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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fight Among Charmy, Ravi Babu and Allari Naresh

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Here's a professional fight among the films of Charmy, Ravi Babu and Allari Naresh. The reason is that all three happened to be thrillers.

Charmy starrer 'Mantra' got response from the audience and it is bagging impressive collections. On the other hand the new release 'Anasuya' directed and acted by Ravi Babu got mixed response and the talk is on the right side.

Now the third thriller is also hitting theaters this week and that is 'Visakha Express. Allari Naresh and Rajiv kanakala played key roles in the film and it is directed by Mullapudi Vara. The film is getting bigger attention as the screenplay was given by Chandrasekhar Yeleti and presented by Rajamouli.

We have to see which thriller wins among these three. It's really a coincidence to see three thriller releases in three consecutive weeks.

ANR Exhibited His Romance With Bhoomika


Akkineni Nageshwara Rao is known for throwing some compliments on heroines who ever stand in front of him in his own romantic way. A few days back, during the audio release of 'Don' he talked romantically saying that he wants to act with Anushka if she gives green signal. He also gave an idea to make a film 'Musali Mogudu Paduchu Pellam' with him and Anushka as pair.

Today he has thrown comments on Bhoomika saying that he is ready to pair up with her if she says 'ok'. ANR and Bhoomika attended the inauguration of Tirumala Music Center in Vijayawada. Bhoomika turned happy for that and gave a thankful smile.

We have to see who else will receive such romantic blessings from this octogenarian legendary star of Tollywood.

Secret Behind Lawrence's Multiple 'Avatars'

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Why is Lawrence trying hand in every branch of film making? He throws a challenge to one or other every time. At one time, Director EVV made fun of him, when Lawrence tried to come out with a suggestion in direction. Lawrence took it a challenge and wanted to become a director.

On another occasion Lawrence tried to meddle with tuning a song, when Music Director Keeravani busy trying a tune. Keeravani took strong objection and ridiculed Lawrence for his ignorance. Lawrence wanted to become Music director too. He could become the two.

His latest film 'Don' showcased his multifaceted talents. One, however, should not ask about the outcome of the film!

Vijayashanthi's Movie On 'Telangana Thalli'

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It is said that Vijayashanthi is planning to do a film shortly on 'Telangana Thalli' as a part of campaigning for coming elections. She is busy with preparing script for that film and she wishes to use the movie as a tool to campaign. Hence she is titling the film with the name of her party 'Thalli Telengana' itself, say sources. Vijayashanthi is still relying on movies to allure people and get votes.

But how far the Telangana based films those were released by Vijayashanthi worked in those areas? Although Vijayashanthi released a couple of films after the hit flick 'Osai Ramulamma' of Dasari, they didn't make any impact at box office.

We have to see how far this lady boss attracts the attention of public with her new film.

Celina latest victim of Mumbai hotel's 'racism'

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Mumbai (IANS) Three Marathi actors recently denied entry into a restaurant in a suburban Mumbai 7-star hotel isn't an isolated case. Celina Jaitley had a nightmarish experience at the same establishment.

Recalling the incident, Celina told IANS: "I went into the sports lounge of this hotel with a gay foreigner friend of mine for just 10 minutes. I saw a tall imposing middle-aged German guy making obscene gestures at me. At first I ignored him out of embarrassment. Then he got bolder and came up to me to tell me in German in picturesque detail what he'd like to do to me.

"He didn't know I speak German fluently. That was it. I asked the hotel's authorities to deal with the situation, since they hadn't allowed my bodyguard in. Forget about challenging the German lecher, they said they didn't know who he was! Luckily I had seen him sign his room number on his bill."

When the posh hotel's cowardly personnel did nothing to help Celina, she left but returned the next day with three vans of cops, got the man out of his room and confronted him.

"He fell to his knees and cried and begged saying he has a wife and children back home. He should've thought of them when he treated me to such vulgar intentions. I made him write an apology and then for his family's sake decided not to press charges," Celina told IANS.

"The worst thing was, nobody in the hotel wanted to co-operate with me in dealing with this situation. Even some of my well-wishers advised me to forget about it.

"What I want to know is, whom do these hotels cater to? Are they for us Indians? Or are all the amenities and facilities only for foreigners? Why are foreigners given such blatantly preferential treatment in these posh hotels?"

The actress decided to speak up on the matter after she heard about the humiliation of the Marathi actors who weren't allowed in because of their Kolhapuri slippers.

"This isn't the first time that such an incident has happened. Some time ago, a dress designer friend of mine requested the same hotel's security to inspect his car in the portico, as he didn't want the clothes in the car to get wet in the rain. There was an argument. They slammed the car bonnet on his hand and fractured it...

