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Friday, December 21, 2007

Telugu Film News Dec 21, 2007

Manoj’s Nenu Meeku Telusa?
After making his efforts in three regular films, Manoj is all set to do a different film with a novel story idea now. This film will directed by Ajay Sastri who worked with Krishna Vamsi as associate director for Rakhi. Ajay Sastry also worked for popular advertising agency ‘O & M’ in the past. This film is titled as ‘Nenu Meeku Telusa’. This film will go to floors in the month of January 2008. More details later.

Anushka with Venky?
Anushka has joined the big league by doing films with big heroes. After doing films with Nagarjuna and Bala Krishna, she is expected to be paired up with Venkatesh soon. This project is titled as Chintakayala Ravi. Venkatesh will do the role of a software engineer in this entertaining comedy. Yogi who directed ‘Oka Raju Oka Rani’ in the past will direct this film. Nallamalupu Bujji produces it. Priyamani is the other heroine considered for this project. Vishal Sekhar who composed music for SRK’s Om Shanti Om would be composing music.

Colors Swati’s Asta Chemma
Colors Swati who made film debut with Danger and did an entertaining role in AMAV is all set to do a solo heroine project. This project is titled as Asta Chemma. National award winning director Mohana Krishna Indraganti will direct this venture. Indraganti’s debut film Grahanam won national award and his next project Maya Bazaar did not do well. More details later..

Balu Balakrishnaki Yama Yama Fans Muhurat

Balu Balakrishnaki Yama Yama Fans Muhurat
Crew:Banner: Sri Sai Datta Production;Music:Daddy Srinivas; Story, Screenplay: M. Venkataramana; Lyrics: Daddy Srinivas;Exe.Pro.: Nalgonda Sriramulu; Dailogues: Sai Subrahmanyam; Camera: Subbu-Venkat; FIghts: Satish; Dance: Lawrence, Kaladhar, Venkat; Editing: Satyam.Producer: Venkataramana; Director: Daddy Srinivas

First New Year for Chiru without Srija

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Film star Chiranjeevi thinks that his second daughter Srija is lucky. His stardom went up after she was born. So Chiru had been making it a point, family sources point out, to celebrate important occasions with Srija. But now that Srija had left the family to marry a boy outside her caste and against the wishes of her family, Chiru may not be able to celebrate the new year with his daughter.

This is the first time that Chiru is missing Srija on January 1. If Chiru was busy shooting, Srija would call him up to say "daddy happy new year". But this time she may not get the chance what with film star's anger still simmering. She may not be able to greet even her mother.

So Srija and her husband Sirish will celebrate the new year on their own while the Chiru family may not venture to celebrate the event. After all, the love of dad and mom is greater than the love shown by children. They are yet to come out of the shock and may keep the new year a low key affair as they did on the Diwali and Dasara.

According to sources, Srija and Sirish are planning a big new year bash with their friends unmindful of the trauma and mental agony their family is undergoing.

Street Talk: Lawrence Is Too Selfish To Resist!

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If your memory permits to go back and see then just recall the scene from Mohan Babu's 'M Dharma Raju MA'. The road side beggar (played by Mohan Babu) uses local politician Satyanarayana as a tool and grabs what he wants without letting that known to anyone. During the counting of votes, initially M Dharmaraju MA sits at the tip of the chair, when listens that he is leading, he moves little back and sits comfortably. When he knows that he wins, he rests back in the chair and breathes happily. That scene was shown as a symbolism of his conquering nature in crooked way.

Now the scene can be attributed to Raghava Lawrence. He entered as a dancer into the industry and with the blessings of Chiranjeevi he turned a choreographer. Then he became director, actor and now the music director as well. It is said that in the film 'Don', he grabbed 5-6 departments only by convincing Nag and Kumar Choudary. But what he promised might be different from what he had narrated, say a few in the industry. During the film 'Style', initially he narrated the story keeping Prabhudeva and Raja in main leads. But when the project came to his hands he highlighted his own character and made other two roles of Raja and Prabhudeva submissive. Lawrence wants top recognition and he wants to eat away bigger cake always. Now the same thing repeated with Nagarjuna as well, as per impressions. Nagarjuna is professional and he hardly pokes his nose into director's department. But Lawrence, with his over selfish behavior, is polluting the industry, say Film Nagar sources. He flopped 'Style' showing himself as hero. He kept down Nagarjuna by over shadowing him in 'Don'.

So, like 'Style', even the film 'Don' too was made with same attitude problem of Lawrence, say some sources.

SP Bala Subrahmanyam Hiked Up To Rs. 30,000

SP Balu is not so busy in singing unlike his previous years. He didn't make any of his working hour waste in 80s and 90s. But due to the influx of new trendy voices, he lost many chances and at the same time he is not craving for singing more number of songs. He is very selective and singing the songs whichever come to him. He is now compromising with remuneration as well. After a long gap, he hiked up his payments very recently.

Balu hiked up his remuneration for singing a song to 100%. Earlier he used to take Rs 15,000 for singing a private devotional song. But now he hiked that up to Rs 30,000. And for film song he is taking up to Rs 60,000. And for stage shows his remuneration starts from Rs 3 lakhs.

And Shankar Mahadevan is taking bigger than him. He is not giving his time to sing private devotional songs but if he accommodates he is claiming Rs 50,000 and for film song he is taking a pay check of Rs 75,000 or Rs 1, 00,000.

Shankar Mahadevan and Balu are proven to be expensive singers in South India as of now.

'Anasuya' Copied From 'Silence Of The Lambs'?

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Ravi Babu's 'Anasuya' is releasing today. This is the hot impression that is making rounds by noticing the similarity between the trailers of 'Silence of Lambs' and 'Anasuya'.

Watch 'Silence of Lambs' Trailer using this link (duration: 1 min 49 sec):

Watch 'Anasuya' Trailer using this link (duration: 1 minute 42 sec):

Well, inspiring from Hollywood flicks has become a common aspect for many Indian film makers. If that is adopted firmly, then the film would be a sure success. It's the story of a serial killer who will be smoked out by an FBI Agent and a Criminal Psychology Expert in English. Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins played leads in 'Silence of Lambs'. Here Anasuya, played by Bhoomika, is a media journalist and Criminal Psychology expert. Isn't there some resemblance? Let us see how far Ravi Babu copied the 'Silence of Lambs'.

Rumors: Rojaramani Is No More A Possessive Mom!

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Rojaramani, the possessive mother of Tarun, heaved a sigh of relief with Arti Aggarwal entering wedlock. She had her own apprehensions regarding Tarun's fascination for her. Arti's much-publicized abortive attempt to commit suicide had scared Rojaramani too much. Arti's love for Tarun became open secret with this incident. Rojaramani kept a close vigil on Tarun's private affairs. But now, Tarun is a free bird. Her mom is not coming on his new acquaintances with gals. So Tarun is a free bird now. Let us see how far will he fly as a lovebird!!

Gallery: 10 Exclusive Spicy Heroine Suhani

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