fast-paced song, composed by Ramana Goggula, is sung by Naveen and Ganga.


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