"Don't they care about people who are not foreigners? Are these high-flying places so busy making big bucks that they've forgotten basic sense of decency?"

Chiranjeevi's Father Very Strong And Sturdy

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Chiranjeevi's father Shri Konidela Venkat Rao turned a topic for discussion among many. He breathed his last last morning leaving his family in big grief. The fans of Chiranjeevi took it very personal and few had shed tears as a silent condolence for the family of their star. Not only the fans of Chiranjeevi, but many other hearts also melted with compassion.

Many have started saying great things about Late Shri Venkat Rao.

"He was very strong and sturdy. He used to drive on motor cycle from Nellore to Rajahmundry when he was in his 50s. He is very disciplined and affectionate and the qualities were taken by his children", said an old friend of Venkat Rao.

"He used to have great affinity for Mogultur although traveled various places on transfers. Chiranjeevi used to study in Mogultur living in his aunt's house. Venkat Rao was known for love and affection", recalled another.

The day was spent by many mega fans and admirers of Mega Star by paying homage for the passed away father of Chiranjeevi, Nagababu and Pawan Kalyan.

MANTRA - Overseas Business Status

The sensational Hit Movie MANTRA which was released on Dec 22nd in USA is a phenomenal success having watched by 1209 people in the first 2 days. The response for this movie is excellent and everyone mentioned that Charmi and Shivaji did extremely well. The crew did a great job especially the Music Director Anand and the Cinematographer in presenting this suspense thriller for christmas.

With the christmas and New year holidays coming up we are expecting a huge turnout for this Movie.

Turnout for the first 2 days in the following centers
New Jersey - 467
San Jose, CA - 389
Dallas, TX - 353

And as of now, business has been closed in the following centers :

New Jersey
San Jose, CA
Laurel, MD
Cary, NC
San Diego

And the business is still open in the following locations:

Houston, TX
Los Angeles (3 Locations)
All Ohio
St. Louis
San Antonio

…and other small centers.

For trade opportunities and to screen the film in the above listed locations, please contact Madhu @ 270-779-1542 or Rupesh @ 602-373-4892.

Box-Office: Thrillers Topped the List

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1. Mantra:
The film turned the heads of all trade analysts with surprise. The openings are pretty good and the sustenance in collections for successive days is also found interesting. The thriller aspect in the film attracted the youth audience and their patronage has been good. The film stands in position-1 in the box office list of the week.

2. Don:
The film kept down majority of audience by not meeting the expectations. As the story line is not strong and as Lawrence tried to dominate in the film with his role, the film didn't turn a favorite for many of the mass audience. Although the openings the good, the eventual days are seeing little drop in the film. It sits in position-2 of the toppers' list of the week.

3. Anasuya:
This psycho thriller also made good openings and bagged mixed talk. The film is alluring the audience those like crime thrillers. The vital element in the film is that it has no suspense. The climax ifs predictable but still it is alluring the audiences for an anxious watch. It sits in position-3 of the toppers' list of the week.

4. Happy Days:
The success saga of the film is continuing and it is making impressive collections. Although the tempo of houseful collections has come down, it is still sustaining with considerable cash in flow. It sits in positiono-4 of the toppers' list of the week.

5. Godava:
The film is breathing heavily but still upholding its position in theaters. Shradhdha Arya turned crowd pulling element among a set of audiences and the publicity part is also helping the film to make a few more collections for this debut hero's flick. The film sits in position-5 of the toppers' list of the week.

Cinema Stills Dec 25, 2007

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Happy BirthDay Suhani Kalita

The image “http://www.careerenclave.com/jobs/images/arrow3.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Happy BirthDay Suhani Kalita

The image “http://www.careerenclave.com/jobs/images/arrow3.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Name: Suhani Kalita
Pet Name: Shona
Native Place: Hyderabad
DOB: 25th Dec
Stats: 34-27-35
Star sign: Capricorn
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Hair: Brown
Education: Currently Doing B.com., Computers
Hobbies: Watching Movies, Shopping, Reading Books, Listening to Music
Favorite Films: RHTDM, Arya, Bommarillu
Favorite Actors: Hrithik Roshan
Favorite Actress: Kareena Kapoor
Favorite Car: Toyota Corrolla
Favorite Book: Erich Segals Love Story
Favorite Food: Mushroom Delicacies and Mom made Food
Favorite Dress: Casual Jeans and T-shirts
Favorite Restaurant: Koyla
Favorite Holiday Spot: Goa & London
Favorite Color: Pink n White
Accessories that you must carry with: A water bottle, moisturizer, perfume and my wallet
Dream Characters: Genelia’s in Bommarilu & Sridevi’s in Chaalbaaz
Message to readers of indfilmnews.blogspot.com: Keep watching indfilmnews.blogspot.com it’s a coool site

Merry Christmas

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